Panasonic releases AG-AF100/105 micro 4/3 camcorder details Photo

Panasonic releases AG-AF100/105 micro 4/3 camcorder details

Panasonic has released updated specifications for its AG-AF100/105 professional micro 4/3 camcorder. The new camera will be able to shoot 1080p Hd video at variable frame rates from 12 to 60fps. It will record to SDXC memory cards and will be compatible with all Lumix G lenses. The company has an engineering sample to view at the IBS show currently running in the Netherlands.

The AG-AF105 is the US model, whilst the AG-AF100 is the European version. Both versions are expected to start shipping in December 2010.

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Fantasea releases FP7000 housing Photo

Fantasea releases FP7000 housing

Fantasea is the first manufacturer to announce the release of a new housing for the Nikon Coolpix P7000 camera: The FP7000. The Coolpix P7000 is tipped to be a competitor for the Canon G11 (and yet to be released G12), so this makes this housing release a very significant one. The FP7000 features: A depth rating of 60m/200 feet, access to all camera controls and functions, a double O-ring seal, a double fiber optic cable connection, and a removable flash diffuser.

Fantasea expects to start shipping the new housing at the beginning of 2011.

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Reef Creature ID: Tropical Pacific special limited edition available Photo

Reef Creature ID: Tropical Pacific special limited edition available

Many underwater photographers will be familiar with the New World Publications guides to marine life and, available in a special limited edition today, the authors have produced their most ambitious guide yet: Reef Creature Identification: Tropical Pacific. It identifies some 1600 marine creatures, with over 2000 photographs and covers the geographic area from Tahiti to Thailand. Included in its 500 pages are photographs documenting both new species, and the ground-breaking taxonomic research of 40 scientist specialists. Reef Creature Identification: Tropical Pacific is available as a special signed and numbered pre-release edition from today, either as one of the first five books which are available for auction with the proceeds going to the charity REEF or as special signed and numbered editions (books 6-500).

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Wetpixel goliath grouper, shark and dolphins trip journal Photo

Wetpixel goliath grouper, shark and dolphins trip journal

Eric Cheng has begun a thread in the forum about the Wetpixel Bahamas goliath grouper, shark and dolphin expedition 2010. The trip is on board the M/V Shear Water with Jim Abernethy, and aims initially to find the large spawning aggregations of goliath grouper (Epinephelus itajara) that gather off of Jupiter, Florida at this time of year, before carrying on to interact with dolphins and sharks in the Bahamas

Updates from the field will be posted regularly during the trip by expedition members, so please check the thread often.

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Call for entries: Nelos Festival 2010 Photo

Call for entries: Nelos Festival 2010

The twentieth annual Nelos festival is due to be held at Provinciehuis, Antwerpen, Belgium over 27/28 November 2010. More than ever, the 2010 edition is an international forum for amateurs and professionals who share a passion for the ocean and marine life. It plays host to an international underwater photography and video competition, as well as lectures from guest speakers. The full program has is due to be released in November, but Helmet Debelius will be giving the keynote address: “When the male gives birth”.

The festival is soliciting entries with a deadline of 15 October 2010.

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Bruce Mozert: Underwater Florida kitsch from the 1950’s Photo

Bruce Mozert: Underwater Florida kitsch from the 1950’s

When considering underwater glamor photography, it is interesting to note that Bruce Mozert was taking pictures of models in Silver Springs, Florida in 1938 and he created some of the most memorable kitsch photography in the era of Florida’s tourism marketing boom of the 1950’s. Mozert started his photography career in New York City, and by the age of 20 was already seen as an accomplished photographer and cameraman. He initially visited Silver Springs as en route to a shoot in Miami, having heard that his favorite actor, Johnny Weissmuller, was filming Tarzan there; he ended up staying for the rest of his life. He built an underwater housing for his still camera soon after arriving, the only one in the world at the time, and spent the next 45 years showing the world how amazingly clear the waters of Silver Springs were. He specialized in trying to recreate the domestic home life in America of the era in an underwater environment, and in portraying the natural splendors that people could see in the springs.

His pictures were the subject of an article in the Smithsonian magazine in May 2008.

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Raja Ampat 2011 Park Tag Design Contest is online for public voting! Photo

Raja Ampat 2011 Park Tag Design Contest is online for public voting!

20 finalists have been chosen to compete in the 2011 Raja Ampat Park Tag Design Contest! We need your help in picking the design or photo that will be printed on 5,000 tags for entry into the Raja Ampat Marine Protected Area. Competition was extremely tough this year, and judges had a really hard time choosing from the pool of excellent submissions.

Public voting starts now and ends at 11:59PM on October 11, 2010. Head on over and pick out your favorites (and send your friends to do the same)!

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Video: Under the Arctic Ice, Part 1 Photo

Video: Under the Arctic Ice, Part 1

For someone with more than forty years of diving experience, the underwater world should hold few surprises—but what I discovered under the ice is another realm entirely. I am not talking about lake ice, but “big ice”—like what you find in the Arctic or Antarctic; and while it is fairly common to see Antarctic imagery and recreational dive trips to the Southern Ocean are common, an Arctic experience is a whole new can of worms.

To begin with, getting to the Arctic is fairly difficult unless you are able to secure space on a military vessel designed to break ice (in the U.S., there are only three Coast Guard Ice Breakers—and one of those is currently out of commission); you’ll need to prove that you are working on some form of science or exploratory venture to get on board. ..

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