TH Swiss announces Irix 15mm lenses Photo

TH Swiss announces Irix 15mm lenses

TH Swiss has announced the Irix lens family. The first product is a manual focusing 15mm f2.4 lens. It is available in Nikon F, Canon EF and Pentax K mounts and in two models: Irix Blackstone, which is fully featured and has a Al-Mg body and the Irix Firefly which is lighter. The lens offers an 110° FOV and focuses at 0.28m (0.92ft).

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Spaces available: Wetpixel Whale Sharks 2016 Photo

Spaces available: Wetpixel Whale Sharks 2016

Do you want to see more whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) in a few days than most people see in a lifetime? Every year hundreds of these animals gather off Isla Mujeres, Mexico to feed and it is assumed, to breed. It is the only way to see large numbers of whale sharks reliably and unlike many other whale shark hot spots, no baiting or feeding is involved. If you haven’t witnessed this amazing event, you really should.

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Nauticam announces a6300 housing Photo

Nauticam announces a6300 housing

Nauticam has released details of their new housing for the Sony a6300 mirrorless camera. The NA-6300 is compatible with both the WWL-1 wide angle wet lens and CMC macro conversion lens as well as a wide range of port options. It features Nauticam’s “cold water” shutter release trigger and port locking system. Strobe triggering is via fiber optic or electrical (additional bulkhead required).

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Atomos ships Shogun and Ninja Flame Photo

Atomos ships Shogun and Ninja Flame

Atomos has announced new versions of their Shogun and Ninja monitor recorders. The Flame series resolves HDR brightness details and the monitors have a brightness of 1500 nits (as opposed to 400 nits in the current models). Both models have built in armor protection and can take twin batteries. Control is still primarily via touchscreen.

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Sony a6300 not recommended for broadcast video Photo

Sony a6300 not recommended for broadcast video

The Sony a6300 has elicited a lot of excitement for its advanced video specifications. These include Super 35 sensor, internal 4K recording, HD recording at 50mbps and S-Log 2 and 3 gammas. Newshooter have submitted the diminutive camera to EBU tester Alan Roberts to see if it would stack up as a broadcast option. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the results were disappointing and the camera cannot be recommended for producing broadcast quality footage.

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