Canon 350D Review Posted at Dpreview.com Photo

Canon 350D Review Posted at Dpreview.com

Check out Phil Askey’s review of the Canon 350D “RebelXT” at DPreview.  This camera received a “Highly Recommended” rating and looks like a considerable improvement over the first Digital Rebel.  The review contains sample images and Phil’s image noise comparison table.  Also included is a “rollover” image, showing the body differences between the older and new Digital Rebel cameras.

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More Nikon D2X Images, Underwater Photo

More Nikon D2X Images, Underwater

I know you’re all interested in seeing more photos from the Nikon D2X, underwater.  Wetpixel co-admin Dr. Alex Mustard has posted some images from his recent trip to the Caymans, focusing on fish behavioUr and portraits.

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Lars Kirchhoff: Middle-German Champion Photo

Lars Kirchhoff: Middle-German Champion

Congratulations to Lars Kirchhoff (digideep‘s technical admin), who scored 4th and 2nd place in category E (Beginner Digital) during the Middle-German Championship in underwater photography.

Due to the two leading positions he was awarded with the title “Middle-German Champion” in this category. The ceremony was held on 19th March 2005 near the Olympic Stadium in Berlin by the Landestauchportverband Berlin a division of the German Diving Association VDST .

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Adobe Announces Photoshop CS2 Photo

Adobe Announces Photoshop CS2

Adobe has announced Version 2 of it’s popular RAW conversion and image editing software.  There are many new features (new file browser, optical lens correction, noise reduction), but the one I find the most exciting is multiple RAW image conversion.  This function is the main draw of Adobe’s competition’s package (Capture One) - as it lets the user set up a batch of raw conversions, all with different settings, and then process the RAW files all at once in the background.

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Olympus Announces PT-E01 Underwater Housing for the E-300 Photo

Olympus Announces PT-E01 Underwater Housing for the E-300

Olympus has announced a polycarbonate housing for their Evolt E-300 digital SLR camera called the PT-E01.  The housing is rated to 60 meters and accepts interchangable ports.  The release date is targetted for June.  The unit comes wired with a proprietary bulkhead, but it’s probably simple to change out with a third party N5 bulkhead, allowing the use of most underwater strobes.

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Light and Motion Mako PC1000 Photo

Light and Motion Mako PC1000

Light & Motion has announced the introduction of the NEW Mako housing for the first ever 3 chip Video, 3 megapixel Still camera,  Sony DCR-PC1000.  Available accessories include a Super Wide Angle lens that increases the angle of coverage and a 2.5” color Monitor Back.

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