Sigma 8-16mm zoom lens available at the end of April Photo

Sigma 8-16mm zoom lens available at the end of April

Sigma has announced the availability date of its new 8-16mm f4-5.6 DC HSM ultra wide angle zoom lens.

The new lens is designed to fit dSLR cameras with APS-C size image sensors and is the first zoom lens on the market with a minimum focal length of 8mm. The lens is equivalent to the 12-24mm on full frame with an angle of view starting at 121.2 degrees.

The lens combats color aberration using four FLD (“F” Low Dispersion) glass elements, which the company claims performs equal to fluorite glass. One hybrid aspherical lens and two glass mold elements provide distortion and astigmatism correction. The Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces flare and ghosting.

The Sigma 8-16mm f4-5.6 DC HSM incorporates HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor) and has a minimum focusing distance of 24cm throughout the entire zoom range. Its overall length is 105.7mm with a maximum diameter of 75mm. It will hit the stores at the end of April with Sigma, Canon and Nikon fit first, followed shortly by Sony and Pentax versions

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Dive fest 2010 Photo

Dive fest 2010

The second annual Dive Fest is to be held at Pentewan Sands Holiday Park over the weekend of 30th April to 3rd May. The idea is that divers from all over the UK get together for a huge party, complete with live music, food, events and equipment and travel stalls. The first such event took place in May 2009 and was a massive success, with more than 1,000 divers attending.

During the festival, images from the British Underwater Image Festival will be on display, and the awards ceremony for the competition will take place on Sunday. In addition, Dive Fest will host a splash in competition, with prizes for the best images taken on that day.

Other events include talks from Sea Shepherd and the Sharks Trust, live bands, curry nights, and RIB or hard boat diving throughout the weekend.

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Shark Savers anti shark-finning billboards in China Photo

Shark Savers anti shark-finning billboards in China

Last November, many of you joined Shark Savers / WildAid and donated money to purchase anti shark-finning billboards in China featuring Yao Ming. Billboards have been put up in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, and a television commercial featuring Yao Ming and an anti shark-finning message has been airing in China.

Shark Savers has posted photos of the billboards — your donations in action — on their website. Shark Savers has also launched a new website to fight against shark fin soup.

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Visions in the Sea Summer Series 2010 Photo

Visions in the Sea Summer Series 2010

The Visions in the Sea Summer Series is a UK wide set of weekends designed to both inspire you and get you into the water for some underwater photography. There will be 6 weekends throughout the” warm and sunny” summer months.

Each weekend will have at least one resident professional underwater photographer to guide you and offer advice, as well as offering an evening lecture and a chance to chat to your fellow enthusiasts over some drinks and a meal. Our Sponsors will also be on hand on each of the weekends to give you information on their diving equipment and even let you try some of their products in the water. Continue reading after the jump for full details.

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2010 NAB Show report, Las Vegas Photo

2010 NAB Show report, Las Vegas

Last week, I decided that it would be interesting to check out the NAB Show, an annual tradeshow in Las Vegas put on by the National Association of Broadcasters.

As a NAB Show newbie, I wasn’t sure what to expect; I knew that it would be different from the dive shows I typically attend, but I wasn’t prepared for just how different it ended up being. Everything was shiny, slick, and professional, and there were quite a few people wearing suits. I didn’t see any flip flops or swimsuits, and no one was serving rum from beneath fake tiki huts…

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Review: Sea of Light by Richard Salas Photo

Review: Sea of Light by Richard Salas

Sea of Light by Richard Salas is a gorgeous coffee-table book celebrating the marine biodiversity of California’s Channel Islands through spectacular underwater photographs.  It will appeal to underwater photographers of all stripes, in addition to any diver in love with the unique cold water habitats of California.

Click the link below to read the full review.

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DivePhotoGuide’s iPad first impressions Photo

DivePhotoGuide’s iPad first impressions

Our friends over at Dive Photo Guide, Jason Heller & Matt Weiss, have gone and made a video about what the iPad means for the underwater photographer. They go over some neat things such as watching your podcasts (like DiveFilm.com) in high definition using the video app, showing off photos using the photo app or maybe even using the zinio app to read your favourite magazines (about diving or photography of course).

We also have a review in our own forums from Wetpixel moderator TheRealDrew and if you would like to discuss the iPad from the underwater photographer’s point of view you can check out this thread.

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Canon 7D video ISO sweet spots Photo

Canon 7D video ISO sweet spots

This is very interesting. One of our readers pointed out a video demonstration that shows the noise characteristics of video shot by the Canon EOS 7D digital SLR. It shows that video can be quite noisy unless the camera is set an ISO that is a multiple of 160 (what many have said is the “native” ISO of Canon CMOS sensors).

I highly recommend clicking through and watching the video, as it is quite illuminating.

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