DEMA 2006: Nexus USA and Marine Camera Distributors Photo

DEMA 2006: Nexus USA and Marine Camera Distributors

Lee Peterson and Tom Harman of Nexus USA and Marine Camera Distributors showed off a prototype of a Nexus housing for the Nikon D80.  Also on display were Nexus housings for the Canon 5D and 1D/1Ds Mk II, and Nikon D70s, D200, and D2X. As most other manufacturers have done, Nexus has also come out with an accessory viewfinder option, incorporating an INON angled viewfinder into its housings.  It was mounted on a D200 housing at the show.

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DEMA 2006: Great White Adventures/ SDI Photo

DEMA 2006: Great White Adventures/ SDI

Lawrence Groth and Kat were at the Great White Adventures / Shark Diving International booth presenting shark trips to Guadalupe, Fiji, and South Africa.

This past August, Wetpixel teamed up with renowned underwater photographer and cinematographer Norbert Wu to lead a great white shark expedition to Guadalupe led by Great White Adventures.  Stay tuned for 2007 dates!  On our extension trip, Mo Rocca and crew were on board doing a story for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  The broadcast is scheduled for November 21, 2006. I’m afraid of what they will show (specifically, they may make fun of all of us. :).

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DEMA 2006: Green Force Photo

DEMA 2006: Green Force

Green Force had its full range of modular dive and underwater video lights on display.  For an example of how Green Force has worked with a video housing manufacturer to come up with an excellent underwater video light, see Drew Wong’s video roundup and search for “Green Force”.

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DEMA 2006: Gates Housings Photo

DEMA 2006: Gates Housings

Gates Housings have a reputation of being a company that listens to its customers and gives them what they want.  Gates housings are fully manual, giving an option to users who prefer no electronics in their housings.  They have a wide product line supporting many camcorders.

New at DEMA were HID 250 lights, an innovative underwater tripod, and the widescreen, hi-res EM-43 monitor.

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DEMA 2006: Sea & Sea Photo

DEMA 2006: Sea & Sea

Sharing space with parent company Tusa, Sea & Sea had a huge booth with many products on display, including the DX-5D, DX-D80, DX-D200, DX-D50 digital SLR housings and DX-860G and DX-8000G compact cameras.  Also on display were the VX-S1, VX-S2, and VX-FX1 camcorder housings, YS-110 strobe, and a prototype of the upcoming YS-250 PRO strobe.

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DEMA 2006: SeaViewer Underwater Video Systems Photo

DEMA 2006: SeaViewer Underwater Video Systems

SeaViewer Underwater Video Systems had their remote tow and drop camera systems on display.  Featured in documentaries like Air Jaws, the SeaViewer allows a video camera to be dropped to depths of 1500’ (1000’, with warranty).  The system includes a camera, DVR, monitor glasses, cable, and optional GPS video overlay.

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DEMA 2006: Art Innovation Center Photo

DEMA 2006: Art Innovation Center

The Art Innovation Center showcased art and photographs by many photographers.  I’m not sure if the booth was Wyland-branded, but it seemed to be mostly his work.  Other photographers whose work I saw displayed included David Fleetham, Stephen Frink, Todd Essick, and more. 

Some of the vertical prints were hung up horizontally, which made for some strange imagery…

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DEMA 2006: Bonica Precision Photo

DEMA 2006: Bonica Precision

Bonica had a large booth showing off their Snapper series underwater digital cameras and camcorders.  The Snapper lines are split into “Active Lifestyle” products and underwater products. While lifestyle products are typically waterproof to only shallow depths, products in the underwater line are designed for dive use.

One product that was interesting was the Snapper Suit, a removable, flexible, waterproof silicone jacket for various compact cameras rated to 12’.

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