Digital Shootout Bonaire 2007 Day 1 Photo

Digital Shootout Bonaire 2007 Day 1

Today is the official start of the Digital Shootout 2007! By late this morning, nearly all of the participants had arrived, and most had already started diving in earnest. At 10am, Berkely, Jim, and Russ ran another gear setup workshop in the classroom while Dan and Mary Lynn prepared the Capture offices for the week’s video workshops.

At 2pm, photography and video seminars commenced…

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SS Thorfinn dive boat aground in Pohnpei Photo

SS Thorfinn dive boat aground in Pohnpei

A few days ago, Wetpixel received an anonymous email with a rumor that the SS Thorfinn dive boat had run aground in Pohnpei:

The Thorfinn has an engine room filling up with water. It came into Pohnpei and loaded up 70,000 gallons of used oil from PUC and there were not enough pilots to have one come aboard on the way out. A pilot was on each of the two ships leading the way and the Thorfinn was following the two lead ships and went on the reef yesterday.

The email was confirmed in the forums by a series of photos taken by Pohnpei resident Michael J. Sipos. Recently, an oil boom was placed around the vessel, but repairs have not yet proceeded on an estimated 12” gash in the hull. Continue reading for the images, or discuss the environmental impact...

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Digital Shootout Bonaire 2007 Day 0 Photo

Digital Shootout Bonaire 2007 Day 0

Most of the staff arrived today and yesterday on flights from various parts of the United States along with an intrepid group of early-bird participants eager to get in the water with their cameras. Although the shootout doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, more than half the guests are already here. Serge, the manager of the dive shop at our host resort (the Divi Flamingo), gave a morning briefing on local dive policies and logistics, and by noon some of our participants had already spent a couple of hours in the water…

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Digital Shootout Bonaire 2007 Daily Webcast Photo

Digital Shootout Bonaire 2007 Daily Webcast

Welcome to daily coverage for the Digital Shootout Bonaire 2007. The Digital Shootout 2007 is being held in Bonaire, a small island in the southern Caribbean. Because nearly the entire island has been designed for access to easy shore diving, Bonaire is frequently referred to as a diver’s paradise; because of its fantastic diving and classroom-friendly resorts, this year is the Digital Shootout’s third year on the island, featuring 60 participants and 10 staff members…

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Complementary filters and wide-angle underwater photography Photo

Complementary filters and wide-angle underwater photography

On a recent trip to Little Cayman, Wetpixel administrator James Wiseman decided to try the technique of complementary filters. With a magenta filter on the camera lens and green filters on his strobes, James found that foreground lighting could appear normal while enriching the blue water background, and that the typical cyan ring around ‘sun-balls’ or ‘sunbursts’ was reduced or eliminated altogether.

James wrote an article about the results, and includes photos to provide a comparison of each filter/strobe/ambient light combination. “Complementary filter photography at first sounds pretty complicated, but it’s really easy to get started…after trying it one just one trip, I am completely hooked…

Continue for all of his observations…

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Adam Powell featured in Bali exhibition Photo

Adam Powell featured in Bali exhibition

Wetpixel member Adam Powell will be featured in an underwater photography exhibition at the Harris Resort on Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia. Hosted by Reef Check Indonesia, the ‘Go Blue Beyond the Reef’ display will run for a month, starting June 14, 2007, and will seek to “show the public the beauty of coral reef ecosystems” and draw attention to the importance of marine conservation.

Powell will be donating 10% of 2007 sales to the Reef Check Indonesia effort, and the event is supported by the Indonesian Culture and Tourism Department. Continue reading for the full press release…

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Wetpixel Solomon Islands Expedition: 1 spot free Photo

Wetpixel Solomon Islands Expedition: 1 spot free

We’ve just had a single cancellation for the 2007 Wetpixel Solomon Islands Expedition.  The Solomon Islands are one of my favorite dive destinations, and offer everything from tiny pygmy seahorses to huge barracuda tornados. The topography (both topside and underwater) is absolutely breath-taking, and the crew and guides on the Bilikiki are some of the best I’ve encountered.  Check out the full trip details if you’re interested—and book soon!  There is only one spot free.

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New DiveFilm and DiveFilmHD Podcast Videos Photo

New DiveFilm and DiveFilmHD Podcast Videos

DiveFilm High Definition Podcast Video presents HD Episode 6, Howard and Michele Hall’s “Ocean Requiem.” Striking in its ability to transition seamlessly between beautiful scenes, it is a tribute to the ocean world and its creatures, and serves as a reminder of the vulnerability of marine life. The film is currently available for free at iTunes.

The first of several new web videos is now available at the DiveFilm website, “Clown Struck” by Leandro Blanco, a short story about the photographic subject you hate to love, the clownfish (and with a short cameo by Wetpixel’s own Eric Cheng). Both Hall’s and Blanco’s films touch on issues of conservation with powerful imagery of gillnets and discussion of destructive aquarium trade practices.

DiveFilm Podcast Video is produced in association with Wetpixel.com and are “Featured High Definition Podcasts” and “Featured TV & Film Podcasts” at iTunes.

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