Amazed and Alarmed: Chapter one Photo

Amazed and Alarmed: Chapter one

Regular Wetpixel contributor Steve Williams recently completed a diving trip from Komodo to Wakatobi on the boat M/Y Pelagian. What follows is his personal illustrated account of the trip, recounting both the beauty and the tribulations of an underwater photographic journey.

“There are special moments underwater that fill up our soul and burn themselves into that special place in our brain reserved for unimagined memories.”

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“An Unforgettable Evening” with David Doubilet and friends Photo

“An Unforgettable Evening” with David Doubilet and friends

On 25 October 2010 in the Huxley Lecture Theatre, London Zoo, David Doubilet, Michael Aw and Leandro Blanco will present “An Unforgettable Evening”. The event has been organized by the Ocean Geographic Society and the British Society of Underwater Photographers. Tickets are now available.

During the evening, David will share his latest inspirations with some of his best work to date, In addition, award-winning underwater photographer Michael Aw and world-renowned underwater filmmaker Leandro Blanco will be lending their support.

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Behavior video: Lionfish vs giant frogfish Photo

Behavior video: Lionfish vs giant frogfish

Jason Isley of Scubazoo filmed this behavioral footage in the Lembeh Strait. In it, a lightning fast giant frogfish pounces on a lionfish and swallows it whole. Lionfish are of course, equipped with venomous dorsal spines that must have come into contact with the frogfish during the process. In the close up footage, you can actually see the lionfish moving inside the frogfish’s stomach. It would seem that the frogfish doesn’t suffer any ill effects.

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Canon releases the PowerShot S95 Photo

Canon releases the PowerShot S95

The Canon PowerShot range gained a new model today, with the launch of the PowerShot S95. Similar to the S90, the S95 benefits from the ability to shoot 720p HD video. Other features include a fast f2.0 fast aperture lens offering low light performance, RAW capture ability and full manual exposure control. Lastly, the camera has the Canon Hybrid IS image stability system, designed to improve macro shooting ability.

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Spider Crab aggregation Photo

Spider Crab aggregation

Alex Mustard describes the motivation and technique behind his image of a spider crab aggregation. (via DivePhotoGuide.)

“Some photographs happen by chance, others after months of planning. This spider crab image has had a long gestation, which I guess makes it all the more satisfying now it is sitting on my hard drive.”

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Nikon releases D3100 DSLR Photo

Nikon releases D3100 DSLR

Nikon has announced the release of the D3100 DSLR. This new model replaces the D3000, and is aimed at entry level SLR users. It features a 14.2 CMOS sensor, and a 3” LCD screen. New features include, for the first time on a Nikon DSLR, the ability to shoot video in 1080p HD mode, a much wider ISO range (100-3200 expandable to 12800), and Live View shooting. (via dpreview)

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Monterey Bay Aquarium’s white shark summer Photo

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s white shark summer

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Notes reports that this summer, as well as tagging great whites accidentally caught in commercial fisheries, the aquarium will use a different technology to try to prove if sharks seen and caught on both sides of the border are in fact part of the same population. They plan to use special acoustic tags, as used in tracking salmon, that each have a unique signal that is recorded by a receiving station as tagged animals pass it. Six sharks are to be fitted with these tags this summer.

The recent confirmation, achieved by DNA sampling, that the Californian great white has a unique genetic identity different to other great whites reinforces how crucial it is to understand these apex predator’s behavior and movements.

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