DEMA 2007: X-Ray Magazine Photo

DEMA 2007: X-Ray Magazine

Peter and Gunild Symes were at the X-Ray Magazine booth showing off their free electronic magazine. Starting in 2008, X-Ray will ramp up its publishing schedule to 8 issues a year. Harald Apelt, former editor-in-chief at Tauchen magazine, recently joined the X-Ray team.

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DEMA 2007: Light & Motion Photo

DEMA 2007: Light & Motion

Light & Motion had an exciting new line of LED video lights on display. The Sunray 1000 and 2000 video lights both use bright LEDs, which offer instant on/off and solid-state design. Because the LEDs have a 50,000 hour bulb light when not overdriven (these are not overdriven), users should never have to replace a bulb again!

The Sunray 1000 uses 9 LEDs, and is compatible with older battery packs, which means that you can upgrade your system by just buying new heads (although older battery packs do not support multiple brightness levels). The 1000 should last 65 minutes at full power. The new battery is a 6-cell lithium-ion pack, which support 3 different light levels...

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DEMA 2007: Backscatter Photo

DEMA 2007: Backscatter

Backscatter showed off quite a few products at their booth, but we'll focus on the new products. Backscatter boys Berk, Jim, Dave, and Marshall manned the booth.

First, Backscatter and Reef Photo & Video are now sharing USA distribution of Seatool products, so Backscatter had Seatool housings for Sony HDR-SR7/HDR-SR8 (AVCHD onto hard drive) and HDR-CX7/HDR-CX8 camcorders (AVCHD onto MemoryStick media). Also on display was a Seatool prototype housing for the Nikon D200 digital SLR...

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DEMA 2007: Wetpixel.com and DivePhotoGuide Photo

DEMA 2007: Wetpixel.com and DivePhotoGuide

DivePhotoGuide and Wetpixel.com are sharing a booth this year! Wetpixel is at the DPG booth showing off our new print magazine, Wetpixel Quarterly. If you haven't seen it yet, come see us!

DivePhotoGuide has just re-launched their website. Check it out -- it still features the most complete professional underwater photographer gallery anywhere on the web, and also has a great photo contest directory. Also with the relaunch, winners of Wetpixel's public-voted Photo of the Week contest will be eligible for a gallery at DivePhotoGuide.

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Antibes Festival with World Appeal Photo

Antibes Festival with World Appeal

DiveFilm.com producer Mary Lynn Price attended the 2007 World Festival of Underwater Pictures in Antibes, France for five days of underwater films, photo exhibits, and slide shows. She saw firsthand the many prizes awarded to well-known Wetpixel members, in categories including films, stills, books, and websites.

She was also pleased to report seeing members who traveled to Antibes from “at least five different countries,” but was also concerned about the message sent by the festival being held at a cetacean park named Marineland. (Wetpixel member Mark Thorpe pictured to the right)

Read her full review of the festival, which includes photos of attending Wetpixel members and the ceremony, and discuss the winning entries in the forums…

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DEMA 2007: Wetpixel is off to DEMA! Photo

DEMA 2007: Wetpixel is off to DEMA!

Eric Cheng, Matt Segal, Eli Woolery and Heidi Connal are off to DEMA to represent Wetpixel Quarterly and cover the show’s underwater photography and video products.  As usual, expect semi-live coverage here on the front page of Wetpixel.  Come visit us at booth #2449! (shared with DivePhotoGuide)

If you will be at DEMA and want to meet up, please contact Eric or come to the Wetpixel Happy Hour, which is scheduled for 8pm on Friday, November 2.

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Reefs Revealed, a new book by Alex Mustard Photo

Reefs Revealed, a new book by Alex Mustard

Congratulations to Wetpixel associate editor Alex Mustard for his Antibes win last weekend!  Alex’s new book, Reefs Revealed won the Prix Mondial Du Livre D’Image Sous-Marine (World Prize for Underwater Photo Book) at the Antibes Festival.  More about the book, from Alex:

All the images have extended natural history captions. Most of this info comes direct from the scientific literature. That said it is not all dry science - there is quite a bit of what I think in there too! The captions also include location and camera details and settings.

I’d also like to mention a couple of other issues I took initiative on with the book. First, I offset all the carbon dioxide emissions required for the air travel for the book. Global warming is probably the most serious threat to coral reefs - and as a lot of travel was required for this book this seemed like an appropriate decision…

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Antibes updates hitting the forums Photo

Antibes updates hitting the forums

Everyone is back from the festival at Antibes, and coverage is starting to hit our forums.  Big wins for Alex Mustard, Mark Thorpe, Leandro Blanco, Danny Van Belle, and others were very exiting for the Wetpixel crowd.  Until we get a more formal write-up to post, the forum topic is a great place to see photos of people hanging out in the DivePhotoGuide / Wetpixel booth, which was converted into a hang-out space complete with free alcohol!

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