Sea and Sea DX8000G Review Photo

Sea and Sea DX8000G Review

The Sea and Sea DX8000G is an 8-megapixel compact, underwater photography system, made up of the camera, the compact polycarbonate case, a bayonet mount .6x wideangle lens, and a lens caddy made to mount onto the strobe arm.  The camera uses the same 8 megapixel sensor used in the larger prosumer cameras like the Sony 828 and the Olympus 8080, however this unit is considerably smaller.

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Seacam D2x spotted in the forums Photo

Seacam D2x spotted in the forums

In North America, Kasey Canton was the first person to take delivery of a Seacam Nikon D2x housing.

“The description of a “transparent” housing couldn’t be more accurate. If you are comfortable with the D2 camera, you’ll be shooting this housing with comfort in no time. The wheels an buttons are exactly where you’d expect them to be, and you never need to take your hands from the handles.”

Join us in the forums to see photos and a first impression.

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Adding USB Connectivity to your U/W Housing Photo

Adding USB Connectivity to your U/W Housing

It took only a couple liveaboard trips to convince me that there had to be an easier solution to downloading photos from the camera. Opening the housing after each dive, and either swapping out the memory card, or plugging in a USB cable to the side of the camera, was not only an inconvenience, but exposed the housing to an increased chance that a small hair or other contaminant might land on the main o-ring, leading to a flood. With the long battery life of the majority of dSLR cameras, the size of the memory card becomes the limiting factor, and with RAW files on some cameras breaking 15mb, one can only shoot so many pictures before the card fills up. Determined, I set about trying to find a way to transfer files over USB through the housing.  This article describes the author’s design (Matt Segal), which makes USB downloading of photos THROUGH the housing a reality.

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Aquatica D2x Prototype Housing Photos Photo

Aquatica D2x Prototype Housing Photos

We have received 2 photos of the prototype Aquatica D2x housing.  As you can see from this photos, this unit is machined from solid, much like units from Subal and UK-Germany.  The photos show the unit after machining and assembly, but it is not painted yet.  The housing is designed to work with all of the available Aquatica bayonet mount ports and other accessories.  MSRP is reported to be $2,999

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Aquatica D20 Housing Overview Photo

Aquatica D20 Housing Overview

Tom & Therisa Stack, who have been using the Canon 20D Digital SLR in an Aquatica A20 underwater housing for their commercial shoots, go over the features and benefits of shooting with the housing and camera combination.  Included are detailed housing photographs and sample images taken with the rig.

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