Microsoft Future Pro Photographers Photo Contest

Student photographers, compete to win $20,000 in cash, “digital workflow prize packages,” and more! Microsoft is soliciting images in the following categories: Nature & Landscape, People & Portraits, and Fine Art.  The deadline is May 31, so get your entries in now.  We really want a Wetpixel member to win!

Speaking of a Wetpixel member winning, I have to go;

I have an appointment at the enrollment office of the local community college.

*UPDATE* Microsoft has draconian statements in the contest rules that state that they own all rights to all submitted entries.  So be forewarned: if you submit a photo, they can legally “exploit” [sic] the image and force you to sign paperwork granting them full rights.  Evil!

*UPDATE 2* Microsoft has changed the wording in their contest rules to state, “Submitting an entry does not assign or transfer any ownership or copyrights to Microsoft; those rights remain with the creator of the original work. However as a condition of accepting a prize, you agree to grant Microsoft an irrevocable royalty-free worldwide license to reproduce and display the image, credited with your first and last name, in print and on the web for the purposes of promoting this contest.”  I hope our post here was part of the reason for the change.

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Homebrew Moisture/Leak Detector Photo

Homebrew Moisture/Leak Detector

Wetpixel member Paul Carre (PRC) has posted a brief outline (schematics only) of a home-brew moisture alarm fitted into an Ikelite D70 housing.  If you’re good with electronics, check it out.! Leak alarms are a must for every underwater housing.  If you don’t feel like building your own, check out the Leek Detector, which we reviewed here on Wetpixel some time ago.

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Inon Artist of the Month - Keith C. Flood Photo

Inon Artist of the Month - Keith C. Flood

This month’s Inon Artist is Wetpixel member Keith C. Flood.  Keith is a firefighter from Santa Rosa, California, and really likes the compact size, and light ouput of his Inon Z220 strobes. This demonstrates that Wetpixel members are succesfully using their Inon products, Keith is the third member in a row to be selected as the artist of the month! Congratulations!

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Underwater Photography Magazine issue 30 Photo

Underwater Photography Magazine issue 30

Issue #30 of Underwater Photography magazine is available for download from their website.  This month’s issue has reviews of the Subal and Sealux housings for the very popular D200, as well as a very nice article about photographing sharks in movement by Wetpixel’s own Dr. Alex Mustard (and much more!).

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Scuba Diving Magazine’s Scuba InTenCity Tour

As part of Scuba Diving Magazine’s Scuba InTenCity Tour 2006, Wetpixel’s Eric Cheng and James Wiseman (and many others!) will be giving short seminars on underwater digital photography in cities across the United States.  Eric will be speaking at the Dolphin Scuba Center in Sacramento, CA, on May 6, 2006, and James will be in Plano, TX, on April 29.

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California Beach Dive Photo Competition 2006 Photo

California Beach Dive Photo Competition 2006

Celebrating its 25th year, the annual California Beach Dive Photo Competition (CBDPC) is held every spring in Monterey, California by the Northern California Underwater Photographic Society (NCUPS). This is a one-day competition (ODC) where all photos must be taken from beach dives along the Monterey coastline (APMBTFBDATMC). Entries are accepted in both film and digital formats.  Dates this year are June 10-11, 2006.

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Unscheduled downtime

Wetpixel was down for much of this morning and early afternoon due to stray copepods in the system. We apologize to those of you who missed your morning fix!  We’re back up now and are trying to track down those elusive ‘pods…

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We’re proud of our Leslibetaeus coibita Photo

We’re proud of our Leslibetaeus coibita

Our very own Leslie Harris (Wetpixel moderator) has just had an entirely new genus named after her through a newly described critter called Leslibetaeus coibita.  Leslie traveled to Panama to collect the cute little guys and has some nice photos of them.  There is a paper available on Zootaxa. We’re SO proud of her hard work and enthusiasm.

And we thought that the only critters she had an interest in were worms!

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