Wetpixel’s Todd Mintz featured on DivePhotoGuide.com Photo

Wetpixel’s Todd Mintz featured on DivePhotoGuide.com

Wetpixel moderator Todd Mintz has been featured on DivePhotoGuide.com with a short biography and image gallery.

DivePhotoGuide.com will soon be launching a robust dive operator guide and search engine, and asked Todd about his preferences…

I appreciate dive operators who recognize the individual skills and needs of each of their clients and adjust to try and meet these needs…I also prefer operators who are experienced and excited about what they are doing. That enthusiasm can radiate to the guests and make for a memorable experience for all.

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2007 Moscow Golden Dolphin International Photo and Film Festival Photo

2007 Moscow Golden Dolphin International Photo and Film Festival

The 6th Moscow International Diving Festival is making a final call for entries for the 2007 Golden Dolphin International Photo and Film Festival.

The competition is open to all levels of photographers, and there is no entry fee. The deadline of December 10th, 2006, is quickly approaching, so be sure to get your entries in if you plan to participate.

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DEMA 2006 Official Wetpixel Show Coverage Photo

DEMA 2006 Official Wetpixel Show Coverage

As we did in past years, we are proud to present exhaustive coverage of all underwater imaging products at the DEMA Show.  Here in Orlando, we are working around the clock to bring you timely news of all of the digital imaging products on the show floor.

Drew Wong and I (Eric Cheng) are reporting for Wetpixel.com.  Use this page to track all of the live posts and coverage from the show!

*UPDATE* ALL updates completed! (read full article)

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DEMA 2006: Final people photos, Nov 11 Photo

DEMA 2006: Final people photos, Nov 11

It is, of course, impossible to walk the halls of DEMA without being stopped every few meters.  I snapped photos of some of the brief encounters and wish I could dedicate an entire entry to each of these wonderful people!

Special thanks to Willy Volk of Divester.com for coming to DEMA and providing sister coverage along with Wetpixel.  Thanks also to Drew Wong for his fantastic video coverage, and to Paul Ng and Lena Goh for helping to gather information.  Jason and Wendy Heller (DivePhotoGuide) served as great company for the few minutes we had each day to socialize without consequences…

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DEMA 2006: Nocturnal Lights Photo

DEMA 2006: Nocturnal Lights

Luckily, Tim Lau at Nocturnal Lights found me in the hallways because by the time I got to the Saeko/Nocturnal Lights booth, everyone was pretty much ready to pack up for the year.  Nocturnal Lights offers a spread of dive and video lights with housing adapters and tray adapters for all of the major housing manufacturers.

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DEMA 2006: Keldan Lights Photo

DEMA 2006: Keldan Lights

I was really impressed with Keldan Lights’ booth—it was just about the brightest area at DEMA, and I blew out the exposure in a bunch of images while shooting product shots there. 

Daniel Keller took me on a tour of the new Luna 8 WA Video Light, which looked really interesting…

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DEMA 2006: Ikelite Photo

DEMA 2006: Ikelite

A few Wetpixel members (John Bantin, Drew Wong, Shawn Heinrichs, Dave Haas, me) had a little reunion at Ikelite‘s booth while Dave Haas took us on a tour of this year’s DEMA goodies.  Aside from its line of popular dive lights, Ikelite’s booth featured underwater housings for the Nikon D80, Canon Rebel XTi/400D, Nikon D200, and Canon G7 (with ETTL circuitry). 

A new underwater flash/handle system with a built-in slave sensor was also on display and will likely be called the “i35 AutoFlash”...

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