Myanmar Cyclone Nargis appeal for relief, assistance Photo

Myanmar Cyclone Nargis appeal for relief, assistance

Cyclone Nargis hit the country of Myanmar on May 3, 2008, leaving massive devastation along the southern coastal areas of Myanmar and affecting millions. While the official number is just above 30,000, officials fear that the death toll could exceed 100,000 people. The country is in desperate need of aid assistance, whether providing clean water and food, or shelter and clothing.

There are many aid organizations assisting now: a discussion thread has suggested the World Food Program and the Red Cross - please consider helping these displaced people!

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Orphan Works Act - proposed copyright law changes

There is some information in the forums about the Orphan Works Act, a revived copyright law bill that is on its way through US Congress at this very moment. Some folks are vehemently against this bill. Should you wish to support the fight against this bill, please start by educating yourself. Read the bill and related commentary (links are posted in the discussion) and then go here for editable form letters that allow you to send an e-mail protest in less than 2 minutes.

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Wetpixel community on Google Maps Photo

Wetpixel community on Google Maps

The Wetpixel community is nearing a new milestone of 10,000 members spread across the globe.  Finding other members has now been made much easier by allowing everyone to pinpoint their position on a Google Map. This map will not only show who lives nearby or near a travel destination, but will also give quick and easy access to member profile information.  The more people add their location on the map the better, so come on over to the Wetpixel Map area and show us where you are.

We expect to add more functionality to this new section in the future. Join the discussion to tell us about features you’d like to see.

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From the forums: Honest Opinions On Full Frame

A rumor-mongering post by Alex Mustard about Nikon’s future DSLR plans has led to a lively, wide-ranging and honest discussion on the merits of full frame digital cameras versus cropped (APS-C) sensor cameras, as well as the ups and downs of more megapixels. Plenty of real world opinions on cameras and lenses, some of which certainly fly in the face of perceived wisdom.

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Sealux CD300 underwater housing for Nikon D300 review Photo

Sealux CD300 underwater housing for Nikon D300 review

Wetpixel member Colin Gans received a Sealux CD300 housing for his Nikon D300 dSLR just before a trip to the South Pacific island of Niue, and has come back with a thorough review of the system and examples of the results.

With a functional description of nearly every control button, lever, or switch, comparisons to previous Sealux offerings, and a discussion of the minor issues that presented themselves, Gans explains why he sees “the CD300 as a step forward from its predecessor with design features which are compact, aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic and durable.” Continue reading for the full review…

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Bryant Austin teams with World Society for the Protection of Animals Photo

Bryant Austin teams with World Society for the Protection of Animals

San Francisco-based Marine Mammal Conservation through the Arts founder Bryant Austin has joined up with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) in an effort to “promote and inspire change at the International Whaling Commision’s meeting” in June. A fine-art photographer specializing in producing life-size images (as large as 15 feet high by 90 feet long) of whales, Austin will exhibit images at the Sheraton Santiago Convention Center in Santiago, Chile from June 15-30, 2008.

Austin’s work is also currently on display at the Monterey Museum of Art through May 18. Read the full press release for more information about Austin’s conservation efforts with WSPA and Whalewatch…

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Reef Check Australia Photography Competition 2008 open for entries Photo

Reef Check Australia Photography Competition 2008 open for entries

Reef Check Australia has begun accepting entries for the Photography Competition 2008. The overall winner will receive a “6-day, 6-night Osprey Reef Shark Encounter trip,” and the winners of categories including “Icons of the Reef,” “Animal Behaviour,” and “Creative Visions,” will each receive a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses.

Photographs are not required to be taken underwater, and there is a special prize for the best submission from the under-18 age group. Entry to the competition is free, but remember to submit your photographs prior to the June 30, 2008 deadline. Reef Check is also asking for more signatures for the International Declaration of Reef Rights, “to encourage all people and governments to support coral reef conservation” - take a few minutes to voice your support!

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DivePhotoGuide posts 2008 Wakatobi Underwater Festival winners Photo

DivePhotoGuide posts 2008 Wakatobi Underwater Festival winners

DivePhotoGuide.com has posted the results of the first annual DivePhotoGuide Underwater Photo & Video Festival, which was held in Wakatobi, Indonesia from March 28 to April 15, 2008, and the trip report from the festival.

The diving was split between the Pelagian liveaboard and Wakatobi Resort, and Wetpixel member Victor Zucker (mrbubbles) won Best of Show/1st Place Macro and 1st Place in Wide Angle with photographs of a brilliantly colored crinoid and a scorpionfish on the reef, respectively. Continue to DivePhotoGuide.com for the full competition results and report…

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