DEMA 2007: Epoque Photo

DEMA 2007: Epoque

Epoque had a few new products on display, including the EL-120 HID video light and the ultra-compact EHS-1000 HD housing for the Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1000, the “world’s smallest and lightest HD digital movie camera.

The EL-120 features a 12W HID bulb with 7000K color temperature, and a beam angle of 80 degrees. It burns for 110 minutes on a Lithium-ion battery pack, and is rated to 150 feet. It is compatible with an optional blue-tinted color-correction filter…

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DEMA 2007: Bonica Precision Inc. Photo

DEMA 2007: Bonica Precision Inc.

When I stopped by the Bonica Precision booth, Kenneth Ho showed off the Snapper-XP and Snapper DV.

The Snapper-XP system includes the Snapper 5.0 5MP digital camera and is easily paired with the Neon-XP underwater strobe. The Snapper-XP features the Bonica “double-protection system,” designed to reduce shock and increase water resistance of the camera in the housing, and is rated to 55m…

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DEMA 2007: DiveTech Photo

DEMA 2007: DiveTech

DiveTech is a Grand Cayman-based dive operator that works with Cobalt Coast Dive Resort to offer daily boat and shore diving.

DiveTech is hosting the upcoming Digital Jam 2008 Photo and Video Contest, a shootout contest which has previously been presented by Wetpixel’s own Alex Mustard. The event runs from January 12-19, 2008, and the winners will receive dive travel prizes as well as photo and dive gear.

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DEMA 2007: Princeton Tec Photo

DEMA 2007: Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec is known for its line of inexpensive but rugged dive and focusing lights. On display was the Torrent LED, a single 3W LED dive light featuring a locking on/off switch and four o-ring seal.

The Torrent LED runs on 8AA for 30 hours with 47 lumen output and is rated to 100m/330ft depth.

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DEMA 2007: NiteRider - Dive Lights International Photo

DEMA 2007: NiteRider - Dive Lights International

NiteRider (Dive Lights International) had on display their lineup of full facemask and helmet-mounted HID headlamps and a new LED-based video light. Using (3) 3W high-intensity LEDs, NiteRider CEO Thomas Carroll specified light output nearly 20% brighter than a 10W HID lamp.

The LED light will be available with 90° diffuser for video applications or 10° spot reflector for general diving purposes, and will burn for approximately 5 hours with the included NiMH battery pack.

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DEMA 2007: Gates Housings Photo

DEMA 2007: Gates Housings

Gates Housings displayed their popular line of fully-mechanical video housings. They recently started shipping a housing for the Canon XH-A1 (which fits the XH-G1 as well), which can be fitted with their superwide lens. A RED camera housing (announced last month) is still under development, but it will likely be the end of next year before it is shipping.

Gates also had on display their new vacuum seal check system (called Seal Check), a packaged version similar to the one that Howard Hall, Bob Cranston, and Norbert Wu have been using for years.

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