Standard versus Enhanced Viewfinders - Size Matters Photo

Standard versus Enhanced Viewfinders - Size Matters

Wetpixel lighting moderator Julian Scheunemann has written an excellent article comparing the relative size and brightness of various camera viewfinders when viewed through both regular and enhanced Sealux underwater finders.

It was kind of a luxury during film days to have [an enhanced viewfinder]...things have become a bit more critical with digital APS cameras because the simple housing finders now shrink an already cropped camera viewfinder image even further. Different from simple housing optics, enhanced viewfinders almost maintain the size of the camera’s viewfinder underwater (close to 1:1)...

Continue reading to view Julian’s graphical examples for numerous cameras, and his opinion on the differences between the viewfinders…

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Fantasea announces FL-10 and FL-11 housings Photo

Fantasea announces FL-10 and FL-11 housings

Fantasea Line has recently released their FL-10 and FL-11 camera housings for the Nikon Coolpix L-10 and L-11 digital cameras.

The housings feature access to all camera functions, an anti-glare hood and built-in diffuser, and will soon be optionally available with a 46mm threaded port ring for accessory lenses or filters. As with all Fantasea housings, purchase includes a year of pre-paid flood insurance. Continue to view the full press release…

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Review of Gorontalo: Hidden Paradise Photo

Review of Gorontalo: Hidden Paradise

I’ll be honest. Having never been fortunate enough to dive in Asia, I’d never heard of Gorontalo - until recently. Nestled among sheer limestone cliffs on the northern arm of Indonesia’s four-fingered island of Sulawesi, the Province of Gorontalo is situated at the heart of the “coral triangle,” the most biologically rich concentration of marine life in the world.

Smack-dab on the equator, Gorontalo is a centuries-old community that is largely dependent on farming and fishing. However, as the world learns of the rich marine ecosystem just off its shores, tourism will no doubt gain in importance. Soon, people will likely be heading to the region in increasing numbers. And by “people,” I mean: divers.

Continue reading for the rest of Volk’s review of Gorontalo: Hidden Paradise…

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Fisheye-Photo announces Bonaire Digital Summer Camp Photo

Fisheye-Photo announces Bonaire Digital Summer Camp

Fish-Eye Photo has announced that Bonaire Digital Summer Camp 2007 will run for four sessions, each a week long, starting July 1st and ending July 27th. The sessions will alternate between underwater photography and videography, starting with photography, and will each finish with a photo or video competition.

Prizes include a Sea & Sea YS-110 DS-TTL strobe, Aquatica and Amphibico gift coupons, and free car rental, as well as accommodation at local resorts and a three-course dinner. Continue reading for the full list of prizes, or visit Fish-Eye Photo for more information on the event…

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UWP Magazine Issue #36 available for download Photo

UWP Magazine Issue #36 available for download

Underwater Photography Magazine Issue 36 is now available for download.

Featured again are many familiar Wetpixel members -  contributors this month include Tim Rock, Mark Webster, Pete Atkinson, and Alex Mustard (with yet another cover shot). This issue’s articles range from reviews of Aquatica, Subal, and Seacam housings, to proper dome placement and the use of mid-range zoom lenses, and a guide to the increasingly popular destination of Bali.

UWP Magazine is a free PDF magazine, published every two months.

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DivePhotoFest Philippines u/w photography workshop: space available Photo

DivePhotoFest Philippines u/w photography workshop: space available

The DivePhotoFest underwater photography workshop at the beautiful El Galleon Resort in Puerto Galera, Philippines still has space available. The workshop runs from June 3-10, 2007 and includes 3 dives per day plus breakfast and lunch, as well as 7 nights accommodation at the resort.

Daily presentations will be given by Simon Buxton, Tim Rock, and Wetpixel video moderator Mike Veitch. Sponsors include Aquatica, Ikelite, Magic Filters, and the PADI Diving Society - society members will receive $50 off the package price. Full details and booking information can be found at the DivePhotoFest website.

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ROV support vehicle catches rare oarfish Photo

ROV support vehicle catches rare oarfish

The crew of the ROV vessel HOS Innovator and the Saipem Innovator 9 ROV recently encountered and caught a rare oarfish at the surface near their boat - over 100 miles off the coast south of New Orleans.

The fish measured at over seven feet in length, but weighed only about six pounds, and has been preserved for donation to a research organization or aquarium for study. Crew member Dick Elliott took a few photographs of the experience - continue reading to view them…

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