RED announces RAVEN Photo

RED announces RAVEN

RED Digital Cinema has announced their RED RAVEN camera. It offers 4K recording at 120fps and 2K at 240fps with either being simultaneously recorded in Apple ProRes and REDCODE RAW simultaneously to a media bay that supports RED MINI-mag SSDs. It ships with a Canon EF mount and is the lightest RED camera to date, weighing in at 3.5 lbs (1.59kg).

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Silence of the Sharks campaign launches Photo

Silence of the Sharks campaign launches

David Pilosof, organizer of the Eilat and World Shootout as well as large scale underwater broadcasts is organizing a series of mass protest dives to highlight the plight of sharks worldwide. Joining forces with other shark conservation organizations the Silence of the Sharks campaign kicks off on 13 November in Eilat, Israel, followed by a series of dive around the globe with a climax in October 2016.

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Nauticam announces the NA-GX8 housing Photo

Nauticam announces the NA-GX8 housing

Nauticam has announced their new housing for the Panasonic LUMIX GX8 mirrorless camera. It offers one handed access to key controls and a concave, larger red button for video record. It has fiber optic bulkheads for strobe triggering, the new “handle trigger” shutter release and built-in electronics for the Nauticam vacuum system, along with a port for the optional vacuum bulkhead.

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