Study reports increased damage to Antarctic ecosystem Photo

Study reports increased damage to Antarctic ecosystem

In a paper entitled Anthropogenic impacts on marine ecosystems in Antarctica, the authors have cataloged the human effects on a broad sample of Antarctic ecosystems. The team of US and UK scientists has drawn conclusions based on an extensive review of the impacts of a wide range of human activities. The Antarctic Treaty system, which includes environmental and fisheries management, provides an effective framework for the management and protection of the continent, but some of the threats are not currently being fully addressed.

Some of the impacts they list, such as pollution, can be relatively localized. However, global climate change caused by human emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases has the potential to affect the entire Antarctic region for decades to come. The researchers point out that rising sea temperatures are already affecting marine creatures adapted to living within a particular temperature range.

A second major consequence of carbon dioxide emission from human activities, ocean acidification, is also likely to take its toll.

“The Southern Ocean is the canary in the coal mine with respect to ocean acidification. This vulnerability is caused by a combination of ocean mixing patterns and low temperature enhancing the solubility of carbon dioxide,” noted co-author Dr. James McClintock of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA.

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Nikon releases D5100 SLR Photo

Nikon releases D5100 SLR

Nikon has announced the release of the D5100 SLR. This camera replaces the D5000, has 1920 X 1080p HD video ability at 30p and the same 16.2 million pixel sensor as that of the D7000. This, combined with the EXPEED 2 image-processing engine, allows for ISOs of up to 6400 as standard and up to 25600 in Hi 2 mode. It is equipped with a 3” vari-angle LCD screen.

It will be available from late April at a (UK) price of £699.99 ($1,135.00).

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Go Pro releases 3D expansion kit Photo

Go Pro releases 3D expansion kit

Go Pro has released an expansion kit that allows two GoPro HERO HD POV camcorders to be mounted together to form a single 1080p 3D camera. The kit includes a waterproof housing, rated to 180 feet (60 meters) and a cable that synchronizes the controls for both cameras. In combination with the new product, Go Pro has also added a 3D resource center and each 3D kit will include a downloadable copy of GoPro Cineform 3D editing software.

The 3D HERO system is available now for $99.99.

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Gates releases housing for Canon HF-S30 and HF-S20 / S21 / S200 Photo

Gates releases housing for Canon HF-S30 and HF-S20 / S21 / S200

Gates Underwater Products has announced the release of a housing for the Canon HF-S30 and HF-S20 / S21 / S200 camcorders. It features a large 5.5in/14cm diagonal window for a wide viewing angles of the 3.5” diagonal camera LCD, which doubles as a viewfinder. Full camera functions are accessible on the HF-S30 via the Canon IR remote, which fits into the housing to provide white balance, teleconverter and all embedded menu functions.

The Gates HF-S30 housing is available now.

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African Diver issue 16 available Photo

African Diver issue 16 available

The April/May issue of African Diver is now available for download. In issue 16, there is a moving tribute to Witold Smilowski, Georgina Jones writes on South African Fur Seals, Doctor Simon Pierce on Chasing Giants, and the featured photographer is Geoff Spilby.

African Diver is available as a free download in a pdf format.

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GoPro acquires CineForm Photo

GoPro acquires CineForm

GoPro, maker of the GoPro HERO POV camcorders has announced that it has acquired the video compression and workflow company CineForm. CineForm is well-known for its 444 Codec, which is designed to allow fast and convenient editing of HD and 3D footage. CineForm will become a division of GoPro.

GoPro plan to incorporate “GoPro CineForm” Codec into their soon to be released 3D HERO system.

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DEEP Indonesia 2011: Full results announced Photo

DEEP Indonesia 2011: Full results announced

The full results for the Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide DEEP Indonesia competition have been announced. Many congratulations to best of show winner Erin Quigley with her stellar image of a Great White shark from Isla Guadalupe and to everyone else who participated. I think it is fair to say that most of the photographers in the placings are also Wetpixel members! There were over $51,000 in prizes available, including underwater photo equipment and premium dive travel packages to some of the top photo destinations in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Thousands of entries from around the world continue to set the competition quality higher each year.

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Review: Tachyon XC HD camcorder Photo

Review: Tachyon XC HD camcorder

Steve Douglas reviews the Tachyon XC HD cam. This new POV camcorder comes equipped with various mounts, an LCD display, a 120° fisheye lens and it is waterproof to 100 feet (30 meters). However, once the cam is “locked” into its sealed underwater mode, the start/stop function can no longer be accessed.

Tachyon also produce a side-by-side mount to allow for two cams to be used to produce 3D footage.

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