Watershot, Inc. releases underwater housing for Canon EOS 450D/XSi Photo

Watershot, Inc. releases underwater housing for Canon EOS 450D/XSi

Watershot, Inc. has announced that the Watershot Digital housing brand has finally been released, beginning with the WDS-450D housing kit for the 12.2 megapixel Canon EOS 450D/XSi digital SLR.

Machined from a solid block of aluminum, the housing features a standard flat port for the 18-55mm lens, hand strap, two optical strobe bulkheads (wired bulkheads coming soon), and leak sensor. Also in development are housings for the new Canon 50D and 5D Mark II. Check out the housing kit for more information, or continue reading for photos of the Watershot 450 XSi housing…

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Sneak preview of Gates underwater video housing for RED camera Photo

Sneak preview of Gates underwater video housing for RED camera

Lee Peterson has posted some images of the new Gates underwater video housing for the RED camera:

This is the first look at the new Gates video housing for the RED camera. John has done an amazing job with this housing and all the special attention to detail has really paid off. This is truly the best of the best in underwater video housings.  The new underwater optical lens for this housing will produce the finest quality imagery possible. the external monitor can be placed on top or on the back of the housing to suit the particular needs of the video photographer.

Last October, John Ellerbrock of Gates Housings took Wetpixel on a tour of the new RED housing, but the housing was still in the early prototype stage.

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From the forums: More corner sharpness tests

Corner sharpness, with rectilinear wide angle lenses behind dome ports, is a commonly debated topic on the Wetpixel forums. There are many variables: different domes, different port extensions, different lenses, different formats (full frame, versus cropped sensor) and different dioptres or no dioptres at all.

Of course it is possible to determine the theoretically correct dome port and dioptre setup for a lens, but many photographers find that deviating away from the theoretically perfect setup gives them the flexibility and results they are after in the field. Underwater tests are invaluable in determining performance, and for seeing the differences between different setups.

A recent thread about Nikon’s impressive 14-24mm lens has blossomed into a discussion where several photographers, Karin Brussaard, Stephen Frink and Alex Mustard, have been kind enough to share some of their tests of both Nikon and Canon lenses. See their results and join the discussion.

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Google launches Ocean in Google Earth 5.0 Photo

Google launches Ocean in Google Earth 5.0

Google yesterday released the latest version of its Google Earth software, for the first time introducing a new layer called “Ocean,” an oceanography component that allows you to “plunge all the way to the floor of the sea, view exclusive content from partners like BBC and National Geographic, and explore 3D shipwrecks like the Titanic.

Wetpixel member Bruce Yates (bmyates) had the opportunity to attend the official launch of Google Earth 5.0 at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, and has written a report of the event, with photographs of notable attendees Sylvia Earle, Al Gore, and Jimmy Buffett. Continue reading for the report, or learn more about Google Earth’s Ocean...

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Are you the Face of Australia? Photo

Are you the Face of Australia?

The Underwater Channel (UWC), a new web TV Channel for divers, is dedicated to the mysteries and marvels of the underwater world. UWC is looking to light up diving in Australia for its international audience on The Underwater Channel, and is (in association with PADI), seeking an experienced diver to present a monthly dive report, primarily from the Australian east coast. You will join an international team of Faces of The Underwater Channel around the world to become the Face of Australia.

If you’re interested, send in a video application to UWC! Submission deadline is 28 Feb, 2009.

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Dome Port Diaries - Chapter 8: Season Finale - Into the Blue Photo

Dome Port Diaries - Chapter 8: Season Finale - Into the Blue

Having migrated the gear from plane to rental car, and from car to dive resort, it was time to unpack and plan the next day. The evening of arrival, (what was left of it anyway), I reassembled the rig.

To fit in its Pelican case, I had removed the handles, each wrapped in the socks they give you in Business or First class; a small token along with a slightly wider seat and a “kit” containing toothpaste, a toothbrush, lotion, lip balm, and tissues.

While re-attaching the handles, I had my first panic moment; what the hell did I do with the hex wrench for the handles? Could I have forgotten something so obvious and important? ...

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DeeperBlue.com offers underwater photo and freediving course Photo

DeeperBlue.com offers underwater photo and freediving course

Wetpixel friend and online diving resource DeeperBlue has teamed with London’s Ocean Optics to offer a first-of-its-kind underwater photography and freediving course. The two-day class takes place on May 9-10, 2009 in the 30m Submarine Escape Training Tank in Gosport, UK, which is maintained at a comfortable 34°C/94°F temperature.

Ocean Optics will be providing camera equipment for participants to try out throughout the four tank practical sessions, intermixed with two freediving and two photography theory sessions. The course is open to all skill levels, but is limited to 10 individuals, so spaces will fill quickly! Continue reading for all the details, and to find a link to a short trailer on YouTube of the experience…

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Protest shark finning in Sipadan / Mabul Photo

Protest shark finning in Sipadan / Mabul

Wetpixel member Syam was in the Sipadan/Mabul area over Christmas and discovered the local villagers catching and finning sharks on Mabul Island. Please help the conservation of sharks in the Sipadan area by writing in to encourage the resorts on Mabul and Kapalai and the Malaysian government to protect what few sharks that are left in the area and enlarge the marine protected area to cover the island group.

Please read the thread to get the contact information for the officials. Our voice as paying tourists does count and we should ensure our dollars are spent for the protection of the area and not contribute to its detriment.

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