Newly invented chamber allows scientists to bring deep water fish to surface Photo

Newly invented chamber allows scientists to bring deep water fish to surface

A new device is allowing scientists to bring live specimens of deep dwelling fish to the surface for study without using invasive techniques. The pressurized chamber, known as the SubCAS (Submersible Chamber of Ascending Specimens), was invented by scientists at the California Academy of Sciences and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The devise specifically is meant for fishes living in the mesopelagic zone, 600 to 3,500 feet below the surface of the ocean. In the past scientist have punctured the swim bladder of fish to allow for escaping gases as they are brought to the surface, an invasive technique.

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DxO updates the Nik Collection Photo

DxO updates the Nik Collection

DxO has released a significant update to the Nik Collection of plugins. The company bought the suite from Google in 2017 and has rewritten the code to allow the apps to be fully compatible with Adobe CC and newer operating systems. The Nik Collection 2018 consists of the same seven apps as the original collection.

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Maluku Divers closes Photo

Maluku Divers closes

Maluku Divers, a much loved resort in Ambon, Indonesia has announced that as of 31 May, it has closed. The company has issued a press release citing issues around a land ownership dispute that has forced the closure. All deposited bookings for 2018/2019 will be fully refunded.

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Video of epic above water drone save from camera POV Photo

Video of epic above water drone save from camera POV

We’ve all heard the stories, or may have even been there ourselves, of drones falling from the sky to meet their demise over a body of water. In this epic video caught by Dave Svorking, the battery in his DJI drone died and auto-landed close enough to the shore of a lake for him to jump in and save it, fully clothed. Not only did Svorking manage to catch the drone just before it touched the water, but the camera caught the whole rescue on video.

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Countdown to The Shootout begins Photo

Countdown to The Shootout begins

The Shootout, a live underwater photography contest between Gulen Dive Resort, Norway and Lembeh Resort, Indonesia is going to kick off with the first public vote (for the nudibranch category) going live on 16 June. The voting will be held on the contest’s website along with lots of live reporting throughout the event from both Norway and Indonesia. The coverage will also be featured here on Wetpixel and via many other online sources.

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