Upgrading Your Digital Camera Kit

In November 2004, I decided to switch camera systems from Nikon to Canon. Over the last few months, I have been selling and buying cameras, lenses, and underwater housings. Now that my switch-over is complete, I thought I would share my thoughts and experiences in case other photographers are considering doing the same thing I've done. In this article, I'll cover the

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Nexus Nikon D2X Housing Photos Photo

Nexus Nikon D2X Housing Photos

Lee Peterson (over at our sponsors Marine Camera Distributors) has sent us pre-production photos of the new Nexus Nikon D2X underwater housing. Nexus hopes to have this housing available in late March.

The D2X, Nikon's highly anticipated flagship digital SLR (also known as "Nikon's Last Chance" to most professional Nikon shooters I know), will be available on February 25, 2005 for a suggested street price of $4,999.95 (MSRP $6,299.95).

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Wetpixel Review of the Aquatica Kodak Housing Photo

Wetpixel Review of the Aquatica Kodak Housing

I've just posted the review of the Aquatica housing for the Kodak ProSLRn/14n along with extensive image samples and 100% crops.  I made two dives in cold water at the Coronado Islands just south of San Diego in order to evaluate the setup in challenging conditions.  In the right hands, and accounting for the camera and housing quirks, the system is capable of producing stunning 4,500 x 3,000 pixel full frame underwater images.  Aquatica took a bold step by developing a housing for this camera without already having a large user base of camera owners and they deserve kudos for it.

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Digideep.com BOOT Expo Coverage Photo

Digideep.com BOOT Expo Coverage

Our friends from www.digideep.com are at the BOOT 2005 showing in Duesseldorf Germany this week and have posted their preliminary show report with the very latest news of "what's up" in the underwater photography world.  Check their report often, as they are posting updates as they become available. For now the text is only in German, but I'm sure an English translation will be available soon.

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