Some underwater art isn’t so pretty! Photo

Some underwater art isn’t so pretty!

Most divers continue to dive because they love the underwater world. For most it is not an adrenaline sport. Rather, it is a time to take everything in an enjoy the surroundings. There are obviously some things that can happen to get that adrenalin pumping, however. You may see groups of sperm whales or schools of sailfish attacking baitballs of sardines, all of which is very exciting stuff and not your everyday dive experience. On the other hand though you may be forced to witness a most heinous act of coral mutilation. I know that if I saw something like this it would makes my blood boil. Are acts like these carried out through ignorance, a need to show off or perhaps just plain stupidity?

Have your say over in our forums.

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Sensational Seas Two DVD trailer now available via DiveFilm Photo

Sensational Seas Two DVD trailer now available via DiveFilm

New World Publications is pleased to announce the premiere of the Sensational Seas Two trailer as a free DiveFilm iTunes podcast. The two-minute preview showcases some of the fun-filled underwater images from the Sensational Seas Two DVD production. The trailer is also available for viewing by visiting www.SensationalSeas.com.

Sensational Seas Two will premiere highlights at Beneath the Sea International Film Festival on Saturday night March 27th. A seminar on Sunday March 28th will feature additional clips from the production.  The DVD will be available for purchase on April 1, 2010 in eco-friendly packaging, recycled paper stock and soy-ink printing (continue reading for full press release).

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Canon sort of releases EOS E1 plug-in for Final Cut Pro Photo

Canon sort of releases EOS E1 plug-in for Final Cut Pro

Canon’s EOS E1 video plug-in for Apple’s Final Cut Pro was announced on February 5, and was supposed to be available by end of day last Friday. This new plug-in, when it actually shows up on Apple’s download page, will allow simple and easy transfer of video content from Canon’s EOS DSLR cameras directly into Final Cut Pro.

The EOS E1 video plug-in takes advantage of Final Cut Pro’s powerful Log and Transfer feature, which allows users to select and mark the video directly while it is still on the camera, add custom metadata and ingest the clips in the background so the editing can begin immediately.

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Explosion on NAI’A kills one, injures two Photo

Explosion on NAI’A kills one, injures two

We were just informed that on Sunday evening, there was a tragic explosion aboard the popular Fiji liveaboard dive vessel, NAI’A. A team of ship painters were onboard the vessel during the explosion. One painter died, and two other workers were injured. NAI’A sustained significant damage and will cease operation until the cause of the incident is found and the vessel repaired.

NAI’A will contact customers with upcoming charters as soon as they have more details.

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Ocean Views Photo Contest 2010 Photo

Ocean Views Photo Contest 2010

Nature’s Best Photography and Diver’s Alert Network (DAN) host the 3rd annual Ocean Views photography competition. As one of the largest and most prestigious underwater photography competitions, you won’t want to miss this one!

A selection of winning images will be published in Alert Diver and Nature’s Best Photography magazines as well as several online galleries. Prizes include $2,010 cash and a 9-night trip to Papua New Guinea with Peter Hughes Diving. Entries are accepted from now until March 1, 2010. Entry forms and more information are available at the Ocean Views Photo Contest website.

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Dry dock fire destroys several Red Sea dive boats Photo

Dry dock fire destroys several Red Sea dive boats

Several Red Sea dive boats were damaged or destroyed while in a Suez dry dock over the weekend. The fire appears to have broken out in the dry dock on January 30th and was fueled by high winds in the area. According to a Wetpixel reader, the boats affected were the Aquators Hyatt, the Tornado Marine Fleet’s Typhoon, MY Sweet Dream and VIP-One.

In the meantime, dive operators are accommodating booked passengers onto alternative liveaboards in the meantime.

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7th annual San Francisco Ocean Film Festival Photo

7th annual San Francisco Ocean Film Festival

Take a dive into the seven seas – without getting wet – at the 7th annual San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, February 3-7 at Theatre 39 on PIER 39.  With more than 50 films divided into 12 programs, including new surf and shark film programs, this year’s Festival is set to be the most action-drenched yet. 

Local and international filmmakers will be on-hand to lead discussions during film screenings, and festival goers also have the opportunity to meet filmmakers – and the San Francisco Bay Sharks – at the Friday night reception located in the Aquarium of the Bay.  Visit the SFOFF website for tickets and the full festival lineup.

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Amphibico’s pre-production, 95-degree EVO port review Photo

Amphibico’s pre-production, 95-degree EVO port review

Wetpixel’s Paul Wags was sent a pre-production 95 degree port from Amphibico to try out. The port is designed to go on Amphibico EVO housing, or any others that have the same bayonet type connection.

Wags flew over to Tulamben in Bali, taking along an EVO Housing, Discovery G3 HID light and 16.9 HD external monitor to try them all out in the field together. 
Head over to his review for a read along plus an underwater video of what he shot.

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