Adobe updates Lightroom family Photo

Adobe updates Lightroom family

Adobe announced a series of updates to Lightroom CC/6, Lightroom Mobile and Camera Raw. Lightroom CC 2015.8/6.8 adds a new reference view (to CC only), fit/fill improvements for high resolution displays, performance enhancements and additional camera and lens support. Lightroom mobile for iOS 2.6 adds a new editing display, an info section allowing the addition of titles and captions and a new capture interface with manual camera controls. Camera RAW has been updated to version 9.8 and adds camera and lens support.

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The best National Geographic images from 2016 Photo

The best National Geographic images from 2016

Well, it’s that time of year again, where a look back at the year gives us reflection and inspiration for the year ahead, and photo compilations are everywhere. However, National Geographic just published their best images of 2016, and it is not to be missed. The photographs include some you may recognize, and some you may have overlooked, and even some awe inspiring underwater ones.

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National Geographic outs shark image hoax Photo

National Geographic outs shark image hoax

A digitally manipulated image of a great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) apparently breaching is the subject of an elaborate hoax. An individual going by the name of Bob Burton, is claiming to be a National Geographic magazine’s “chief” photographer and that the image is National Geographic’s “photo of the year”. National Geographic denies that Burton is an employee and states that they do not award a “photo of the year”. Image from Shutterstock.

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How whale species are adapting to changing ice in the Antarctic Photo

How whale species are adapting to changing ice in the Antarctic

National Geographic has just published an article that follows scientists through Antarctic waters as they try to determine how whale species are adapting to less ice and warmer temperatures. National Geographic Explorer Ari Friedlaender, of Oregon State University, is in the Antarctic to study humpback whales and Antarctic minke whales. The population of minke whales, who depend on sea ice for survival, has dropped while the population of humpback whales, who thrive in open ocean, have grown significantly.

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