Christian Skauge Norweigian Champion in underwater photography Photo

Christian Skauge Norweigian Champion in underwater photography

Last month, Wetpixel member Christian Skauge (ScubaSapiens) claimed the title as the 2007 Norwegian Champion in digital underwater photography. The send-in competition was hosted by the Norwegian Diving Federation and Skauge won his second championship, after becoming the first ever digital champion in 2005, by taking away three gold and two silver medals in the five competition categories.

In his fifth year of photography, he is currently using a Nikon D200 in a Nexus housing with two Inon Z-240 strobes. The pictures taken for the competition were taken at the west coast and northern areas of Norway. Visit Skauge’s website to view the winning images.

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Last call for Beneath the Sea 2008 photo competition entries Photo

Last call for Beneath the Sea 2008 photo competition entries

December 31st, 2007 is the last day for submitting entries to the 2008 Beneath the Sea Worldwide Underwater Photo/Video Competition. The winners of the competition are announced at the Film Festival the weekend of Beneath the Sea’s Dive and Travel Exposition, March 28th, 29th and 30th, 2008, at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey.

In addition to the award that the Grand Prize winner will receive (a trip for one on the M.V. Telita in Papua New Guinea), there will be prizes for all First, Second and Third place winners. Continue reading for more details…

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Wetpixel Quarterly holiday discount Photo

Wetpixel Quarterly holiday discount

Hello, readers.  For a limited time only, save $6 off of a subscription to Wetpixel Quarterly!  You must be a member of Wetpixel.com in order to qualify for this holiday discount.  To redeem your subscription, log into Wetpixel.com (here), and click through to the promo page.

If you’re looking for gifts for someone who loves marine life, be sure to check out our print sales, where we offer photographic prints from Norbert Wu, Eric Cheng, and contributors to Wetpixel Quarterly!  Particularly enticing is Magnus Lundgren’s print of the oceanic white-tip shark (the one that graces the cover of WPQ1).  Every photographer I have met so far wishes he/she took that shot.

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OWU2008 and DEEP2008: Call for entries, part 2 Photo

OWU2008 and DEEP2008: Call for entries, part 2

Reminder: the deadlines for the Our-World Underwater 2008 and DEEP Indonesia 2008 underwater photo and video competitions are coming up shortly after the new year.  OWU2008’s deadline is January 13, 2008, and DEEP2008 ends on February 15, 2008. 

Get your entries in now to compete for $80,000 in prizes!  In addition, winners will be published in a celebratory issue of Wetpixel Quarterly.  For rules and guidelines, see http://underwatercompetition.com.

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Book Review: ‘American Waters’ by Alex Kirkbride Photo

Book Review: ‘American Waters’ by Alex Kirkbride

If you are anything like me, your bookshelves are sagging under the weight of too many underwater coffee table books.  So why should we bother with another one?  Well, Alex Kirkbride’s American Waters is different.  His novel concept: travel throughout the 50 United States and photograph at least one water feature in each state.  He’s from Britain, so he would be looking at our waters through the eyes of a foreign visitor.  It’s a great idea; I wish I’d thought of it.  But brainstorming ideas is easy; executing them is hard.  And Kirkbride’s execution is, for the most part, brilliant…

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Alex Mustard to present at National Oceanography Centre, Southampton Photo

Alex Mustard to present at National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

Wetpixel associate editor and professional photographer Alex Mustard will be giving a talk at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, UK at 7:30PM on Thursday, December 6, entitled “Adventures of an underwater photographer – creating images that engage people with the oceans.”

A former NOCS post-doctoral researcher, Alex will display a collection of his underwater work, including recent images from South Australia, as well as provide “insights into the photographic techniques used to create images and the natural history stories behind the photos.” The talk is one in a series of Marine Life Talks at the Centre - all are open to the public and admission is free.

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Inon now shipping straight viewfinder for digital SLR housings Photo

Inon now shipping straight viewfinder for digital SLR housings

Following the success of their 45° angled viewfinder, Inon has begun shipping a straight viewfinder unit designed for the X-2 housing for the 30D and also adaptable to Nexus, Seatool, Sea & Sea, and other housing brands.

Like the 45° unit, the straight viewfinder displays 100% of the camera’s finder image without vignetting and the lens elements use anti-reflection coatings to maximize brightness. Unfortunately, the new viewfinder is not compatible with full-frame cameras.

Check out the Inon press release with samples of all viewfinder choices or discuss the new product in the forums!

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LAUPS 2007 contest winners announced Photo

LAUPS 2007 contest winners announced

The Los Angeles Underwater Photographic Society (LAUPS) has posted the winners of its 45th International Underwater Photographic Competition, and a number of Wetpixel members placed or earned honorable mentions.

The Best of Show was awarded to Mirko Zanni for a photograph taken from beneath an alpine lake. Winning images are currently available, and information about the judges and the judges’ comments will soon be posted on the LAUPS website.

Continue reading for a list of the winners - congratulations to all involved!

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