Save the Breakwater, Monterey Photo

Save the Breakwater, Monterey

Backscatter‘s Berkley White writes in:

Please call in sick or close your business this Tuesday!  ...save the Monterey Breakwater!  Please help us finish a 10 year fight to save the Breakwater from hooks and spears… bring back the wolfeels and rockfish for all to enjoy.  The meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 15th, 9:00am, at the Beach Resort Monterey, 2600 Sand Dunes Drive, Monterey

Here’s how you can help:

1)  Attend the DFG meeting this Tuesday in Monterey
2)  Email the pdf flyer to all your contacts
3)  Verify that your dive buddies will attend

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Unofficial travel advisory about Puerto Rico

There has been a lot of discussion here on Wetpixel about losing equipment while travelling through Puerto Rico’s Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport (SJU) in San Juan.  We have received confirmation that thieves at the airport are continuing to target both topside and underwater camera gear in checked baggage.  If you travel with expensive gear, please use caution when deciding on a route that goes through Puerto Rico.  I myself decided some time ago that I will not fly through Puerto Rico again until the crime ring is caught.

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BSoUP’s International Focus On Competition 06

The British Society of Underwater Photographers invites entries for its second, annual International Focus On Competition. The competition is free to enter and open to all underwater photographers. There is no theme - the only rule is that your photograph must have been taken underwater. Each photographer can enter just one image, uploaded via the BSoUP website, and the deadline for entries is Tuesday 15th August 2006 at 23:59:59 hours BST.

Unusually, the images are judged by the audience of experienced underwater photographers at the Society’s meeting on Wednesday 16th August and the winner will receive the International Focus On Competition trophy and also the kudos of knowing that their image was voted for by their peers. Wetpixel’s own Mike Veitch won the competition last year.

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ExpoDisc installation in Light & Motion Bluefin HD housing Photo

ExpoDisc installation in Light & Motion Bluefin HD housing

A month ago, Wetpixel user Daniel Deck posted a message in the forums about his experience using an Expodisc to white balance underwater.  Many of us struggle with underwater white balance, especially when using wide-angle lenses. It can sometimes be difficult to fill a suitable amount of the frame with a white-balance target, and the color of the target changes as one changes the distance between it and camera.

This is a photo tutorial of how to fit an Expodisc into a Light & Motion macro lens flip-down assembly and a Light & Motion flip-down red filter.

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Wetpixel POTW thanks Ikelite Photo

Wetpixel POTW thanks Ikelite

Special thanks to Ikelite Underwater Systems for continuing to sponsor our weekly Picture of the Week contest!  Ike is proud of their customers, and even features an online gallery of their work.  Each week’s POTW winner takes home an Ikelite PC Lite to illuminate their way on future underwater photographic excursions.

We’re currently on POTW #143, and this week’s theme is Spawning and Courting.  Hope on over to the POTW section to participate. It’s free, and choosing photos for themed contests will help you to develop an eye for shots to be on the lookout for.

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Part 3 of Light & Motion’s Virtual Video Seminar by Steve Fish Photo

Part 3 of Light & Motion’s Virtual Video Seminar by Steve Fish

Light & Motion has published part 3 of its educational virtual video seminar series by Steve Fish.  In part 3, Steve discusses HDV vs. DV, and how HDV’s higher-resolution picture is compressed and stored.  Steve also compares HD’s 720p and 1080i specifications, and shows frame comparisons between HDV and DV (for resolution-comparison purposes only).  Check it out.

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NCUPS announces SEA2006 42nd annual photo competition Photo

NCUPS announces SEA2006 42nd annual photo competition

The Northern California Underwater Photographic Society announces the 42nd Annual International Underwater Photographic Competition and the Bob Commer Award of Excellence in Underwater Photography.

SEA 2006 is a “mail-in” underwater photography and videography competition open to amateur photographers and videographers around the world. Sponsors for SEA include luxury live-aboard’s the Pindito - Irian Jaya; the Nai’a - Fiji; the Kararu - Indonesia;  Mike Ball Expeditions - Australia; and equipment manufacturers’s like Sandisk, Stormcase, and more!

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