Support the Shark Conservation Act of 2009 Photo

Support the Shark Conservation Act of 2009

The World Society for the Protection of Animals is hosting a website to help automate writing emails and printed letters to your Senator in support of the Shark Conservation Act of 2009, a bill designed to help end shark-finning in U.S. waters. The Act has already passed the House of Representatives and is awaiting action in the Senate. If you life in the USA, head over to the WSPA website now and write a letter to your Senator!

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Your “friend” publishes a photo you took. What are your rights? Photo

Your “friend” publishes a photo you took. What are your rights?

There is an interesting discussion in the forums about what happens if you send an image to a friend and they publish it commercially.

“Could the sending of that email give the dive operator implicit permission or any other right to publish the photograph on their site (hosted in the USA) to promote one of their courses? ... The DMCA counter-claim effectively says that they assume a right to publish because conditions weren’t expressed in the original email.”

A Wetpixel member is in the process of trying to get a photo removed from a dive operator’s website. The dive operator says that they have permission to use it because there were no conditions attached to the email.

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San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition 2009 call for entries Photo

San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition 2009 call for entries

This is a call for entries for the 10th Annual San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition, scheduled for Friday and Saturday evenings, September 11th & 12th, 2009 at the Qualcomm Hall located at 5775 Morehouse Dr, San Diego, Ca. 92121.

Here is your chance to see your work projected in Standard or High Definition formats in a state of the art venue on a giant screen. There is no entry fee! Continue reading for full details.

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Bimini Biological Field Station “PIT” lemon shark census 2009 Photo

Bimini Biological Field Station “PIT” lemon shark census 2009

Wetpixel member Matt Potenski is in Bimini, Bahamas, is on location covering this year’s Bimini Biological Field Station juvenile lemon shark census. I’ve been out to Bimini to spend time with the enthusiastic volunteers, whose job it is to catch, measure, weigh, and tag every juvenile lemon shark in the mangrove forests around Bimini. Each night, volunteers walk up and down gill nets every 15 minutes, braving “PIT rot” (use your imagination) and swarms of mosquitoes and sand flies. It sounds terrible, but it is a lot of fun!

Check out Matt’s coverage at the BBFS blog.

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Sensational Seas Two DVD contest deadline extended Photo

Sensational Seas Two DVD contest deadline extended

Attention all underwater videographers: we’re extending the Sensational Seas Two DVD video contest by two weeks. Get your entries in for a chance to be featured next to some of the best underwater cinematographers and filmmakers in the world! Entry into the contest is absolutely free.

Scheduled for release in March 2010, the DVD is an exciting collaboration between filmmakers, photographers and multi-media artists who have donated their work for the benefit of ocean-related non-profit organizations. Enter the contest before June 29, 2009!

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Home-brew underwater ring flash Photo

Home-brew underwater ring flash

Wetpixel user Marjo has created a home-made ringflash using see-through plastic kitchenware, a reflective car window solar protector, and one large roll of duct tape.

I think the contraption did end up looking more like a gas mask than a ringflash, so I am sure it will come to some strange adn wonderful use even if it might fail in it original purpose.

Perhaps the refective intertior could serve as a barracuda attractant. Well see, but if I use it for actually photographing fish, I will surely post the images here.

We look forward to the underwater images! In the meantime, click through to see photos of the project.

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The 2009 Digital Shootout Winners Photo

The 2009 Digital Shootout Winners

In addition to the standard categories of Macro and Wide-Angle, a Compact Camera category was also added.  Many talented shooters submitted stunning images for consideration for the top prize.  To see the top place finishers for Compact, Macro Unrestricted, Macro Traditional, Wide-Angle Unrestricted & Wide-Angle Traditional as well as full coverage of the final day of the 2009 Digital Shootout, go to: www.thedigitalshootout.com

Check out the complete live coverage of the event:
[DAY 1] | [DAY 2] |  [DAY 3] |  [DAY 4]  |  [DAY 5]  |  [DAY 6]  |  [DAY 7]

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