Canopus EDIUS Pro 4 Review Photo

Canopus EDIUS Pro 4 Review

Wetpixel video moderator Paul Wags (wagsy) has written a review of his impressions of Canopus’ EDIUS Pro 4. EDIUS is a Windows PC-based nonlinear video editing program that can edit both DV and HDV.

The main reason for switching [from Premiere Pro and Aspect HD] is that I can do realtime-on-the-fly conversion to the Canopus HQ codec, and the keyframeable color correction and slow-motion in real-time is perfect for our underwater footage.

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Apple releases Core2Duo MacBook Pro Laptops Photo

Apple releases Core2Duo MacBook Pro Laptops

Apple announced the new Macbook Pro laptops with Intel Core 2 Duo chips at 2.16GHz and 2.33GHz.

The Core 2 Duo chips have 4MB Level 2 cache vs 2MB of the older Core Duo. It also uses less power as well as being a smaller 65 nanometer chip. It is not the upgrade many had hoped with the 800mhz front side bus, nor is there an upgrade on the graphics card, which is still the X1600 256MB. Still it does promise to be a significant upgrade from the Powerbook G4.

Further good news is that Apple brought back the FW800 slot for the 15” laptop, which allows for faster external drive connections that are bus powered. The new laptops are available for immediate delivery.

Did you expect more from Apple? Discuss it in the forums!

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Order your Divester/Wetpixel t-shirts! Photo

Order your Divester/Wetpixel t-shirts!

Yes, finally, the Divester/Wetpixel t-shirts are ready for ordering! Printed on 100% cotton tees, the shirts are available in sizes small, medium, large, and x-large, and are printed on black shirts—an they look totally cool! Order while they’re hot, because we’re only printing 200.

The prices for the shirts are:

  • $17.00, shipping included, if you want one sent within the US/Canada
  • $27.00, shipping included, if you want one sent outside the US/Canada

Any money left over after paying the bills will be donated to an ocean-related charity. Got one in mind? Tell us about it!

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Underwater images dominate in Wildlife Photographer of the Year Photo

Underwater images dominate in Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Underwater photos dominated in the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2006, winning the overall prize, coming first in 4 and placing in further 4 of the 12 categories.

Goran Ehlme’s photo of a walrus feeding in the sediment was the overall winner and also won Animal Behaviour: Mammals category, taken in Greenland with a Nikon D2X, 12-24mm lens and a Seacam housing. Michael Aw won the Underwater World category with a mimic octopus swimming straight at the camera, taken in the Sulawesi with a Nikon D2X, 12-24mm lens and Seacam housing. Tibor Dombovari won the Animal Portraits category with a barracuda portrait taken in Papua New Guinea with a Nikon D70s, 12-24mm lens and Subal housing. Andre Seale won the Behaviour, All Other Animals category with a green turtle being cleaned by surgeonfish in Hawaii, taken with a Nikon D100, 12-24mm lens in a Nexus housing. Wetpixel members Gavin Parsons, Jordi Chias and Alex Mustard were highly commended.

Widely regarded as the most prestigious competition of its kind, each year it attracts around 20,000 entries from professional and amateur photographers from about 60 countries.

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Aquatica announces housing for Canon 30D Photo

Aquatica announces housing for Canon 30D

Aquatica has sent us photos of their new housing for the Canon 30D dSLR.

The Aquatica 30D features a belt-drive design to put the command dial controls at your fingertips, relieving the need to pull your hand from the shutter to adjust shutter speed or aperture. The housing comes standard with two Nikonos-style bulkheads, is rated to 100 meters depth, and is compatible with the current line of Aquatica ports.

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JVC showing new 3CCD Everio HD camcorder Photo

JVC showing new 3CCD Everio HD camcorder

For the last two months, JVC has been showing a prototype of a 3CCD HD camcorder, rumored to be a 3x 1/5” CCD sensor recording 1080/50/60i on a 30GB hard drive.

Details on the camera are sketchy at best. Specifications like format (HDV or AVCHD) are still lacking from JVC but it is based on the Everio GZ-MG505 HDD camcorder. This camcorder should hit the market in the first half of 2007. It is also rumored to be able to shoot 1080p, an industry move that started with the Sony HVR-V1.

It seems manufacturers are pushing towards 720/1080p even for consumer models. Now that is great news for the consumer market.

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Seatool announces new website, housing for Sony HDR-SR1 / HDR-UX1 Photo

Seatool announces new website, housing for Sony HDR-SR1 / HDR-UX1

Seatool, a manufacturer of a compact video housing for the Sony HDR-HC3, has announced a new housing for the Sony HDR-SR1 and HDR-UX1.

This housing will likely follow in the tradition of the current offering, which weighs under 2.5lbs and has a depth rating of nearly 200 feet.

Seatool USA has also established a new website, with current specifications, accessories, and availability information for their housings. Visit for more details…

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