Dozens of new products announced at Photokina 2006 Photo

Dozens of new products announced at Photokina 2006

Photokina 2006 has unleashed dozens of new photography products.  Instead of attempting to cover everything here, I’d like to point you to DPReview’s excellent, live coverage of the event.

Specific products that will interest the underwater photography crowd include: Nikon N80, Canon 400D, Sigma SD14, and Fuji FinePix S5 Pro digital SLRs, Olympus Stylus 725 SW waterproof compact camera (and lots of new compact cameras), Canon media storage M80 and M30 units (competes with Epson P4000 and newly-announced P5000), 4GB SDHC cards and 12/16GB Compact Flash cards (even more bottom time before card swaps!), and much more.

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Help us host DiveFilm’s Podcasts Photo

Help us host DiveFilm’s Podcasts

Hello, Wetpixel readers!  Due to its popularity, DiveFilm is looking for help to host some of its video podcasts.  Each podcast is 12-40MB, and we are looking for donations of server space and bandwidth for archiving of older episodes.

DiveFilm is an independent production created by Mary Lynn Price.  For more information on how you can help, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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Smoothing video with Apple’s Shake Photo

Smoothing video with Apple’s Shake

Wetpixel member Jules (Helioxfilm) has posted an example of using Shake‘s “Smoothcam” node to smooth out underwater video.  Of course, there is no replacement for smooth camera work, but the example is really compelling!

Shake is $499 and has more features than most of us know what to do with.

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A Diver’s Guide to Reef Life by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari Photo

A Diver’s Guide to Reef Life by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari

Associate editors of FiNS Dive Magazine Andrea and Antonella Ferrari have released a new book titled A Diver’s Guide to Reef Life!

The 478-page reference guide details 1200 tropical species ranging from the Caribbean to the Indo-Pacific. Each featured creature has a “detailed description that includes distribution, size, habitat, and ‘life habits.’” The book is a beautiful integration of the classic ‘Fish ID’-type literature and the more elaborate coffee-table galleries.

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New DiveFilm Podcast Video - “Critter Comforts” by Mark Thorpe Photo

New DiveFilm Podcast Video - “Critter Comforts” by Mark Thorpe

The latest DiveFilm Podcast Video, Episode 30 - “Critter Comforts” by Wetpixel member Mark Thorpe (CamDiver) is now live! Featuring the species of Yap and Palau, Mark dedicates the film to all “macronuts.”

“Every once in a while an underwater short video creation just stuns me,” says Mary Lynn Price, DiveFilm producer. “It’s that fine combination of images, editing and soundtrack all working together to evoke something profoundly beautiful…and that’s what Mark Thorpe’s ‘Critter Comforts’ achieves in its simple grandeur.”

You can get to the podcast on iTunes directly by clicking here (if you have iTunes version 4.9 of higher on your computer), or by browsing to the Video Podcasts. DiveFilm Podcast Video is produced in association with Wetpixel.com.

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Todd Mintz places in prestigious Nature’s Best Contest Photo

Todd Mintz places in prestigious Nature’s Best Contest

Wetpixel moderator Todd Mintz is among this year’s “Highly Honoured” Winners of Nature’s Best photography contest. His winning image, a beautiful shot of an anemonefish and anemone with trees visible overhead, is featured in 3/4 of a page of this month’s magazine. The image will also be in an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution later this year. Congratulations Todd!

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Fuji announces FinePix S5 Pro DSLR Photo

Fuji announces FinePix S5 Pro DSLR

Fuji has announced a new 12.34 megapixel (6.17 + 6.17 mp) dSLR, the FinePix S5 Pro. It is based on the Nikon D200 body, and that’s good news for underwater photographers because it will fit on D200 housings. Here are some of the new features in this camera:

  • Three new “Film Simulation Modes” for improved reproduction of natural skin tones
  • New “dual cycle” noise-reduction algorithms for pictures at 3200 ISO (ISO range from 100 – 3200)
  • More dynamic range settings from 100% to 400%
  • RAW + Jpeg simultaneous shooting
  • High-precision i-TTL flash control

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The Truth About CDNN Cyber Diver News Network

Finally, there is a website that collects information about the crooked dealings of the Cyber Diver News Network (CDNN).  Check out divepoll.com to see the truth about CDNN.  Excerpt from DivePoll:

Cyber Diver News Network is a known hate website that claims to deliver “world scuba news worth knowing”. In truth is they are copyright infringers, which means they literally steal other’s material without the author’s permission. Many authors and artists have been violated. CDNN steals images from photographer websites, removes the copyright notices, and uses them for headlines in their news articles.

Note that DivePoll lists Cuan Law and Lammer Law as sponsors of CDNN. This is incorrect.  Cuan Law and Lammer Law’s management have informed me that they have not given money to CDNN for at least five years:

We did subscribe when they first started up not knowing then what a problem they would become. We have repeatedly asked them to remove our “sponsorship” but get no reply and no action.  We have not been able to find any way of reaching them other than by email, which is not answered.

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