The Nikonos Project: Borrow a camera for free Photo

The Nikonos Project: Borrow a camera for free

Many underwater photographers started out their careers shooting with film on the Nikonos family of cameras and still have a fondness for them. One such photographer, Brandon Jennings, has turned his fondness into a hobby and a worldwide project. The Nikonos Project seeks to get the 35mm film cameras into the hands of photographers around the world, for free, to shoot and share with others.

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Video: Sogod Bay in 4K Photo

Video: Sogod Bay in 4K

This weeks Earth Touch Wild Oceans episode is from Sogod Bay, southern Philippines. Filmed in 4K, cameraman Stewart Whitfield shows the beauty of this dive and the incredible quality of the reef. Look out for damselfish, masked porcupinefish, a magnificently camouflaged spiny devilfish and soft corals.

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GoPro announces HERO+ LCD Photo

GoPro announces HERO+ LCD

GoPro has announced the release of a touch screen version of their entry level HERO+ camera. The touch screen is only accessible when the housing door is open. The HERO+ LCD also offers a new video trimming function, allowing the user to effectively set in and out points in-camera.

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