DEEP Indonesia 2011: Full results announced Photo

DEEP Indonesia 2011: Full results announced

The full results for the Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide DEEP Indonesia competition have been announced. Many congratulations to best of show winner Erin Quigley with her stellar image of a Great White shark from Isla Guadalupe and to everyone else who participated. I think it is fair to say that most of the photographers in the placings are also Wetpixel members! There were over $51,000 in prizes available, including underwater photo equipment and premium dive travel packages to some of the top photo destinations in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Thousands of entries from around the world continue to set the competition quality higher each year.

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Review: Tachyon XC HD camcorder Photo

Review: Tachyon XC HD camcorder

Steve Douglas reviews the Tachyon XC HD cam. This new POV camcorder comes equipped with various mounts, an LCD display, a 120° fisheye lens and it is waterproof to 100 feet (30 meters). However, once the cam is “locked” into its sealed underwater mode, the start/stop function can no longer be accessed.

Tachyon also produce a side-by-side mount to allow for two cams to be used to produce 3D footage.

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Amphibico announces two new housings Photo

Amphibico announces two new housings

Amphibico has announced that it plans to release two new housings. The first is a redesign of the Endeavor housing, to take the Canon XF105/100. This will feature two electronic hand grips, access to full camera functions, a hydrophone for clear sharp sound recording, top mounted 3.5” standard digital monitor and a depth rate of 330 feet. The housing will be available in April at a price of $4995 (excluding ports and lenses).

The second is a new housing for the Sony PMW-F3 camera. Amphibico has not yet released specific details, but have indicated that the housing will be released in August this year.

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Expedition: Whale shark aggregation near Isla Mujeres, August 2011 Photo

Expedition: Whale shark aggregation near Isla Mujeres, August 2011

Every summer, hundreds of whale sharks aggregate off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to feed on bonito spawn. Last year, we had a group of at least 250 whale sharks In an area the size of a couple football fields. Wetpixel has chartered the Lilly M, a comfortable sportfish boat, and will be bringing a few photographers along to capture the incredible experience. The trips will be led by world-renowned photographer, Douglas Seifert, and are in August, 2011.

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Eric Cheng and Sterling Zumbrunn launch Noodletron Photo

Eric Cheng and Sterling Zumbrunn launch Noodletron

Wetpixel publisher Eric Cheng has joined forces with Wetpixel Moderator Sterling Zumbrunn to launch Noodletron, a website that will cover the very latest in technology, photography, and social media. Eric and Sterling share a passion for cameras, mobile computers, workflow efficiency and the tools that help them work smarter. The site will cover the latest apps for Mac, iOS and Android platforms, as well as developments in the world of photography and video.

The site has launched with a gigantic iPad 2 review.

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Call for entries: Epson Red Sea 2011 online Photo

Call for entries: Epson Red Sea 2011 online

From April until August 2011, the Epson Red Sea 2011 online competition will take place. Each month photographers can submit an entry of three pictures and three of these entries will be chosen monthly, by public voting and a panel of five international judges. An online competition will then be held between the monthly winners, beginning on 1 September 2011, to select the Photographer of the Year. The overall winner will win: Flights, accommodation and diving costs to participate at the Epson Red Sea 2011 shoot-out in Eilat.

Entries for the April competition can be submitted now.

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Beneath the Sea 2011 Photo

Beneath the Sea 2011

Wetpixel was fortunate to have had two reporters at the Beneath the Sea 2011 show at Secaucus, New York. After putting a request on the forum for people to cover the show, Wetpixel moderator Drew Wohl and Matthew Potenski stepped in to give our community a flavor of what went on. Many thanks to both of them for providing such great coverage.

Drew’s coverage is available straight away once you click through, if you would like to jump to Matthew’s please follow this link.

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MIC Gadget releases CF card reader for iPad Photo

MIC Gadget releases CF card reader for iPad

MIC Gadget has announced the release of a Compact Flash (CF) card reader that can be fitted to an iPad or iPad 2. The reader plugs into the dock connector port on the iPad and is compatible with all UDMA and non-UDMA CF cards. It reportedly supports read/write speeds of up to 133MB/s.

It is available now for $29.90.

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