New Nudibranch ID Books Photo

New Nudibranch ID Books

Slug lovers of the Americas, rejoice! Two more excellent and complementary field guides have been published for the Pacific and Atlantic coasts; Caribbean Sea Slugs: A field guide to the opisthobranch mollusks from the tropical northwestern Atlantic by Angel Valdes, Jeff Hamann, Dave Behrens, and Anne DuPont, and Opistobranquios de Mexico: Guia de babosas marinas del Pacifico, Golfo de California y las islas ocean by Ali Hermosillo, Dave Behrens, and Eduardo Jara.

Both are by very well known and respected opisthobranch researchers with nearly 100 years of experience between them, and both have over 500 color images to delight the eye. The books are available from Sea Challengers - in my opinion the very best source of underwater natural history and guide books.

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BBFS PIT 2006 Report Photo

BBFS PIT 2006 Report

Wetpixel member Matt Potenski (shark8matt) spent the summer tagging juvenile lemon sharks with the Bimini Biological Field Station as a part of the PIT 2006 project. The project, named after the type of passive integrated transponder used, is an effort to track the resident population of young sharks and to determine how many additional individuals have been born each year in Bimini Lagoon.

Wetpixel’s Eric Cheng was a participant in the program in 2003, and Matt took the time to write up a full report, with pictures and commentary, of this year’s efforts: PIT 2006.

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What is your motivation?

Wetpixel member Paul Kay (pgk) has started an interesting topic in the forums.  Paul asks:

“Why do you take underwater photographs?  Is it because you are fascinated by the marine life, or perhaps a marine scientist who wants to be able to record things better. Are you a wreckie who shoots to help identify the wreck or its features, or is it simply to be able to illustrate to non-divers what it is like where you dive? I’m sure that there are many reasons and wonder if this is the place to see if there are broad categories and what proportion of people fit into each?

Join us in the forums and tell us what your motivation is!

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2nd Annual Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide Photo and Video Contest Photo

2nd Annual Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide Photo and Video Contest

Wetpixel.com and DivePhotoGuide.com have teamed up again in association with Our World Underwater to celebrate the beauty and delicacy of the marine environment with the announcement of the 2nd -annual, international underwater photography and video competition. The competition aims to become the “Superbowl” of international underwater photo competitions, with fantastic prizes, celebrity judges, and the opportunity to have your images showcased to the world as some of the world’s best.

Photographers will compete in six still-image categories plus one video category to win more than $35,000 in prizes including premium dive travel, underwater photography equipment, and more…

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New navigation toolbar Photo

New navigation toolbar

If you’re confused or upset about not being able to find links to other areas of Wetpixel, take a look at the new navigation bar just underneath Wetpixel’s logo.  I’ve just plugged in a new, dynamic menu system, which will make clicking around to other areas much more convenient!

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New Sea & Sea dome port Photo

New Sea & Sea dome port

After sometime producing not so attractive housings (big and heavy), Sea&Sea is coming back to the market strongly by producing nice and compact housings for the Nikons D200 and D50 and the Canon 5D. Their latest new product is a glass dome port, which according to Sea&Sea produces clearer and sharper images, reduces glare, lasts longer than their previous acrylic port and is better for taking over/under photos.

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Marine life changes from higher water temperatures? Photo

Marine life changes from higher water temperatures?

International Supermodel (and Wetpixel member) Giles Shaxted has started a discussion about water temperature increases in the ocean and the effects it may be having on wildlife, as observed by us (common divers):

Here in the Cayman Islands we blame [water temperature increases] for out algae bloom every year. Some years it is worse than others, but for the most part people know that our North Sound (where Stingray City is) is shallow enough to show large temp increases from the sun, and the powerplant is right there as well which if using salt water to cool things down would be letting hotter water into the sound. When the sound is warm enough the algae blooms and the water becomes green, then the tidal movements will push the green water out to deeper areas where the algae can then settlle on the reef and smother it…

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Olympus E-330 Underwater Housing Comparisons Photo

Olympus E-330 Underwater Housing Comparisons

Wetpixel member Helge Suess had the opportunity to compare two housings for for the Olympus E-330 dSLR.

A remote valley, deep in the Alps. A small group of divers meets for a special event. Dive, where no one has before, in lakes at an altitude above 2400m (about 8000ft). Amongst their equipment are two Olympus E-330 cameras, one housed in an Olympus PT-E02 housing, the other in an Aquamir / UK-GERMANY housing. They will have to face hard conditions.
Our targets are above 2500m (8300ft) and therefore above the timberline. Expected water temperatures are below 10°C (50°F), few traces of life, lots of landscape. The ideal place for wide angle and fisheye lenses. The surrounding mountains are calling for half-half shots. Depending on the weather, visibility may change from zero to marvelous. The testers have quite some experience shooting SLRs and DSLRs but this will be the first dive with a housed E-330.

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