PowerGenix NiZn (Nickel-Zinc) 1.6v rechargeable batteries Photo

PowerGenix NiZn (Nickel-Zinc) 1.6v rechargeable batteries

PowerGenix has released a rechargeable batteries using NiZn (Nickel-Zinc) cells. The cells are rated to be 1.6V (vs the 1.2-1.3V of NiMh batteries) and are said to do very well in high current draw situations. Although they might not last as long as some of the best NiMh batteries out there (Eneloops), strobe charging times should go down due to the higher power output.

Someone will have to test this to see if it provides a practical gain vs Eneloop NiMh AAs for underwater photographers. A charger and 4 AAs retails at $49.99 but is available on Amazon for around $24.

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Canon 1D Mk IV confirmed to work in 1D Mk III underwater housings Photo

Canon 1D Mk IV confirmed to work in 1D Mk III underwater housings

Great news for Canon 1D / 1Ds Mark III shooters! At the DEMA Show 2009, we confirmed that the upcoming Canon 1D Mark IV works perfectly in underwater housings designed for the Canon 1D / 1Ds Mark III.

The only possible issue is that by default, the 1D4 uses the FEL button to start and stop video. Some housings, like the Seacam housing we used for the test, do not provide for access to the FEL button. It looks like it will be easy to modify the ISO lever so that it hits the FEL button instead, but then photographers will have to find another way to change ISO. Hopefully, the 1D4 will feature a way to change the video start/stop button so hardware modifications are unnecessary.

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DEMA Show 2009: Days 3-4 - Final coverage, party photos Photo

DEMA Show 2009: Days 3-4 - Final coverage, party photos

We didn’t have time to post any DEMA Show coverage yesterday because we threw a party at the Rosen Centre that drew probably 300 guests. We’re making up for it today with our final coverage, which includes photos and commentary from 20 more booths. It is (unfortunately) impossible for us to cover every single manufacturer and retailer that sells a photo- or video-related product; these days, every dive light doubles as a “video light” and there are probably a hundred booths offering products that might be of interest to the casual shooter. We have tried our best to do a thorough report on what was being shown.

As always, if you have any comments or questions about our coverage (or anything else on Wetpixel), please head on over to our forums, or contact us privately.

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DEMA Show 2009: Day 2 - Booth coverage insanity! Photo

DEMA Show 2009: Day 2 - Booth coverage insanity!

As we have done in previous years, a team from Wetpixel is roaming around the DEMA 2009 show floor covering the products we think might be interesting to our website’s readers. We spent most of the day on the floor talking to friends and acquaintances in various underwater imaging booths. It has become incredibly difficult to cover DEMA because we are constantly running into people we know. Next year, I think I might wear a mask while en transit between booths…

The coverage team this year includes Eric Cheng (me), Matt Segal, and Richard Remski, and the Wetpixel Quarterly booth (#1068) team includes Michaela Brockstedt, Adam Lau, and Richard (doing double duty).

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Visions of the Sea 2009 Photo

Visions of the Sea 2009

This is just a reminder that Visions of the Sea is happening in Manchester, England tomorrow and the next day, November 7-8, 2009. Guest speakers include Cathy Church, Paul “Duxy” Duxfield, Martin Edge, Charlie Hood, Maria Munn, Dr Alex Mustard, Jukka Nurminen, Mark Koekemoer, Peter Scoones, and a representative of the Shark Trust.

If you go to Vision, find other Wetpixel members and take a group photo! We’d love to see you all.

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DEMA Show Wetpixel / DivePhotoGuide Cocktail Night 2009 Photo

DEMA Show Wetpixel / DivePhotoGuide Cocktail Night 2009

We’re at it again! Wetpixel and DivePhotoGuide will be hosting our DEMA 2009 Cocktail Party at 8pm on Friday, November 6, 2009.

Date and Time: 8:00pm Friday, November 6, 2009
Location: Rosen Centre Terrace, 2nd floor
(take the elevators to 2nd floor and follow signs to TERRACE)

It’s outside this year, so it might not be as hot as it was last year. But there will be alcohol, and it will be fun. See you there! (invite follows, if you continue reading)

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DEMA Show 2009: Day 1 show coverage Photo

DEMA Show 2009: Day 1 show coverage

As always, day 1 of the DEMA show was a whirlwind of activity. When the gates opened at 10am, the Wetpixel booth (#1068) was graced by a constant stream of visitors, and I took advantage of the relative calm of opening day to socialize with folks at the booth—something I didn’t get to do last year; before I knew it, it was mid-afternoon and it was time to start covering the show.

If you’re at DEMA this year, please come by to say hi! Michaela Brockstedt and Adam Lau are in the booth representing Wetpixel Quarterly, and Richard Remski, Matt Segal, Shawn Heinrichs, Norbert Wu and I are on the floor reporting for Wetpixel. You can also get real-time updates by following us at Twitter. (click through for photos)

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Ikelite DS161 Movie Substrobe announced Photo

Ikelite DS161 Movie Substrobe announced

With massive convergence underway and digital SLRs starting to shoot HD video, we’ve all been waiting for lighting manufacturers to release products to accompany products that require both flash and continuous lighting. Ikelite has stepped up to the challenge with the announcement of the DS161 Movie Substrobe, an update to their DS160 Substrobe. The DS161 features 3 high-power LEDs that will output 500 lumens at 5000-5500K with a 45° beam angle. This isn’t particularly wide, but it is plenty wide for fish portraits and macro video work. The continuous lighting beam runs for 5 hours on a charge, and has 9 power levels.

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