Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials available from Erin Quigley Photo

Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials available from Erin Quigley

Lightroom and Photoshop guru Erin Quigley runs excellent training sessions specifically aimed at underwater photographers. In conjunction with this, she has published a series of free tutorials and these are all now available via a single landing page on her website. There is a mixture of lessons for Lightroom and Photoshop and there are techniques suitable for both beginner and advanced users.

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Subal restructures Photo

Subal restructures

Over the past few days, there are reports surfacing that Austrian housing manufacturer Subal is experiencing some form of financial difficulty. UPDATE: Subal owner Harald Karl has responded. He has asserted that the company is restructuring and that no customers will be affected. Subal will open a new store in Vienna in March.

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Happy New Year 2018 Photo

Happy New Year 2018

As 2017 rolls over to 2018 across the globe, Wetpixel would like to wish our amazing talented community of image makers a very happy (Gregorian) New Year. We fervently hope that 2018 is a very productive year with safe, enjoyable time underwater and plentiful subjects that lend themselves to stunning, creative imagery!

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Don Silcock: The Manta Rays of Milne Bay Photo

Don Silcock: The Manta Rays of Milne Bay

Don Silcock continues his illustrated guide to diving and photographing the underwater sites of Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea. This article discusses the amazing manta ray cleaning stations of Gonu Bara Bara Island, which offer exceptional encounters with reef mantas (Mobula alfredi) and features his stunning images.

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