F.I.T + 16 wet diopter available Photo

F.I.T + 16 wet diopter available

F.I.T has announced that it has released a +16 version of their wet diopter. THe ACU +16 is a single grouped, dual element diopter and claims to give excellent results even when stacked. The diopter has a 46mm thread, but is supplied with a 67mm step-up ring for attachment to macro ports. One is being supplied by for the forthcoming Wetpixel diopter test, so please check back for the results.

The F.I.T ACU +16 is available now at a retail price of $315.

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Micronesia shark sanctuary proposed Photo

Micronesia shark sanctuary proposed

Underwater Times has reported that at last week’s 15th Micronesian Chief Executive Summit, the leaders have passed a resolution to begin creating a regional sanctuary where shark fishing would be prohibited. The proposal also bans possession, sale and trade of shark fins and covers the waters of the Federated States of Micronesia and its four member States: The Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Republic of Palau, the Territory of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands.

The total area in the sanctuary would be two million square mile and crucially, this is the first time that such a co-operative agreement has been reached between regional governments.

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Gates releases REDMOTE controller housing Photo

Gates releases REDMOTE controller housing

Gates Underwater Products has announced the release of a housing for the REDMOTE controller for use with the Deep Atom 3D and Deep Epic camera systems. The REDMOTE housing allows full access to all camera and remote control functions, and employs magnets to align the unit within the housing. Lastly, it has handles to allow the user to maintain control of the camera whilst using the remote at the same time.

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The history of Canon digital SLRs on YouTube Photo

The history of Canon digital SLRs on YouTube

Canon Australia has posted a short video entitled “Canon EOS-The History of Canon’s Digital SLR Cameras”onto YouTube. It traces the evolution of their SLR cameras from the Canon Flex in 1959, through to the release of the 5D MkII in 2008. The video was released as a part of Canon’s 50 year celebrations in 2008/9, but was only relatively recently added to YouTube.

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Media Converter re-wraps AVCHD clips Photo

Media Converter re-wraps AVCHD clips

A new Mac app has been released that re-wraps AVCHD clips to h.264 QuickTime format. Media Converter has a downloadable preset option that allows a lossless conversion with either uncompressed or no audio options. These additional presets are accessed via the preferences tab within the app. The app will also convert files to PAL or NTSC video, iPhone/iPod, MP3, DivX and many other formats.

Media Converter is available in a 64 bit version and it and any additional presets are free to download and use.

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Review:  BS Kinetics Takla Makan Housing with Canon XF100 Photo

Review:  BS Kinetics Takla Makan Housing with Canon XF100

Wetpixel member Peter Walker has used the only two housings currently available for the Canon XF100 camera. In this review, he describes his findings using the camera with the BS Kinetics Takla Markan housing.

“… the rich colors, quality codec, light sensitivity and manual controls of the XF100 put it into a different league.”

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Underwaterphotography.com announces contest winners Photo

Underwaterphotography.com announces contest winners

Underwaterphotography.com has announced the winners of its 2010/11 contest. Aleksandr Marinicev has been awarded the Grand Master title, and Wetpixel member Brian Mayes is the 2010/11 World Champion. There were 799 images shortlisted for the competition, in 17 categories. Brian’s images are somewhat unique in that they were taken with a Canon G9 compact camera in a Canon housing using only the camera’s internal flash.

Full details of the award winners can be found on the contest pages, as well as a full listing of all the images shortlisted. Many congratulations to the winners and to all the Wetpixel members in the results.

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BlurFix adapter released for GoPro HERO Photo

BlurFix adapter released for GoPro HERO

Snake River Prototyping has released an adapter for the GoPro Hero HD POV cam’s underwater housing. BlurFix fixes the GoPro HD underwater focus issue by placing a flat 55 mm filter in front of the housing’s OEM fish-eye lens. Included with the lens is a low profile UV filter that has no vignetting in 480p, 720p, and 1080p modes. The company also offers low profile filters for the adapter by URPro which can add color correction for green or blue water.

Snake River Prototyping has supplied Wetpixel with a review model, so please check back for a review of its performance soon. BlurFix is available now at $75 for a self-install kit, or $130 pre-mounted to a housing.

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