UWP Issue 26 Available

The latest issue of UWP Magazine is out and available to download. This current issue features a profile on Zena Holloway and a selection of her inspiring dream-like images, as well as articles by Wetpixel members Rod Klein, Mark Webster and Alex Mustard. There is also an article on South Africa’s Tiger Sharks by former Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Tobi Bernhard. The magazine is still free, but now requires simple registration before downloading.

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Serbian Film Festival

For all you video and film makers out there, the organising committee of the 9th International Underwater Film Festival in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro is pleased to announce that this competition is open with a deadline for dispatch of entries on the 1st November. The competition is open to everyone and has two categories: A GROUP films (professional productions, broadcast quality, TV) and B GROUP films (amateur film makers, independent producer).

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Digideep’s European Open

Digideep today announce their first European Open digital shootout. The event is being held in Sweden, with diving in the clear waters around the Weather Islands and runs from the 22nd - 25th September 2005. Digideep are providing a selection of optional test equipment and there are prizes on offer for the best images from Green Force, Hugyfot and Dyk Magazine.

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From the Forums: Image Showcase

August and September always seem popular months for underwater photographers to head to the ocean and create some great new images. This year seems no exception, and Wetpixel’s Photo and Gallery Showcase is very active at the moment. It is a great place to get inspired by other members’ photography, to check out the photo opportunities in places you are thinking about visiting, or to post your own images and get feedback from your peers. Check it out today!

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Magic Filters available

Wetpixel Co-Admin, Alex Mustard, announces that his new Magic Filter is now available. This filter is designed to allow photographers to produce colourful ambient light images without the use of flash. The Filter is effective between the surface and 50ft (0-15m). The Magic Filter is designed specifically for DSLR cameras and is manufactured as an optical quality gel filter compatible with the front or rear filter holders on popular DSLR lenses for underwater photography. I would also like to thank the members of Wetpixel who have supported and encouraged us to share this product with the underwater photography community.

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Canon 5D Announced

DP Review today officially revealed the highly anticipated Canon EOS 5D digital SLR camera, fitted with a 12.8 Megapixel high resolution full 35mm frame sized CMOS sensor. This camera is an important addition to the Canon range for underwater photographers because it is the first, at a sub-1DS price, to provide full 180 degree coverage with popular fisheye lenses. It also has a larger and improved image review LCD, capable of both luminance and RGB histograms, compared with the Canon 20D. One downside for underwater photographers is that it is bigger than the 20D and will not fit straight into any existing housings. The race is on to see which housing manufacurers will be first to support this camera.

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Ming Thein’s Photographic Dictionary

Are you ever confused by the torrent of jargon that digital photographers spout? Well Ming Thein has come to your rescue with the latest version of his Dictionary of modern photographic technical terms. There are definitions on everything from Acuity to Zoom! I am glad to see that Underwater Photography is in there too!

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