Digideep.com BOOT Expo Coverage Photo

Digideep.com BOOT Expo Coverage

Our friends from www.digideep.com are at the BOOT 2005 showing in Duesseldorf Germany this week and have posted their preliminary show report with the very latest news of "what's up" in the underwater photography world.  Check their report often, as they are posting updates as they become available. For now the text is only in German, but I'm sure an English translation will be available soon.

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Aquatica Kodak ProSLRn/14n Housing Review Photo

Aquatica Kodak ProSLRn/14n Housing Review

Aquatica took a bold step by developing a housing for this camera without already having a large user base of camera owners and they deserve kudos for it. The camera requires extensive knowledge of post-processing, so it's not a good choice for digital beginners wishing to shoot JPEG for instant results. Consequently, I'd characterize this system (camera and housing) as a specialty niche tool

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NCUPS Presents: Big Animals with Amos Nachoum Photo

NCUPS Presents: Big Animals with Amos Nachoum

To start off 2005, Amos Nachoum, professional wildlife photographer, trip leader and NCUPS member will be the featured speaker at the January membership meeting. Amos will present images and stories from his spectacular world travels to every corner of the earth. From whales and sharks to penguins and schooling fish, he will show images from Africa to Antarctica. Many of these images have been published and have won numerous awards. Please take advantage of this opportunity and join us at 8PM on January 14 at Room C370, Fort Masson, San Francisco for this spectacular presentation.

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Jason Heller’s Tsunami Story Photo

Jason Heller’s Tsunami Story

My good friend Jason Heller has just returned from the Similian Islands, where he was scuba diving when the tsunami struck. Continue reading for his account of his experience.

Excerpt: As an up and coming underwater photographer, I had planned on spending the week taking pictures of the breathtaking beauty of the reefs and island scapes, however, I spent the last 2 days documenting the devastation, destruction and compassionate rescue efforts that not even images can properly portray. We have experienced the two extremes of paradise. The idyllic beauty and the sheer destructive power of the amazing planet that we inhabit...

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Pentax OptioWP 5MP Amphibious Digital Camera Photo

Pentax OptioWP 5MP Amphibious Digital Camera

Pentax has announced a new 5 megapixel amphibious camera called the OptioWP. It is only 4x2x0.9 inches, and features a 3x zoom, 2.0 inch low reflection LCD, 10MB built-in memory (+ SD memory slot), quick start-up, ultra fast nine point autofocus, and movie-capture mode @ 30 frames per second.

I've always been frustrated that I can't take photos of my friends on the dive deck/zodiac after putting my rig on. This seems perfect for a topside dive boat camera!

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