Review: RE:Vision Effects Twixtor version 5 Photo

Review: RE:Vision Effects Twixtor version 5

A review of RE:Vision Effects’ Twixtor plug-in by Steve Douglas. This plug-in for Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Suite 5 allows for the time remapping of footage, or in simpler terms: Slow or fast motion.

“With the majority of test clips I used, the results when speeding up a clip produced far less stutter and considerably smoother motion, for slow motion the results can be just stunning.”

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Call for entries: Pelagos International Sea Festival Photo

Call for entries: Pelagos International Sea Festival

The Pelagos International Festival of the Sea, now in its thirteenth year, will take place at Via Padre Perilli, Rome, Italy from 19 to 27 February 2011. The Festival will host a video competition with categories in: Feature films, short films, début section and life & nature conservation. The photographic competitions also has numerous categories, namely: Macro, digital editing, environment, water and reportage. Both contests are free and open to anyone.

Full competition rules and entry forms are available on the Festival’s website and the closing date for entries is 28 January 2011.

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Seacam launches prelude housings Photo

Seacam launches prelude housings

Seacam has announced the launch of a new range of housings: Prelude. Designed to provide full functionality and build quality, but at a lower price, the initial housings are for the Canon EOS60D and Nikon D7000 cameras. The prelude housings are manufactured from CNC machined aluminum and have the ubiquitous Seacam silver external coating. Ports, viewfinders, strobes and connections are interchangeable with the Seacam Silver housings.

The new housings are expected to be priced at around $3,350, including Pro Viewfinder and will be available by the end of February 2011.

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Book review: Underwater Photography for Compact Camera Users Photo

Book review: Underwater Photography for Compact Camera Users

A review of Maria Munn’s “Underwater Photography for Compact Camera Users” by Adam Hanlon. With the exponential growth in diver numbers and the availability of housings for compact cameras, together with prices dropping and the cameras becoming easier to use, just about every diver now spends some time with a camera underwater fairly early on in their diving career. Many within this vast group of people are happy to simply record the sights they see underwater, but some wish to expand their horizons and use these amazing tools more creatively. This is exactly where Maria Munn’s book comes in.

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Nikon releases D7000 firmware update Photo

Nikon releases D7000 firmware update

As has been widely speculated, Nikon has released a firmware update for the D7000 SLR. The new firmware, v1.01, fixes the issue that:

“Bright spots were sometimes noticeable with live view mode or movie recording of especially dark scenes or subjects. Occurrence of this issue has been reduced”.

The update is available for download from the Nikon site.

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Last call for entries: Beneath the Sea 2011 Photo

Last call for entries: Beneath the Sea 2011

The deadline for submitting entries for the 2011 Beneath the Sea International Imaging Competition is 31 December 2010. The three entry categories are: Underwater photography, underwater videography and creative photography underwater.

The winners will be announced at the Film Festival during the weekend of Beneath the Sea’s Oceans, Dive and Travel Exposition held from 25-27 March at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

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