Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year results released Photo

Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year results released

The results of the 2010 Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year has been announced at a gala awards ceremony held at the Natural History Museum, London. It is great to see so many Wetpixel members achieving awards from such a prestigious competition. Tony Wu is the winner in the Underwater World category, with his image of four sperm whales from Dominica and Marcelo Krause’s image of a yacare caiman achieved a Highly Commended. In the One Earth category, Jordi Chias is the winner with an image of a turtle trapped in fishing net, and Brian Skerry and Thomas Haider also received Highly Commended awards for their images of shark finning.

The winning images will be on display at the Natural History Museum from 22 October. For those of us who didn’t make it this year, the 2011 competition will be open for entries from 12 January.

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Apple releases Aperture 3.1 update Photo

Apple releases Aperture 3.1 update

Apple has released a major update to their Aperture imaging software. Entitled version 3.1, this fixes many of the bugs that have been present since the v.3 release, and is a significant update in terms of performance. The new features lists is quite long, but includes: New slideshow themes, support for multiple Facebook and Flickr accounts and improved search filtering.

The update is available via software update or for download.

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Canon releases firmware update for 5D Mk2 Photo

Canon releases firmware update for 5D Mk2

Canon has released firmware update version 2.0.8 for their 5D Mk2 SLR. The update addresses several problems including: Movies are not taken at the shooting mode registered in the user’s settings if Aperture or Shutter priority is set in any of the camera’s user settings (C1, C2, C3); if the user attempts to shoot a movie, the shutter will not release when pressing the shutter button when the auto power off function is on. In addition, it fixes the issues of overexposure when shooting a Live View shooting simulation with the ISO speed set to L and also the problem in which the settings of the Speedlite transmitter ST-E2 revert to the default settings when both the camera and the ST-E2 are set to auto power off. Lastly it repairs a phenomenon in which the Macro Ring Lite (MR-14EX, MT-24EX) and slave flash do not sync while shooting wirelessly.

It is available for download from Canon.

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Save Our Seas Foundation wins a Panda Award Photo

Save Our Seas Foundation wins a Panda Award

The Save Our Seas Foundation has received a Panda award in the category Best environmental Campaign for its short film “Save Our Sharks”. The Panda awards are given out at the annual Wildscreen Film Festival, and are widely regarded as the highest accolade for wildlife film makers. This year the three finalists were: The Bottom Line produced by Greenpeace; Yao Ming: Shark Fin Soup PSA produced by Wildaid and Save Our Sharks produced by the Save Our Seas Foundation.

The Campaign award is given to the best production, not commissioned by a broadcaster, that covers an environmental campaign. This award is especially significant as it was directed, filmed, produced and edited by an in-house team. Save Our Sharks is a 6 minute film which aims to educate the public about the barbaric practice of shark finning and it’s link to shark fin soup.

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Comprehensive review of Canon T2i on Backscatter Photo

Comprehensive review of Canon T2i on Backscatter

Sterling Zumbrunn has published a comprehensive review of the Canon T2i on Backscatter, including a review of the current housing choices. He identifies the camera as being the “most exciting SLR offered from Canon this year,” and the testing was carried out on it by a total of eight individuals in a variety of environments worlwide.

To summarize his findings: The camera gives exceptional performance and amazing value. Positioned as an entry-level SLR, it’s performance and feature set are anything but entry-level, and it provides an ideal step-up from a compact camera. It’s small size and weight make it also very suitable for traveling or blue water divers, at the expense of some compromises in “performance, ergonomics and construction,” when compared against the Canon 7D.

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Aquatica launches AN-5 for NEX-5 camera Photo

Aquatica launches AN-5 for NEX-5 camera

Aquatica has announced the release of the AN-5 housing for the Sony NEX-5 EVIL camera. Despite a very small form factor, it features a flash activation lever, a pair of optical strobe connectors and 300ft/90m depth rating. Aquatica has also designed a series of compact ports for use with the NEX-5 lenses as well as an adapter that allows the sue of existing ports. Lastly, due to the absence of a viewfinder on the camera, the cameras LCD screen can be angled at 15° within the housing to allow fore easier framing.

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