Defending the Vandenberg: the video Photo

Defending the Vandenberg: the video

This film, shot with an in-water crew of 5 over an amazing 4 hours over two days is described as an “underwater chase scene.” The team used underwater scooters (transportation!) for propulsion and film effects and was filmed on the USS Vandenberg in the Florida Keys. The film is accompanied by a section on its making and interviews of the cast and crew.

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New products from Nauticam Photo

New products from Nauticam

Nauticam has recently released a series of new products. These include a new white balance dome port, a 4.33” mini dome, a housing for the Nikon SB-R200 speedlight and a port/adapter to allow the use of the Nikkor 60mm lens with the innovative Inon micro semi-fisheye relay lens.

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Underwater 3D stereoscopic video housing, unboxing / setup Photo

Underwater 3D stereoscopic video housing, unboxing / setup

A few days ago, I took delivery of a BS Kinetics DuoDive housing, which is designed to house 2 consumer camcorders for use in capturing underwater 3D video. The housing is a carbon fiber + epoxy oval (as opposed to being a rigid cylinder or machined aluminum housing, which is more typical), and features a flat port, red/orange filter, hinged port cap, and rear LCD that toggles between left and right camera display…

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Shark Savers debuts anti-shark finning campaign in Hong Kong Photo

Shark Savers debuts anti-shark finning campaign in Hong Kong

Shark Savers recently launched the “Say ‘no’ to shark fin soup” campaign (an extension of WildAid’s campaign in China) in Hong Kong at the DRT Show 2010. The campaign will encourage people to stop eating shark fin soup and aimed to get 20,000 expo visitors to pledge not to eat or serve shark fin soup. Wetpixel applauds Shark Savers for extending its efforts in shark conservation into the area that needs it the most.

Click through to read the full press release. Also included is a teaser video from the campaign and some anti shark-finning banners you can use on your own website.

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Arctic under Pressure: Deep sea life video Photo

Arctic under Pressure: Deep sea life video

Environmental organization Greenpeace has recently explored the ocean floor around Svalbard up in the high Arctic. The aim of the expedition was to highlight an ecosystem which has never been seen but is now threatened by encroaching fishing operations.

This video clip is part of a new documentary: The Polar Explorer. Filmed by Mark Terry, filmmaker of the award-winning The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning, it chronicles the Greenpeace scientific expedition crossing the Northwest Passage and shows new climate data from both the Arctic and Antarctica.

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Amphibico’s Phenom underwater housing for Sony HXRNX5U Photo

Amphibico’s Phenom underwater housing for Sony HXRNX5U

Amphibico has started shipping its new NX5 SE Pro underwater housing for the Sony HXRNX5U professional camcorder. The electronic housing features 14 controls as well as full menu control so you can control every aspect of the camera.

The Phenom NX5 SE Pro has no listed price. Instead, you must contact Amphibico directly—but you know how the saying goes. If you have to ask…

While I was in Sacramento last weekend giving a workshop at Dolphin Scuba, my host John Daniels happened to have a NX5 SE Pro sitting in his office. I started salivating immediately and took a bunch of photos for Wetpixel readers to see (click through).

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