Olympus announces Evolt E-330 digital slr Photo

Olympus announces Evolt E-330 digital slr

Olympus has announced a new, 7.5-megapixel digital SLR compatible with the full range of E-System accessories.  The Olympus Evolt E-330 is the first digital SLR to support continuous live preview on its rear LCD screen.  Many point ‘n shoot photographers are already used to composing by using a live LCD, and having a live LCD on the back can help underwater photographers when composing in difficult positions.

In May, the Olympus PT-E02 underwater housing for the E-330 will be available. UK Germany has also announced that they will be building a housing.  Be sure to check out the discussion about this camera in our forums.

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The Digital Shootout Palau *Update* Photo

The Digital Shootout Palau *Update*

It’s not too late to sign up for the Digital Shootout Palau!  Space is still available, and we have recently added two bonus seminars to the schedule. 

For those attending the Yap portion of the event, photo pro and Wetpixel moderator Mike Veitch of Manta Visions will give a special seminar on the secrets of shooting the Mantas of Yap. 

Eric Cheng will also offer a special Photoshop session on working with manta images.  Color correction can be a tricky thing with underwater photos and manta images present and even greater challenge.  Eric will explain his Photoshop techniques with selective color to make those good images great.

For more information on the event visit www.thedigitalshootout.com

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Members in Media Photo

Members in Media

Many of our members here at Wetpixel are frequently published in various magazines and other media worldwide.  A great place to see where our images are being shown is the Members in Media forum area!  For example, just this month (in addition to Ellen Muller’s INON Feature Artist award and Alex Mustard’s RobGalbraith interview), Kasey Canton published a wonderful article in Fathoms Magazine, Jack Connick was featured on Divester, and Kimberly and Karl Dietz are showing 30 prints in the International Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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Ellen Muller, INON Feature Artist Photo

Ellen Muller, INON Feature Artist

Long-time Wetpixel member Ellen Muller (ellenm) is this month’s INON Feature Artist.  When I think of Inon products the first thing that comes to mind is reliability. My Inon UCL-165M67 close-up lens goes with me on every dive. I am using an Inon D180 strobe and am extremely pleased with the results. Living on the island of Bonaire, and diving almost daily, all of my photographic equipment gets a good workout and durability is a must. Inon delivers with top quality.

Congratulations, Ellen!

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Dr. Alex Mustard featured on Rob Galbraith Photo

Dr. Alex Mustard featured on Rob Galbraith

Wetpixel co-administrator Dr. Alex Mustard has been interviewed on Rob Galbraith DPI: “Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Mustard, now 30, began taking pictures underwater before he was in his teens, hoping to show his family, who were mostly indifferent to the sea, the amazingly cool stuff he was discovering in the water. He even tried to take a camera on his scuba certification dive, which he made when he was fourteen, but this plan was rejected as a bit presumptuous…”

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Subtronic introduces strobe-arm battery Photo

Subtronic introduces strobe-arm battery

Subtronic strobes have non user interchangeable built-in batteries so far. Now, Subtronic introduces a new battery design, allowing the user to disconnect the battery for travel and to exchange batteries between dives. The concept is different from common strobe designs as the battery will come in shape of a strobe arm segment. A new S4 type plug system connects battery and strobe head…

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When To Jump Photo

When To Jump

One of the biggest hurdles facing the aspiring digital photographer is knowing which of the plethora of cameras to choose and when to get it. Digideep.com, a website dedicated to providing an overview of the digital underwater photography market, lists 773 different digital cameras and 483 digital camera housings! It is a confusing and intimidating ocean of choice. The selection problem is compounded when the new photographer then discovers that the camera they have been tirelessly researching is about to be replaced. Suddenly they are faced with the conundrum of waiting for the new model or buying the current one. And whenever you decide to look, there is always the promise of a new model just round the corner…

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Ikelite announces DS200 Substrobe Photo

Ikelite announces DS200 Substrobe

The venerable Substrobe 200 now has the newest IC chips and IGBT circuitry allowing this ultra wide and ultra powerful strobe to be compatible with current digital cameras and any TTL circuitry included in our housings. State-of-the-art electronics provide a blazing 200 watt seconds of power recycling in an incredible 1.6 seconds…

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