Full results of Manado Ocean Festival photography competition Photo

Full results of Manado Ocean Festival photography competition

The Manado Ocean Festival, held from 22 to 28 May in Manado, Sulawesi, has announced the results of its underwater photography competition. The images in the contest were all taken during the event. Many congratulations to all the winners.

The photography competition was one of a series of events held, including beach clean ups, a seafood cooking festival and placing some reef blocks in Manado bay.

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Alex Mustard presents: What to Shoot? Photo

Alex Mustard presents: What to Shoot?

The British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP) hosts a monthly informal gathering at which they invite members to speak about subjects of interest. Their meeting of 18 May had Wetpixel Associate Editor, Alex Mustard, presenting an illustrated lecture about subject selection which is described as:

“An informal talk to fellow members of the society - with several digressions along the way.”

Fortunately for those of us who could not attend, Wetpixel member Jo Horrocks of Cuttlefish Productions was on-hand to film the entire session. She has kindly edited the footage with the original sound and Alex’s images into a four-part program that you can reach by clicking through. BSoUP hold their meetings every third Wednesday of each month in the function room at the Holland Club, Imperial College, London at 7.30p.m. The meetings are informal and non-members are welcome.

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Review: Dyron M77 adaptor and Double Macro lens Photo

Review: Dyron M77 adaptor and Double Macro lens

Underwater photographers often seek to take images of creatures that are simply too small to fill a frame at “normal” macro magnifications. Hence they have sought ways to add magnification via the use of additional magnifying lenses, or diopters that allow lenses to focus closer. Many housing manufacturers are now equipping their ports with a screw thread that allows for the direct attachment of a “wet” lens externally. However, for those that don’t, Dyron now offers a range of adaptors that can be used in conjunction with their M77 Double Macro lens or any other M77 threaded lens.

This review cover both the adaptor and the lens performance.

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Wetpixel Indonesia expedition to Flores and Komodo, Oct/Nov 2011 Photo

Wetpixel Indonesia expedition to Flores and Komodo, Oct/Nov 2011

Wetpixel Expeditions has 1-2 spots open for our epic trip to Indonesia this coming October 26 - November 20, 2011. We’ll be aboard the luxurious MSY Damai II, and will be visiting Beangabang, Flores, Alor, Adonara, Wetar and Komodo. The trip has been split into two segments: Flores and Beangabang (Oct 27 - Nov 6), and Komodo (Nov 6-20). Eric Cheng will be leading both trips.

As always, Dan Baldocchi is taking bookings. You can reach him by emailing wetpixel@underexposures.com, or by calling +1-773-564-9579.

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One spot left: whale shark aggregation expedition, Aug 10-14, 2011 Photo

One spot left: whale shark aggregation expedition, Aug 10-14, 2011

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a diver say, “My dream is to see a whale shark.”

Here’s your chance:

we have a single spot left

**(spot has been sold)** for this summer’s Wetpixel expedition to see the whale shark aggregation off the coast of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Last year, we had a group of at least 250 whale sharks In an area the size of a couple football fields. Wetpixel has chartered the Lilly M, a comfortable sportfish boat, and will be bringing a few photographers along to capture the incredible experience. The trip will be led by world-renowned photographer, Douglas Seifert, and is scheduled for August 10-14, 2011 (5 days in the water). Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!

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The Ringer Photo

The Ringer

Wetpixel senior moderator Mike Veitch has rewritten and updated an article that was originally published in Underwater Australasia for Wetpixel. The Ringer provides practical advice and guidance for those planning to enter underwater photographic competitions. He provides sage words on how to achieve results including:

“Buy the judges lots of free drinks!”

Mike will be adding further articles so please check back soon for the next installment.

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Easydive updates Atlantis video housings Photo

Easydive updates Atlantis video housings

Italian manufacturer, Easydive has released details of an update to their Atlantis housings. The housing is available in three different lengths to accommodate all major camera models on the market with the models being the Zeus, Atlantis Mini and Atlantis respectively. The updated Atlantis series has a new military-style 40 micron black anodized coating and removable front door that, using the threads located on the front flange, allows the use of any Easydive port. This allows the use of Easywide and Easymacro ports, as well as the optical Superwide Pro HD.

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Registration opens for Epson World ShootOut Photo

Registration opens for Epson World ShootOut

The international underwater photography competition, World ShootOut, will take place worldwide from 1 to 8 August 2011. The idea is that during the week of the shoot-out, the underwater world will be performing as one huge festival, with professional and amateur photographers competing with each other. Images entered in the contest must have been taken in any natural water resource found around the world, including seas, oceans, lakes, rivers and under the ice.

Competition registration ends on 30 July with early bird registration (up to 1 July) entitling the participant to submit a free additional set of images in each category the participant has registered for.

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