DEMA 2006: AquaVideo Photo

DEMA 2006: AquaVideo

AquaVideo flexible housing designs are built using heavy-duty cylinders with custom-drilled holes for control placement.  At their booth, they had on display a new underwater housing for the Sony FX-7 camcorder.  A cool feature: Michael Hastings pointed out that batteries for lighting actually fit inside the housing itself for a compact package.

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DEMA 2006: Aquatica Photo

DEMA 2006: Aquatica

Exciting news!  Accessory viewfinders are being more and more popular!  Aquatica was proudly displaying a pro-production model of their new AquaView viewfinder, which featured a large, bright, clear picture.  Also on display was the A30D housing for Canon’s EOS 30D digital SLR.  I am impressed that the A30D’s ergonomic improvements over Aquatica’s earlier housings for Canon SLRs.

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DEMA 2006: Amphibico Photo

DEMA 2006: Amphibico

Amphibico had two prototype underneath domed glass.  One was the Endeavor, an underwater housing for the new Sony V1/FX7 camcorder.  The other was an EVO2 housing for the Sony HDR-SR1 AVCHD camcorder with integrated LCD screen on the back of the housing.  See the Video Products Roundup for more coverage on Amphibico.

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DEMA 2006: Socialing, Wetpixel happy hour, Nov 10 Photo

DEMA 2006: Socialing, Wetpixel happy hour, Nov 10

While some European shows like the Antibes Festival area traditionally about getting the industry together for non-stop drinking and debauchery

annual social time, DEMA is usually more about business.  Still, not everyone can avoid social contact during the four-day event.

Drinks night was a roaring success.  With an estimated total attendance of 50 or so, we had numerous members of Wetpixel there as well as representatives from much of the photography, videography, and travel industry…

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DEMA 2006: Video Products Roundup Photo

DEMA 2006: Video Products Roundup

The DEMA Show 2006 came and went in a flash! Wetpixel video moderator Scubadru was there to cover the video products over the 4-day period and has written a comprehensive overview of the products shown and announced at the show this year.  There were many innovative accessories for the video housings, and the move to High Definition is even more evident as manufacturers no longer even display Standard Definition products. Join Drew as he runs through the products he saw at DEMA this year…

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DEMA 2006: INON Photo


Steve Philbrook and Takuya Torii were at INON‘s booth showing off the new INON X-2 housing for the Canon 10D, 20D, and 30D digital SLRs.  With its external gearing and magnetic focus ring, the X-2 has a look unlike any other SLR housing on the market.  The X-2 ships at the end of November and is built to deliver (3-4 lead time).

INON also showed its Z-240 and D-2000 strobes, along with lots of accessories.

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DEMA 2006: 10bar Underwater Housings Photo

DEMA 2006: 10bar Underwater Housings

L C Ng manned 10bar‘s booth, showing off an almost unlimited number of underwater housing and lighting accessories.  New for this year was a flexible aluminum housing designed for the Canon 20D/30D/5D and Nikon D200 digital SLR.  10bar also offers housings for the Nikon D80 and Canon 400D in plastic, plug housings for topside speedlights.

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DEMA 2006: Nexus USA and Marine Camera Distributors Photo

DEMA 2006: Nexus USA and Marine Camera Distributors

Lee Peterson and Tom Harman of Nexus USA and Marine Camera Distributors showed off a prototype of a Nexus housing for the Nikon D80.  Also on display were Nexus housings for the Canon 5D and 1D/1Ds Mk II, and Nikon D70s, D200, and D2X. As most other manufacturers have done, Nexus has also come out with an accessory viewfinder option, incorporating an INON angled viewfinder into its housings.  It was mounted on a D200 housing at the show.

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