Field Review: Seacam Seaflash 60D Strobes Photo

Field Review: Seacam Seaflash 60D Strobes

Wetpixel offers a comprehensive review of the performance of the Seacam 60D strobes. Small and lightweight, these have an output of 60Ws at a color temperature of 4400°K without any diffuser. The review has seen the strobes being used over multiple assignments and in the creation of around 10,000 images of almost every type.

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RIP Dean Burman Photo

RIP Dean Burman

It is with tremendous sadness that I share the news that Wetpixel member and contributor Dean Burman (DeanB) suddenly passed away over the New Year’s holiday. Dean was a filmmaker, with numerous film credits including a film featuring some amazing behavior footage of pike in an award-winning short film called “Lair of the Water Wolf.” He is survived by his daughter and parents, and our hearts go out to them along with his many other friends at what must be a devastating time

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The Sharks of Protea Banks by Don Silcock Photo

The Sharks of Protea Banks by Don Silcock

Don Silcock describes the incredible shark encounters that occur at Protea Banks, off the East coast of South Africa. The bank is washed by the fertile Agulhas current, bringing nutrients and food that allows a significant population of apex predators. Don describes diving with blacktip, ragged tooth, Zambezi, tiger and hammerhead sharks and shares the beautiful images of his experiences.

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