DEMA Show 2009: Day 1 show coverage Photo

DEMA Show 2009: Day 1 show coverage

As always, day 1 of the DEMA show was a whirlwind of activity. When the gates opened at 10am, the Wetpixel booth (#1068) was graced by a constant stream of visitors, and I took advantage of the relative calm of opening day to socialize with folks at the booth—something I didn’t get to do last year; before I knew it, it was mid-afternoon and it was time to start covering the show.

If you’re at DEMA this year, please come by to say hi! Michaela Brockstedt and Adam Lau are in the booth representing Wetpixel Quarterly, and Richard Remski, Matt Segal, Shawn Heinrichs, Norbert Wu and I are on the floor reporting for Wetpixel. You can also get real-time updates by following us at Twitter. (click through for photos)

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Ikelite DS161 Movie Substrobe announced Photo

Ikelite DS161 Movie Substrobe announced

With massive convergence underway and digital SLRs starting to shoot HD video, we’ve all been waiting for lighting manufacturers to release products to accompany products that require both flash and continuous lighting. Ikelite has stepped up to the challenge with the announcement of the DS161 Movie Substrobe, an update to their DS160 Substrobe. The DS161 features 3 high-power LEDs that will output 500 lumens at 5000-5500K with a 45° beam angle. This isn’t particularly wide, but it is plenty wide for fish portraits and macro video work. The continuous lighting beam runs for 5 hours on a charge, and has 9 power levels.

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A Conversation With Martin Edge Photo

A Conversation With Martin Edge

Wetpixel’s Alex Mustard continues his new series of interview based articles on the techniques of underwater photography with A Conversation with Martin Edge. The 4th Edition of Martin’s book The Underwater Photographer is due to be released in early November 2009.

This interview discusses Martin’s formative years and how these have made him so successful as a teacher of underwater photography. It also covers the new Edition and some of the innovations that Martin is currently working on with his personal photography.

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HybriDiving, by Mike deGruy Photo

HybriDiving, by Mike deGruy

Mike deGruy just sent out an email with a link to a new video about what he calls “HybriDiving,” which features the Lunocet monofin.

Inspired by Nature, enjoyed by Humans… HybriDiving. Fusing the best of SCUBA diving with the freedom of freediving, join 4 characters having a blast in the Cayman Islands.

OK, the video’s sort of like an advertisement, but it does look like “HybriDiving” is a lot of fun. Is anyone here on Wetpixel using Lunocet fins with little pony bottles?

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Wetpixel Quarterly Issue 7 ships this week (available for order) Photo

Wetpixel Quarterly Issue 7 ships this week (available for order)

Wetpixel Quarterly #7 has left the printer and will be on its way to subscribers around the world this week. WPQ7 contains the portfolio of Douglas Seifert, the winning images from OWU 2009 and DEEP 2009 underwater photography contests, a portfolio from Operation Musashi, Sea Shepherd’s anti-whaling campaign, and more. For more about issue 7, see the product page.

The issue is now available for pre-order, and will be shipped starting mid-November. We’ll also be showing WPQ7 at our booth at DEMA (#1068).

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Newly-designed Wetpixel t-shirts now available! Photo

Newly-designed Wetpixel t-shirts now available!

Great news! New Wetpixel t-shirts are now available for order. Our 2010 design features intertwined hammerhead sharks in an intricate, circular pattern designed by Wetpixel member Nicholas Samaras. Wetpixel shirts are made with super-soft organic cotton, and are available in black or white.

As always, quantities are limited. Also, at the bottom of the swag page are a few shirts from 2009. There are literally only a few left, so order them now before they’re gone. We’ll have a bunch at our DEMA booth as well (#1068).

Order now!

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Wetpixel sailfish expedition, January 17-24, 2010 Photo

Wetpixel sailfish expedition, January 17-24, 2010

Sailfish photos and video have been appearing all over magazines and websites for the past 2-3 years; Wetpixel has secured 8 days on the water snorkeling and photographing sailfish this coming January 17-24, 2010! Fly in to Cancun on the 16th and depart the 25th. Photographers Tony Wu and I are currently booked for the trip, and we’re looking for 2 more adventurous snorkelers / photographers (4 total, on the boat). We have 4-day or 8-day spots.

The price is approximately $500/day plus hotel, food, and airfare to Cancun, Mexico. Please contact Eric ASAP if you are interested! If you’re on the fence, check out Wetpixel moderator Shawn Heinrich’s video from last year. It is going to be insane out there.

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DEMA special: save 10-15% on MarineLife Keywords Photo

DEMA special: save 10-15% on MarineLife Keywords

To celebrate our favorite domestic dive expo, MarineLife Keyword List is offering a DEMA discount this week (only). MarineLife Keyword list is an importable keyword list for Lightroom and Aperture that contains keywords for over 12,000 marine species.

Come visit us at the Wetpixel booth (#1068) for a brochure containing a 15% booth discount code! Those of you who aren’t coming to DEMA in person can still take advantage of our DEMA online special: save 10% when you purchase MarineLife Keywords online by November 15, 2009. See the MarineLife Keywords blog for full details.

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