We’re proud of our Leslibetaeus coibita Photo

We’re proud of our Leslibetaeus coibita

Our very own Leslie Harris (Wetpixel moderator) has just had an entirely new genus named after her through a newly described critter called Leslibetaeus coibita.  Leslie traveled to Panama to collect the cute little guys and has some nice photos of them.  There is a paper available on Zootaxa. We’re SO proud of her hard work and enthusiasm.

And we thought that the only critters she had an interest in were worms!

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Seacam Nikon D200 underwater housing and strobe

Sometimes, new products get buried in expo reports.  At ADEX, I handled Seacam’s new strobe and Nikon D200 underwater housing. While I was taking pictures of the products, Harald said, “I don’t even have photos of these, yet!  It seems North America always gets them first.”

If you’re interested in seeing the new Seacam D200 housing or strobe, check out the gear page of the ADEX report.

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Manta Rays now protected in Hawaii Photo

Manta Rays now protected in Hawaii

A research conducted by Manta Pacific Research Foundation and the University of Hawaii has concluded that populations of Manta Rays along the Hawaiian Islands are vulnerable. This research led to a legislation that has just passed at Hawaii’s Committee on Water, Land, and Ocean Resources.

The Resolution calls for the establishment of a working group to protect the batoidea order, including manta rays, from poaching and fishing in Hawaiian waters. Specifically, it directs the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) with researching and pursuing all possible means of protecting manta rays, and drafting proposed administrative rules to prevent poaching, fishing, or killing manta rays.

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ULCS introduces accessory neck ball (AC-NB) Photo

ULCS introduces accessory neck ball (AC-NB)

Ultralight has built a new part that attaches to the neck section beneath the ball of any ULCS base adapter or arm segment, forming an excellent way to mount accessory focus lights.

This new part, called AC-NB (accessory neck ball), comes as two parts that encircle the neck of every other ULCS parts.  The base ball is adjustable, allowing 360 degree movement of the spotting light adapter.

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Build Meaningful Meatspace Conversations Through Blogging

Build Meaningful Meatspace Conversations Through Blogging” on Thursday, May 25th, in Redwood City, California.  It’s part of the 100 Geek Dinners in 100 Days series of events.  At the venue, they’ll have cases of Stormhoek wine, signed copies of Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone, and other prizes to give out.  I’ll also be raffling off some of my prints.  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for an invitation, if you want to come.  See you there!

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