New MPA announced for Cocos Islands Photo

New MPA announced for Cocos Islands

National Geographic is reporting that Costa Rica has just announced the creation of a large new marine protected area (MPA) around Cocos Island National Park. This new 9,640-square-kilometer MPA, called the Seamounts Marine Management Area, encompasses a group of deep seamounts located 35 miles south of Cocos, plus other important waters for shark and tuna nearby.

Purse seining for tuna is now outlawed in this area, but long-lining for tuna in some of its waters will still be allowed, which may still have a significant impact on the shark population. (Image © Conservation International/ photo by Sterling Zumbrunn.)

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Review: Nik Software Silver Efex 2 Photo

Review: Nik Software Silver Efex 2

A review of Nik Software Silver Efex Pro version 2. It’s predecessor was the industry standard in black and white conversion software, so we take a look at the latest version to see how it stacks up:

“Most pro photographers use different techniques, software or workflows to achieve their creative objectives. However, when talking about black and white or mono conversions, there seems to be a degree of unanimity. Although most image processing software contains mono options, if you pick most of the mono images you see around and ask how they were processed, the majority of answers will include reference to Nik Software Silver Efex Pro.”

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DivePhotoGuide announces 2010 photo of the year Photo

DivePhotoGuide announces 2010 photo of the year

DivePhotoGuide (DPG) has announced that Debi Henshaw’s Ribbon Eel portrait was voted the best image of the year. This was based on a public vote for the favorite from among the winners of the DPG 2010 monthly photo competitions, Debi’s photo having been awarded first place in the January competition. Many congratulations to Debi.

On a similar note, 2010 Wetpixel Picture of the Week winners will be entered into a Picture of the Year competition. Please check back here soon for more details.

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Smugmug partners with Photodex to offer HD slideshows Photo

Smugmug partners with Photodex to offer HD slideshows

Photodex has announced that it is partnering with online photo-hosting service Smugmug to offer seamless HD slideshow creation from within the Smugmug or ProShow Web interfaces. Users will be able to move content between the two services, add in themes, royalty-free music and effects, and then export the slideshows across a number of platforms or sent back to Smugmug, where they will be viewable in full 1080p HD video.

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Image Wizards offer for Wetpixel members Photo

Image Wizards offer for Wetpixel members

Specialist image printers Image Wizards are offering a special discount to Wetpixel members on their AluminArte Metal prints.Their current offer extends a 10% discount to new customers only, but if you contact them and quote the code WP0311, you will receive the discount whether you are a new customer or not.

For more information, pricing and order details, please see the Image Wizards website. The offer runs through until 31 March.

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Capture the World video challenge results announced Photo

Capture the World video challenge results announced

The results of the first Capture the World underwater video challenge have been announced. The competition, organized and sponsored by Aggressor and Dancer Fleets as well as Gates Underwater Products and judged by David Ulloa and Wayne Brown, awarded first prize to Michael Marx for his film, “Diving Raja Ampat.” Congratulations to all the winners.

Please click through for a full list of the winners and to view their videos.

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Equinox announces HD6 housing for Panasonic HDC-TM900 Photo

Equinox announces HD6 housing for Panasonic HDC-TM900

Equinox has announced the released of a HD6 housing for the Panasonic HDC-TM900 HD camcorder. The housing controls give access to on\off, record start/stop, zoom and still/memory functions on the camera. The HD6 has a 250 ft (75 meter) depth rating and is close to neutral buoyancy at approximately 33 ft (10 meters). It also features Equinox’s BRS (Ballast Release System): For easy travel or if trouble occurs on a dive, simply pull on the quick release pin on one of the wings, the wing and handle (ballast) will release and the housing will become positive and go to the surface.

The HD6 for the HDC-TM900 is available now at $949.

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Help support the ban on Nassau grouper fishing Photo

Help support the ban on Nassau grouper fishing

An 8-year ban on fishing at the spawning aggregations of the Nassau grouper in the Cayman Islands is about to expire. The current ban stops the fishing of Nassau grouper from their breeding grounds, although mature fish can still be caught outside of these areas. The ban was enacted after severe over-fishing threatened the entire population in 2002/3. At that time, the ban was enacted to preserve the remaining fish stock

Anna DeLoach was involved in the assessment of the breeding groups in 2002 and is leading a campaign for the ban to remain in place. The Caycompass reports that discontent at this proposal is already being voiced by the fishing industry, and it is important that our community responds in order to prevent the Nassau grouper being decimated again.

UPDATE: There is now an online petition on this issue. Please take the time to sign it in order to add your support.

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