NWP Photo Contest - Sep 30 deadline

The Nature, Wildlife and Pet Photography Forum is running the first of its photo contests, with both daily and monthly winners.  Daily winners receive name recognition, and monthly winners receive a small B&H Photo gift certificate.  Additional proceeds from the first contest will go toward a Hurricana Katrina fund.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully, as NWP retains rights to use your photo for advertising and promotion.

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Amphibico underwater housing for Sony HDR-HC1 Photo

Amphibico underwater housing for Sony HDR-HC1

Wetpixel user triswebb received a reply from Amphibico about a new housing for the new Sony HDR-HC1:

We have had a great success with our new Phenom FXZ1 housing… Our engineers are designing [the housing for the Sony HDR-HC1, and it] should be available this fall. October or November. Cost will be $1995US for the basic Dive Buddy EVO HC1, consumer version one electronic grip, manual white balance, we will also have a pro version available in December cost around $2800US have a second electronic grip with added manual focus and also have auto/on /off exposure. Both will have access to the manual white balance. We will have a preview on our site in about 2 to 3 weeks.

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New Underwater Digital Video Book Photo

New Underwater Digital Video Book

Underwater Digital Video Made Easy by Steven M. Barsky, Lance Milbrand, and Mark Thurlow is the latest book from Hammerhead Press of Ventura, California.  The authors are professional cameramen with a combined total of over 37 years in the field of underwater video production. Some topics covered are:

- Camera Selection
- Accessories
- Shooting Topside in the Marine Environment
- Lighting Underwater
- Maintenance
- Housing Selection
- Editing
- Travel
- Shooting Underwater
- Gear Set-Up

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Photoshop CS2 Now Reads As-Shot D2x Whitebalance Info

Nikon has recently released a limited SDK to Adobe which provides the conversion information for the “as-shot” white balance as recorded in the Nikon NEF file.  This is a relief for Nikon shooters who wish to use Photoshop CS2 but it is not a complete solution for other 3rd party sofware companies, as the data is still encrypted.  Read the full article for the press release from Nikon and click the discussion link to see what our members have to say on this topic.

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Canon Announces XL H1 3-CCD HD Camcorder Photo

Canon Announces XL H1 3-CCD HD Camcorder

Canon recently announced the XL H1 camcorder, which features uncompressed HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) and SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M) output, as well as Genlock input and SMPTE time code input and output for multi-camera shoots. Other features include customizable open-architecture approach, selectable frame rates including 24F, and multiple output options.

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Delkin CardBus 32 support for OS X Photo

Delkin CardBus 32 support for OS X

Delkin has finally released drivers for Mac OS X support for their family of CardBus 32-bit PC card flash memory readers.  Both the Compactflash and 5-in-1 cards are supported.  I *highly* recommend purchasing one, if you have a PC card slot in your Mac notebook.  I routinely get upwards of 8-9MB/sec when transferring data from fast CF and SD cards, compared with around 1MB/sec when using a non-CardBus PC card CF reader.  For some perspective, that’s 2 minutes a gigabyte instead of 15!  Also, I’m not a huge fan of dongles sticking out of my computer, and much prefer to have both a CF and 5-in-1 reader in my card slots at all times.

If you need to see something more formal, check out the test at DPReview.

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Wetpixel expands moderating team

Wetpixel is proud to announce an expanded volunteer moderating team of long-time community members! 

The new moderators are excited to take leadership roles in various areas of our online community forums here at Wetpixel.  New moderators include Todd Mintz, Dave Burroughs, Julian Scheunemann, Mike Veitch, Mark Thorpe, Drew Wong, Leslie Harris, Luiz Rocha, and William HeatonJames Wiseman and Alex Mustard continue to be co-administrators, and Herb Ko and Craig Jones continue as moderators.

To see a breakdown of moderators and their respective areas of expertise, see Wetpixel’s about page.  Please join me in welcoming our new moderating team!

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