Canon announces EOS 7D Photo

Canon announces EOS 7D

Canon’s latest ViDSLR, the 7D, is pushes the envelope the 5D Mark II set in 2008. With 1080p24/25/29.97 and 720p50/60 and dedicated REC button, the 18mp camera is APS-C mount, using EF-S lenses. ISO expansion to 12800, a new sensor and AF system design, the 7D promises to deliver high quality stills and video, driving the convergence technology of ViDSLR, at a lower price point no less.

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2010 Raja Ampat Entrace Tag Design Contest finalists, open for voting Photo

2010 Raja Ampat Entrace Tag Design Contest finalists, open for voting

Finalists have been announced for the 2010 Raja Ampat Entrance Tag Design Contest, hosted at Wetpixel.com. Vote for your favorite image or design—the winning image will appear on Raja Ampat’s 2009 park tag!

Last year’s winning image, a manta ray silhouetted against the ocean surface, was shot by Marcio Lisa, who won a dive trip to Raja Ampat in addition to having his photograph attached to every diver who visited the park in 2009. The winner of the 2010 tag contest will be able to choose from a selection of premiere diving resorts and liveaboards for a minimum 7-day all-inclusive stay in Raja Ampat.

Public voting ends at 11:59PM, September 25, 2009 (Pacific time), and the winner will be announced on October 1, 2009!

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Exciting baitball action by Earth Touch Photo

Exciting baitball action by Earth Touch

Earth Touch’s Barry Skinstad is back again to narrate on the heartpounding action in the baitball of the year. Complete with multiple Bryde’s whales using bubble netting and documenting Cape Gannets swimming past 20m deep, this video captures nature’s most exciting predation. It even has a shot where a shark spits out a gannet to concentrate on the sardines. This is probably the best action I’ve seen in my many years in South Africa. This is a must-see video clip!

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Photographers, be careful of Mac OS Snow Leopard upgrade Photo

Photographers, be careful of Mac OS Snow Leopard upgrade

Photographers looking to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” should check to see if any of the applications they use have compatibility issues with the new OS. A good site that lists applications and compatibility is Snow Leopard Compatibility. In particular, photographers should note that Nikon doesn’t recommend updating yet, and CaptureOne currently requires a workaround.  Also, there were rumors that Adobe Creative Suite 3 (including Photoshop) wouldn’t work on Snow Leopard, but those rumors have been debunked.

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Maui Photo Festival, September 16-20, 2009 Photo

Maui Photo Festival, September 16-20, 2009

Wetpixel is proud to sponsor the Maui Photo Festival & Workshop, which is offering unique opportunities for underwater photography enthusiasts. International underwater photographer David Fleetham, together with C3 Submerged and Lahaina Divers, will conduct two underwater photo tours as part of the five-day festival, set to take place September 16-20, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency Maui.

These two underwater tours are available at special pricing to registered Maui Photo Festival attendees. Complete festival information and registration can be found at www.mauiphotofestival.com or contact Paul Grigsby at Maui Digital Imaging at +1-808-661-9570.

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Visions in the Sea, underwater photography festival in Manchester Photo

Visions in the Sea, underwater photography festival in Manchester

Visions in the Sea is a festival of underwater photography being held in Manchester, England in November. There is a fantastic line-up of presentations, in-water tuition, a competition, exhibition and gala dinner. The whole event is in aid of the Shark Trust. This exciting weekend is being hosted by Frogfish Photography and Ocean Optics.

There will be presentation by internationally renowned underwater photographers on both days with the guest speakers including: Cathy Church, Paul “Duxy” Duxfield, Martin Edge, Charlie Hood, Maria Munn, Alex Mustard, Jukka Nurminen, Tom Peschak, Peter Scoones and Steve Warren.

On Sunday afternoon delegates will have the opportunity to get some in-water tuition in the Manchester Aquatics Centre from some of these experts…

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Lionfish cull in the Bahamas, CBS evening news Photo

Lionfish cull in the Bahamas, CBS evening news

Anna DeLoach just wrote in with news that CBC will be airing a segment tonight on lionfish in the Bahamas. Efforts to create a lionfish fishery in the Bahamas are underway in an attempt to control the massive potential devastation that an introduced predator can have on fragile ecosystems.

“We cannot offer a natural predator for lionfish,” he says, “which is a real concern. It also increases the importance that we become a predator of lionfish and that we provide that mortality to keep their population in check.”

Morris says that the only long-term solution to the lionfish problem may be the creation of a formal fishery, making it possible that one day this colorful predator may be coming to a supermarket near you.

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California Channel Islands 5 day dive excursion, Sep 3-8, 2009 Photo

California Channel Islands 5 day dive excursion, Sep 3-8, 2009

In a rare trip only offered once or twice a year, dive instructor and videographer John Foxhall will be running a 5-day liveaboard dive trip to the Channel Islands aboard Truth Aquatics’ vessel, the Vision, this coming September 3-8, 2009. The vessel departs from Santa Barbara, but John will be driving a huge van down from San Jose, with plenty of room for guests.

This is a fantastic opportunity for experienced divers who want an extended trip to the Channel Islands. It is also a good opportunity to get trained in a drysuit (John has plenty of high-quality rentals, and he trained me in one!), or to check out underwater photography for the first time (John will be bringing some underwater point & shoot cameras from Intova). Continue reading for full trip details…

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