DEMA 2007: DEMA’s “Be a Diver” national advertising campaign Photo

DEMA 2007: DEMA’s “Be a Diver” national advertising campaign

DEMA’s “Be A Diver” national advertising campaign will debut at DEMA Show 2007 with the unveiling of its new 30 second television spot.

The TV spot is but one component of the multi-faceted consumer campaign aimed at growing the industry, and includes television, radio, newspapers, magazines, on-line advertising and a marketing guide comprised of professionally prepared promotional materials for use by members.

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DEMA 2007: New World Publications Photo

DEMA 2007: New World Publications

I stopped by New World Publications to meet with Ned and Anna DeLoach (who, along with Paul Humann, produce what might be the most popular fish and critter ID books worldwide). It was really great to finally get to meet them in person after years of hearing about them from everyone I know and running by their booth at DEMA during frantic coverage of the floor.

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DEMA 2007: Amphibico Photo

DEMA 2007: Amphibico

Amphibico didn’t have any new products to announce, but was showing everything from entry-level Dive Buddy EVO housings for the Sony SR-7/8 to their workhorse housings for the Sony 900-series HDCAM.

Amphibico is now shipping their Endeavor housing for the Sony HDR-FX7 and HVR-V1U, which has a 4.3" rear HD LCD viewfinder (which is also available as an external monitor).

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DEMA 2007: SeaLife Photo

DEMA 2007: SeaLife

SeaLife had a number of new and updated products for 2007, including various package sets of the SeaLife DC600 6.1MP digital camera featuring a 2.5” LCD and compatibility with up to 1GB SD cards.

The most basic package was the DC600 camera alone, accompanied by a housing rated to 200ft depth, while the DC600 Pro and DC600 DIGITAL MAXX sets included additional SeaLife flashes, cases, and other add-ons…

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DEMA 2007: Fantasea Photo

DEMA 2007: Fantasea

Howard Rosenstein and his son, Nadav, took me on a tour of products at Fantasea’s booth. Fantasea sells low-priced SLR and compact camera housings (mostly, Nikon compacts) and various accessories.

A new Nano universal accessory system includes a universal tray, arms, strobes, focus lights, fiber-optic sync cables, and more…

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DEMA 2007: Kiss Rebreathers Photo

DEMA 2007: Kiss Rebreathers

Norbert Wu took me over to the KISS Rebreather booth to introduce me to Alan Studley, a highly-regarded rebreather instructor. I’ve wanted to get rebreather certified for a long time, and I enjoyed the tour of the technology behind the KISS. My friend Doug Ebersole’s picture is all over KISS marketing material, and there was a feature on him in issue 27 of Advanced Diver Magazine.

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DEMA 2007: Fisheye and SeaTool Photo

DEMA 2007: Fisheye and SeaTool

Ryan Canon and Richard Perry (of Reef Photo & Video and DigitalDiver.net) manned the Fisheye / Seatool booth, along with Kenji Ohmura and others from Japan. A Japanese brand, Fisheye and Seatool are making it into the U.S. market with product distribution by both Reef Photo & Video and Backscatter.

On display were compact Seatool housings for the Canon Rebel XTi, Nikon D200, and Canon 40D (design prototype). Housings for the Nikon D300 and D3 are planned for December...

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DEMA 2007: Sartek Industries Photo

DEMA 2007: Sartek Industries

Sartek Industries is primarily a manufacturer of HID and LED light heads and video lighting systems. When I stopped by, Sartek Industries president Carl Saieva personally demonstrated an impressive 150W HID video light with 9600 lumens output at 6500K color temperature and a two-hour burn time.

All of Sartek Industries’ light heads come with a pre-drilled threaded hole and are focusable for an easy adjustment between dive and video lighting applications…

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