FREE Peter Scoones Talk in London

On Thursday 27th April a very special event is taking place in London, UK. The legendary underwater cameraman, Peter Scoones is giving a talk about his amazing portfolio of work from the oceans - and of course will be showing plenty of highlights. His footage has been seen by millions in classic BBC series such as Blue Planet, Planet Earth and Life On Earth. And better still this event is being put on by Ocean Optics and is totally FREE (although you do need to reserve your tickets ahead of time as space is limited). On a personal note I can clearly remember watching several of Peter Scoones’ films on the TV while I was a child and can honestly say that these were central influences in my own desire to dive and take photos underwater. This is a must see event.

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The New Posts button

One of the great things about going away on a trip with Eric is that you learn about all sorts of technological solutions to improve your life! But probably my favourite educational snippet from the recent Wetpixel Bahamas trip was learning about the New Posts button in the forums. This is an excellent tool for regular visitors to the site as it allows you to quickly view all the discussion threads that have been updated since your last visit. You probably all knew about this feature already, but for those that don’t it is well worth checking out. It has been saving me loads of time.

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Nexus D200 Announcement and Photos Photo

Nexus D200 Announcement and Photos

We have just received a Nexus announcement and photos from Wetpixel sponsor Marine Camera Distributors.  According to the manufacturer: “It has a full range of lens ports and access to all controls on the camera plus additional operational features for remote control and engineered ergonomics that make it so easy to use and adapt to your needs. Mobility, Usability, Adaptability and Compatibility are the Hallmarks of the Nexus housings.”

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Hugyfot D200 Photo

Hugyfot D200

Hugyfot has released photos of their new housing for the Nikon D200.  The unit follows Hugyfot’s sleek hand-fitting design philosophy.  Continue reading for photos.

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Digideep 2006 Photo Expeditions Photo

Digideep 2006 Photo Expeditions

In January 2006 PADI introduced the new course tailored to the needs of the digital underwater photographer.  Lars Kirchhoff and Andi Voeltz - marine wildlife photographers and creators of the internationally recognized DIGIDEEP.com website are leading two digital photography workshop trips based on the new PADI course.  Continue reading for an announcement with trip dates, costs, and a short description of the course.

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Record Coral Die-Off in the Caribbean Photo

Record Coral Die-Off in the Caribbean

Scientists from NOAA and the United States National Park Service have reported an unprecedented reef-building coral die-off in the Caribbean.

“It’s an unprecedented die-off,” said National Park Service fisheries biologist Jeff Miller, who last week checked 40 stations in the Virgin Islands. A February NOAA report calculates 96 percent of lettuce coral, 93 percent of the star coral and nearly 61 percent of the iconic brain coral in St. Croix had bleached. Much of the coral had started to recover from the bleaching last fall, but then the weakened colonies were struck by disease, finishing them off.

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Seacam 5D Housing First Impressions Photo

Seacam 5D Housing First Impressions

I was fortunate enough to receive one of the first Seacam 5D housings to arrive in the States and got it just in time for a one week live-aboard dive trip with Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures. This was a Wetpixel trip - an intensive digital photo week of shark diving in the Bahamas , and I had the opportunity to use the Canon 5D and the Seacam housing in a wide variety of challenging conditions – including tiger shark prod…. I also got to do two macro dives at the Blue Heron Bridge in West Palm Beach – a muck diving “haven.” Having transitioned from a Seacam 1D series housing, I can offer some first impressions about this new 5D housing and compare and contrast it to the 1D series setup, which may help others who are thinking of putting together a similar system. This isn’t an in-depth review, however I believe it covers most of the areas of interest for potential users.

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