Call for entries: International Underwater Film Festival Photo

Call for entries: International Underwater Film Festival

The International Underwater Film Festival has announced its call for entries for the fourteenth event, which is to be held in Belgrade, Serbia. The two entry categories are independent category for independent producers (amateur film makers, independent producer) and pro category for professional productions (films without time limit).

The deadline for registration is 5 November, with films to be with the organizers by 15 November and the festival itself is scheduled for early December.

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ReefNet plans to release fiber optic snoot Photo

ReefNet plans to release fiber optic snoot

ReefNet has let us know that they will be releasing a fiber optic snoot. Planned specifications include: 150 x 0.75mm fibers in each arm with polished ends, a strobe adapter that prevents stray light from illuminating the subject/scene, snoot arms that are centered over the strobes flash tube(s) and that can also be easily manipulated for accurate subject illumination. They aim to have units available for Ikelite DS125/160/161, Inon Z240 and Sea & Sea YS250 strobes, although others will be considered if there is enough demand.

ReefNet have emphasized that they will only have limited production by mid-December at the earliest, and that although they can take pre-orders now, manufacturing details are still being finalized.

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Underwater Photography magazine issue 57 available Photo

Underwater Photography magazine issue 57 available

Underwater Photography magazine has announced that the November/December issue is now available for download. Among the technique articles in issue 57 are Dr Alex Tattersall’s “Creativity in the Canaries”, “Ethics in wildlife photography” by Tim Priest, “Strobe Positioning, The Rabbit Ears Technique” by Julian Cohen and “Off-Camera Strobes” by Alex Mustard. Also featured are Sean Arrowsmith’s article on diving in Gozo and “Snorkeling with Basking Sharks” by Charles Hood.

UwP magazine is a free pdf magazine available as a download.

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Nexus launches birthday cake Photo

Nexus launches birthday cake

We are not sure of the details yet, but it would seem that housing manufacturer Nexus has gone into the catering business. K. Saroj Chutharatkul’s birthday cake seems more suited to underwater than surface use. Specifications, weights and buoyancy characteristics are to be confirmed! (Picture by K. Pipat Kosumlaksamee.)

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New DiveFilm HD podcast: Antartica Weddell seals Photo

New DiveFilm HD podcast: Antartica Weddell seals

Mary Lynn Price, Wetpixel moderator and DiveFilm HD host has added a podcast of her ongoing research in Antarctica. Entitled Antarctica Weddell seals, it is available for download on iTunes. Mary Lynn is part of a research team from Montana State University that returns to the Erebus Bay area of the Ross Sea in Antarctica annually during the Weddell seal pupping season to study these seals. Initiated in 1968, this is one of the longest running studies of a long-lived mammal anywhere, and focuses on the southernmost mammal residing on our planet. The podcast was edited in a hut on the sea ice.

DiveFilm HD is produced in association with Wetpixel and the podcast at iTunes is currently among the iTunes Podcast “Staff Favorites,” and continues to be the #1 Sports & Recreation Video Podcast there.

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