Medes Festival in L’Estartit, Spain, June 6-10, 2006 Photo

Medes Festival in L’Estartit, Spain, June 6-10, 2006

The festival of underwater images MEDES IMATGE I MEDI AMBIENT (Medes image and environnment) will take place in L’Estartit, Spain, from the 6th to the 10th of June 2006.  Meded Imatge I Medi Ambient continues its international trajectory as one of most important festivals of underwater images in Spain, and has acquired a well-known name in Europe.  Continue reading for schedule and contact information.

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Light & Motion announces Bluefin HC3 housing for Sony HDR-HC3 Photo

Light & Motion announces Bluefin HC3 housing for Sony HDR-HC3

Light & Motion has announced the Bluefin HC3 underwater housing for the Sony High Definition HDR-HC3, the smallest HDV camera on the market.  The HC3 supports one-touch white balance and features L&M’s trademark self-locking latches and electronic grips.  The housing can be purchased as a solo housing or as part of a complete Travel Package including dual lights, batteries, O-ring kit and custom case.

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Amphibico announces Phenom Basic, HD monitor, new lens Photo

Amphibico announces Phenom Basic, HD monitor, new lens

Amphibico has announced new and upcoming Phenom housing accessories, including a new Phenom Basic housing (with a domed, flat-port lens), a 4.5” High Definition 16x9 monitor, a manual white balance bracket, and a new lens system that solves the wide-angle vignetting problem that plagued the original Phenom port.  Amphibico will “upgrade” your old lens for $200 + shipping, resulting in a lens that gives you a full 94° of coverage without vignetting, but requiring the sacrifice of the housing’s 2nd flip filter.

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The Cephalopod Page featured in the journal Science Photo

The Cephalopod Page featured in the journal Science

Congratulations to James Wood, Wetpixel’s scientific photography expert.  James’ website, The Cephalopod Page, is featured in the Netwatch section of the most recent issue of the journal Science. The website is dedicated to octopuses, squid, cuttlefish and nautilus, and features many digital and film images of these amazing animals.  It’s definitely worth a visit!

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Gold mine threatens Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi

A gold mine is being opened in Rinondoran Bay by a British-based company just north of Lembeh Strait. The mine plans to dump it’s cyanide waste - estimated to amount to 6-8 MILLION tons over 5 years - out to sea. The company says the waste will be dumped at 150 meters below the surface & settle in 800-1200 meters. I’d like to think that there’s some good oceanographic selection behind the selection of the disposal site & that dumping operations will be carried out with the utmost care but I’m doubtful about the future of the region. Another example of multinational money overriding local concerns & viability…  Continue reading for the full article and a contact to write to in protest.

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Adobe releases Camera Raw 3.4 and CS2 Update Photo

Adobe releases Camera Raw 3.4 and CS2 Update

Adobe has released a new version of its Camera Raw plug-in and an update to Adobe Photoshop CS2.  Camera Raw 3.4 now supports the Canon EOS 30D, Leaf Aptus 65, Leaf Aptus 75, Olympus EVOLT 330, Olympus SP-320, Pentax *ist DL2, and Samsung GX-1S.  The Adobe Photoshop CS2 (9.0.1) update fixes a few problems discovered after CS2 was released.

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Coral reefs wiped out at Sipadan Photo

Coral reefs wiped out at Sipadan

Hundreds of meters of coral and turtles have been wiped out at Sipadan in a tragic accident involving a large barge and the local irresponsibility of whoever is managing the island.  It is incredible ironic that dive resorts were pushed off of the island in an attempt to preserve Sipadan’s amazing marine life, only to result in the destruction of the very resource they were trying to protect.  The beached barge was carrying steel and concrete mixing supplies, and so far, no one has reported why so many building supplies were on their way to Sipadan.  FiNS Magazine has posted a stirring report written by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari:

Excerpt: An enormous steel barge carrying thousands of tonnes of coarse gravel, sand, steel tubes, iron mesh, prime movers, a large bulldozer and a gigantic crane — which had incredibly been allowed to anchor right in front of Sipadan’s legendary dropoff before unloading its cargo on the supposedly protected island — was pushed against the reef by wind, ending up beached on the island like some monstrous whale. In the process of being beached, the barge scraped clean thousands of years of nature’s delicate work between the old pier and Barracuda Point. The barge’s flat steel hull wiped corals away like a giant knife slicing through butter, leaving in its wake hundreds of square metres of unnaturally flat limestone, and a veritable wall of coral and debris piled up against the beach.

The damage is incalculable — one of Sipadan’s most precious and beloved spots, well-known the world over, is no more, transformed by a single inexplicable act of human carelessness into a grisly mass of broken and pulverised corals, shredded turtles and mounds of grey gravel suffocating what little is left of the legendary dropoff.

*UPDATE* The Sipadan dive operators have issued a statement on what has happened at Sipadan.

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