Interview: Benjamin Von Wong - Underwater river image Photo

Interview: Benjamin Von Wong - Underwater river image

Benjamin Von Wong has become an internet photography phenom with his viral images, including some taken underwater. Earlier this month he released his latest photograph, Underwater River, that took him and his team 30m below the surface into a cenote, just above an underwater river of hydrogen sulfide. Here is Wetpixel’s exclusive interview with Von Wong to find out how he got the shot.

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Serif releases Affinity Photo Photo

Serif releases Affinity Photo

After its beta release, Serif has now released their Affinity Photo image editing app. It is designed as a competitor to Photoshop and offers “RAW processing, PSD import and export, 16-bits per channel editing, and ICC colour management”, as well as “camera lens and exposure corrections, accurate adjustments, live filter layers, high-end controls for channels and masks, advanced layer handling, and built-in frequency separation editing

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