Solomon Islands relief effort Photo

Solomon Islands relief effort

On April 3, an earthquake measuring 8.2 on the Richter scale and ensuing tsunami damaged much of the Gizo Province of the Solomon Islands and killed at least 34 individuals. So far, UNICEF and the Red Cross organizations of the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and Australia have responded, but all mention a lack of fresh water and the threat of disease.

UNICEF is reporting that USD$500,000 in funding is needed to assist the nearly 50,000 affected people in the area. Nearly 30,000 of this population are children. Donations can be made directly to the UNICEF relief effort.

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Whaling and whale watching go head to head Photo

Whaling and whale watching go head to head

After seeing the front page posting for Dominica’s Dive Fest 2007, Wetpixel member Mauricio Handler (handlerphoto) was concerned that the country had voted in favor of whaling interests at the previous International Whaling Commission meeting:

It seems that Dominica has sold its soul to the Japanese, allowing them to resume whaling in their territorial waters. If not immediately, soon. All this while promoting whale watching and eco-tourism in US dive trade shows.

Keep reading for Mauricio’s thoughts on the issue and his practical solution…

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SeaSpace memorial service for Larry Smith Photo

SeaSpace memorial service for Larry Smith

On Saturday, March 31, family members and friends of Larry Smith gathered to celebrate Larry’s life in a memorial service at SeaSpace 2007. All three of Larry’s sons - Casey, Tim and Trevor - were present, as was his mother, Evelyn, his sister, Joyce, and their families. Allan and Barbara Jones of Adventure H2O, Wetpixel members and contributors Gladys Howard, Burt Jones, Maurine Shimlock, Chip and Susan Scarlett, and Ken Knezick, as well as many of Larry’s family members and special friends shared stories about Larry…

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Dominica announces Dive Fest 2007 Photo

Dominica announces Dive Fest 2007

Dominica has announced that the 14th annual Dive Fest will be held from July 6-15, 2007. This year’s event will include underwater photography workshops and contest, hosted by Dive Training Magazine‘s Barry and Ruth Guimbellott, and feature such sponsors as Oceanic and SeaLife.

Not just for divers, the event will also have whale watching, a treasure hunt, traditional boat races, and happy hour dances. For an idea of all the activities, visit last year’s Dominica Dive Fest 2006 blog, or watch for the Dive Fest 2007 website to be updated with this year’s schedule.

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Beneath the Sea 2007 Dive Show Report: You Shudda Bin Dere! Photo

Beneath the Sea 2007 Dive Show Report: You Shudda Bin Dere!

Underwater photographer and contributing editor to DIVE Magazine Douglas Seifert attended the Beneath the Sea 2007 Dive Show, and compiled his thoughts:

Friday, March 23rd began Beneath the Sea’s 31st annual Ocean Adventure Exposition and Travel Show at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey (aka “The Garden State”)...the grandest celebration of the living legends and bright lights of the scuba diving community convened for something extraordinarily special. Stanton A. Waterman, whose name and whose work should be well-known among all who dive, was recognized, feted and celebrated as a Legend of the Sea…

Continue for the extensive and picture-filled report that includes references to many more celebrities of the diving world, new and innovative products, and a number of diving-related organizations.

Jason Heller was also present at the event, and his coverage of Beneath the Sea 2007 has also been posted on DivePhotoGuide.com.

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Underwater Journal Issue #2 available for download Photo

Underwater Journal Issue #2 available for download

Underwater Journal Issue 2 is now available for download.

The issue contains an articles about scouting for dolphins with an ultralight plane, the sand tigers and wrecks of North Carolina, Florida’s Blue Springs, Conception Island in the Caribbean, and more by authors including Jim Abernethy, Ned DeLoach, and Philippe Cousteau. Also included are equipment and media reviews, including one on Aqua Lung’s Mistral Doublehose Regulator, by editor Walt Stearns.

Underwater Journal is a free PDF magazine, published bimonthly.

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Memorial gathering for Larry Smith at SeaSpace Photo

Memorial gathering for Larry Smith at SeaSpace

For those of you who will be at SeaSpace this weekend, we wanted to let you know of a tribute and a gathering which will be held in honor of Larry Smith.  Ken Knezick was gracious enough to find us a place at the Reliant Center—Room 600, on the second floor, and we will meet from 4:00 - 5:00 on Saturday, March 31st.  Please come with memories, stories, photographs if you have them, and the spirit which our dear friend brought to every one of his 20,000 dives.  Or was that 30,000?  In addition, we will hear a few words honoring this great man just before the film festival begins.  All three of Larry’s sons, Trevor, Tim, and Casey, will be with us for both occasions. 

Please send any digital images you may have of Larry and his adventures to Eric Cheng, and he will make sure they get to us for use in the memorial slideshow.

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