UWP Issue 20 Available for Download Photo

UWP Issue 20 Available for Download

Issue number 20 of the web-based magazine Underwater Photography is available for download from their website.  This issue is 56 pages containing equipment reviews of the Nexus and Ikelite D70 housings, Nikon Coolpix housing(s), and an article by Wetpixel contributor Alex Mustard about Telephoto Macro shooting, as well as lots of other valuable material.

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Shark Repellent Deemed a Breakthrough

AP has an article about a new shark repellent tested in the waters of Bimini. While visiting Dr. Samuel Gruber a few weeks ago, I saw demo footage that was very impressive indeed. One drop per minute into open water above a hang bait will keep all sharks away, and not only to sharks avoid the bait, they vacate the area altogether. A full squirt of the stuff will make sharks evacuate the area at high speed, staying away for a full 15 minutes.

The testing was done at BBFS, where I covered Gruber's PIT Tagging program. The researchers are now planning on testing the repellent on larger sharks like great hammerheads and tigers. By the way, the photo in the AP article shows the repellent waking a shark up out of tonic immobility.

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Aquatica A300 Housing Review Photo

Aquatica A300 Housing Review

Aquatica was very kind to rush ship me the A300 housing so I would have it in time for my Thailand trip while they continued work on a few details. I reconfigured the shutter release before spending a couple of wonderful weeks diving the Similan Islands with it.

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