Manta Fest 2008 Wetpixel Coverage - Day 5 Photo

Manta Fest 2008 Wetpixel Coverage - Day 5

Yap, Micronesia is one of the best places on the planet to photograph mandarinfish, which are best known for their sunset mating ritual: a coordinated flutter up into the water column culminating in a sudden release of sperm and eggs.

Last night, seven of us went out on the dusk dive here at Manta Ray Bay Resort in the hopes of seeing mandarinfish mating activity. Unfortunately, there was no mating to be seen, but dozens of mandarinfish presented us with ample opportunity to snap portraits. Neil Rosewarn nailed the shot of the night and returned to the resort with the perfect portrait of a perfect male mandarinfish on a black background…

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2009 Raja Ampat Entrace Tag Design Contest finalists, open for voting Photo

2009 Raja Ampat Entrace Tag Design Contest finalists, open for voting

Finalists have been announced for the 2009 Raja Ampat Entrance Tag Design Contest, hosted at Wetpixel.com. Vote for your favorite image or design—the winning image will appear on Raja Ampat’s 2009 park tag!

Last year’s winning image, a pygmy seahorse with its tail wrapped around a gorgonian branch, was shot by Alex Mustard, who won a week-long dive trip to Raja Ampat in addition to having his image attached to every diver who visited the park in 2008. The winner of the 2009 tag contest will win a week at Raja Ampat’s original eco-resort at Kri (donated by Papua Diving).

Public voting ends at 11:59PM, September 25, 2008 (Pacific time). Be sure to log in to Wetpixel before you vote for your favorite image. We’ll be awarding a free 1-year subscription of Wetpixel Quarterly to a random voter, but you must be logged in to play.

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Wetpixel sponsors contest with LiquidAssets.tv in Turks & Caicos Photo

Wetpixel sponsors contest with LiquidAssets.tv in Turks & Caicos

Two spaces have recently become available on the September 27 - October 4, 2008 chartered adventure with the Liquid Assets team in Turks & Caicos. The Liquid Assets crew will be filming their new dive television pilots and are offering guests the opportunity to witness how their favorite dive programs are filmed and even be part of the next generation of dive television.

Every diver that joins will receive free copy of the pilot, and Week 4 will feature a photo competition for guests aboard the Explorer II with winners receiving a cash prize and promotion through Wetpixel and LiquidAssets. Secure one of these last spaces now, or visit Liquid Assets for more information!

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Bilikiki Cruises hosts Solomon Islands photo slideshow competition Photo

Bilikiki Cruises hosts Solomon Islands photo slideshow competition

Bilikiki Cruises has announced the winner of their video competition, “Treasure in Solomon Islands,” by Daniel Benson, and has started a call for entries to their follow-up Solomon Islands-themed photo slideshow competition hosted on YouTube - all submissions must be posted by December 31, 2008.

If you’ve photographed the Solomon Islands underwater while on either the MV Bilikiki or MV Spirit of Solomons, you could win a seven night trip on one of the boats, courtesy of Bilikiki Cruises, simply by posting your video to YouTube with “Bilikiki” in the title and following the competition rules. Entry is free, and this is second opportunity to win a trip back to a beautiful dive destination. View the latest Bilikiki enius for more details - good luck!

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Mangrove MVD L-2 for Sony HDR-HC1 and HVR-A1 review Photo

Mangrove MVD L-2 for Sony HDR-HC1 and HVR-A1 review

Aditech’s Mangrove range of video housings promise a strong set of features, including a high resolution LCD monitor back, optional Fathoms lenses and electronic Manual White Balance for some Sony camcorders. Wetpixel video moderator Drew Wong put the Mangrove MVD L-2 through the paces with a Sony HVR-A1 video camera while on a trip to the Philippines:

The handling was surprisingly good. I had good pitch and yaw control and slow steady panning wasn’t difficult either…the modular design of the Mangrove housing means it can be refitted to house a new generation of camcorders (which is commonly replaced every 12 months). The PC boards, front port bulkhead and tray position are changeable for a fee by Aditech. They say it will cost less than a new housing, which gives the Mangrove a partial future proofing for newer camcorders as they change.

Read on to find out if the housing delivers the goods…

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Manta Fest 2008 Wetpixel Coverage - Day 3 Photo

Manta Fest 2008 Wetpixel Coverage - Day 3

We have had two good days of manta action so far—I guess it must have to do with the name “Manta Fest!”  Our first day featured 2 dives at Goofnuw Channel, and both proved to be successful. We had encounters with three different mantas on the first dive and one long encounter with a small male manta on the second. 

The evening was capped off with drinks in the restaurant and a slideshow by Eric Cheng on the big screen. The slide show was entitled “Big Animals” and featured some of Eric’s best photos of large marine animals from around the world: sharks, rays, whales, dolphins, sea lions, pigs, and more. The show created a good buzz amongst the crowd with many folks asking him for his autograph! (well, maybe just Mike..) ...

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Dome Port Diaries - Introduction Photo

Dome Port Diaries - Introduction

Getting my first underwater camera reminded me a lot of having a child; an insanely expensive endeavor that you somehow instinctively know you will take on “someday”, it’s just a matter of knowing when you’re ready. With children, a friend once noted, “If you wait until you’re ‘ready’ to have children, you’ll never have them.” I think the same is true of an underwater camera system…

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Fantasea Line X Flash Naming Competition Photo

Fantasea Line X Flash Naming Competition

Fantasea Line has announced the upcoming release of a new underwater flash for compact digital housings with a guide number of 20 and designed with four pre-flash settings and power output adjustable from 10% - 100%. Built to utilize 4xAA batteries, the flash is fiber-optic cable compatible, and can deliver approximately 240 flashes per charge.

There’s just one problem - the Fantasea X Flash is as yet unnamed. Fantasea Line wants your help to name this new product, and is offering a free Nano Double Pro Lighting Set if the name you suggest is selected! Continue reading for more information about this new product and details on how to submit a name - submissions must be received before October 1, 2008!

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