Happy Holidays and Good Shooting in 2009 Photo

Happy Holidays and Good Shooting in 2009

Happy holidays, from the Wetpixel staff!  Over the past calendar year, we saw hundreds of amazing images flow through the forums, check out the current best of 2008 thread, the Picture of the Week contest, and the annual Wetpixel / DivePhotoGuide photo / video contests (OWU and DEEP). 

At the DEMA show, we hosted the largest happy hour yet, packing over 100 raucous people into a suite at the Hilton, much the chagrin of the hotel’s security. We also provided detailed and almost live coverage of all the underwater imagine related products.

As always, Wetpixel members have starred across the diving world, winning numerous awards and also featured in all sorts of media, including well-known magazines, books, and television shows.

And finally,Wetpixel Quarterly, our new print magazine featuring the best in underwater photography goes from strength to strength. Issue 5 of the acclaimed magazine, should be out soon.

Eric is currently on assignment in Antarctica, missing some home comforts, and has this message “Someone please eat some ice cream for me.”

Wetpixel would be nothing without its talented, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and generous members. Thank you for your support. Have a great holiday and Good Shooting in 2009.

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D3X vs D3 tests by Wetpixel Member Chip Scarlett Photo

D3X vs D3 tests by Wetpixel Member Chip Scarlett

We all know that Nikon’s new 24MP D3X will out resolve the 12MP D3, but how does it compare in terms of high ISO noise. That is the question that the Wetpixel member Chip Scarlett has set out to answer with some of the first tests of the D3X’s noise characteristics.

Visit the forums to see and discuss his findings.

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Wetpixel’s Photo Faves from 2008

Here on Wetpixel, it has become something of a tradition at the end of every year for members to share each of our favourite underwater photographs. It is not just about posting your best picture, but the one that is your personal favourite. It may be a shot you have been chasing for years, a photo that captures your best diving experience or something completely different.

There are no rules, it is up to you. The point is to get involved. So whether you are an experienced shooter or new to underwater photography visit the forums, marvel at the images and add your photo from 2008 and the story behind it.

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Tim Rock authors coffee-table volumes on Guam, Palau, Yap

Wetpixel member and photojournalist Tim Rock has announced two new books on Guam and Palau, and a revised volume on Yap.

Each containing over 200 photos, the books highlight the undersea beauty of the ocean and coastal topography of these destinations; sharks, dolphims, dense jungles, lush reefs, feeding manta rays, hidden waterfalls, and more. All three books are available at Blurb - continue reading for more details…

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Dome Port Diaries - Chapter 7: The Journey - Getting it packed Photo

Dome Port Diaries - Chapter 7: The Journey - Getting it packed

Much like traveling with a child for the first time, you learn a lot during the maiden voyage with an underwater rig. Herein lies an unexpected challenge; you’ve added another entity to your travel caravan. Specifically, you now have another rolling bag to contend with. Whether carried-on or checked, it creates a a logistical puzzle. Let me explain.

Recognizing (though not fully) that my baggage had increased, I whittled my gear down to the minimum. At the risk of not having a backup of nearly every item, I aimed to minimize what I would need to carry (or pull)...

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Berkley White tests Nikon D3x in underwater housings Photo

Berkley White tests Nikon D3x in underwater housings

Backscatter‘s Berkely White grabbed a rare pre-production copy of the new Nikon D3x digital SLR last week and used the opportunity to test the fit in a number of housings available for the D3 precursor.

Those banking on the idea that the body mold-line would remain the same (similar to Canon’s 1D/1Ds line) are in luck - the D3x fit in the Subal and Sea&Sea housings on hand, and Backscatter believes that the Aquatica housing should be a lock as well.

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Wetpixel member Gyula Somogyi announces Ships of Darkness DVD Photo

Wetpixel member Gyula Somogyi announces Ships of Darkness DVD

Wetpixel member Gyula Somogyi’s (Jules Helioxfilm) award-winning The Ships of Darkness artistic film and One of us documentary have recently been released together on DVD. Filmed in the Red Sea, they show the audience the “flooded chambers, broken masts, exploded walls and windows hardened into stones [that] make up the surroundings of a wreck-dive.

With the DVD is a 16-page booklet containing “factual information regarding the wrecks’ GPS position, basic data, and a short history so it can be used for dive-trip planning.” For a limited time, buyers of the package receive a $5 discount on Wetpixel Quarterly subscriptions!

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David Doubilet joins judging panel for UnderwaterCompetition.com Photo

David Doubilet joins judging panel for UnderwaterCompetition.com

We are very proud to announce that legendary underwater photographer David Doubilet has joined the esteemed judging panel for the 4th annual Wetpixel & DivePhotoGuide International Underwater Photo Competition, in association with Our World Underwater.

The addition of Doubilet to the judging panel will come as no surprise to those familiar with the competition series, which boasts significant media coverage and industry support, and awards one of the largest prize pools of any competition in the world. All of the judges for the competition are established professional photographers, cinematographers and magazine editors. Remember, the deadline for entry is January 15, 2008!

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