Sealux releases universal video housing Photo

Sealux releases universal video housing

Sealux has announced the release of the VNT universal housing for Sony, Panasonic, JVC and Canon camcorders. It is designed with a tray that can be adjusted in three axes for different cameras to allow for an optimum set-up with different models. As the camera position relative to lens can be varied, the VNT can be used with macro, wide-angle and fish-eye lenses.

The housing is constructed of CNC machined aluminum and has a depth rating of 90 meters (270 feet). Please contact Sealux for exact camera compatibility. They are accepting orders now and the VNT will retail at 1,987.39 euros.

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DX or FX Photo

DX or FX

Borut Furlan presents a comprehensive, illustrated and scientific review of the pros and cons of full versus crop frame sensors for underwater photography. He considers and explains factors including chromatic aberration, dome port theory, field of focus, curvature of field and the use of wide-angle zoom lenses. He also looks at the advantages and disadvantages of both types of sensor for macro photography.

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Review: Rick’s Tips-Inside the Mind of an Editor Photo

Review: Rick’s Tips-Inside the Mind of an Editor

Steve Douglas reviews Rick Young’s book: Rick’s Tips-Inside the Mind of an Editor. The book is described as:

“This is a book about editing, about workflow, for anyone who has ever dealt with clients or had to knock out a production under pressure. Written for Final Cut Pro versions 1-7, this cuts to the core of the knowledge needed to make this system work for you.”

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Please donate to help Japanese earthquake/tsunami victims Photo

Please donate to help Japanese earthquake/tsunami victims

With about 13,000 dead or missing, half a million people homeless and entire towns wiped off the map, Japan is facing a serious crisis, especially with the people dislodged by the nuclear power station situation.  The American Red Cross is taking donations to aid their Red Cross Japanese counterpart with disaster relief efforts in Japan. Please help the victims by donating to the Red Cross either directly or via iTunes.

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Japanese underwater photographers launch appeal Photo

Japanese underwater photographers launch appeal

Japanese underwater photographer Kyu Furumi has launched a project called “Smile for All” with the aim of raising funds to help alleviate the situation in Japan. They have launched an appeal via a Facebook page, and are asking their fellow underwater photographers worldwide to donate their images to it.

They plan to use these pictures to organize exhibitions and to sell postcards, the profits of which will be donated to charitable causes in the regions affected by the tsunami and earthquakes.

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Manta ray conservation benefit Photo

Manta ray conservation benefit

On Thursday 24 March 2011 at 7.30pm there will be an exclusive private screening for 200 people of the ITV documentary Man to Manta, complete with an introduction from the show’s presenter, Martin Clunes (Doc Martin, Reggie Perrin, Men Behaving Badly), at London’s prestigious May Fair Hotel. The film follows Clunes as he seeks to fulfil a burning ambition to swim with the rays. It is amongst the first to highlight the growing problems mantas face from fishing pressure for the Chinese medicine trade.

The event will help raise important funds for three conservation organizations, Bite-Back, The Pacific Elasmobranch Foundation and The Marine Megafauna Foundation. Tickets are available now at a cost is £24.00 per ticket and after the screening, there will be an auction of lots donated to help the causes.

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Report suggests sperm whales have unique identifiers in calls Photo

Report suggests sperm whales have unique identifiers in calls

Wired Science reports that in the journal Animal Behavior, a study suggests individual sperm whales may have discrete individual identifiers within their call. In non-technical terms this means they can identify each other by their calls. Luke Rendell of St. Andrew’s University, Scotland said:

“The findings are preliminary, based on observations of just three whales, so talk of names is still speculation. But it’s very suggestive,” and he goes on to say, “they seem to make that coda in a way that’s individually distinctive.”

The study looked at the click sequences, or codas, used by sperm whales to communicate across miles of deep ocean. In these sequences is a group of five consecutive clicks called 5R, and these seem superficially to be identical in each whale. Analyzed closely, however, variations in click timing emerge and in the study group, each of the researchers’ whales had its own personal 5R riff. (Image by Tony Wu)

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Hands-on with Red Epic-M Photo

Hands-on with Red Epic-M

Louisiana based post-production company Digital FX has posted close-ups of RED EPIC-M number 98 filmed with a RED ONE camera, on Vimeo. These $58,000 cameras have drawn a lot of interest, in part due to their long time in development and limited availability. They have a native dynamic range of over 13 stops (which can be further extended to 18 stops using extended dynamic range technology) and a resolution that exceeds 35 mm motion picture film. In addition, they are designed for multi-camera synchronization, ideal for 3D capture.

Also featured in the film are the Bomb electronic viewfinder and a 5-inch touchscreen LCD.

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