Sealux releases housing for Lumix GH3 Photo

Sealux releases housing for Lumix GH3

Sealux has released details of their housing for the Panasonic Lumix GH3 mirrorless camera. The CSGH3 gives access to most camera functions, and can be fitted with an (optional) HDMI bulkhead. The company has designed a new camera saddle to allow for a precise fit, and flash synchronization is available via fiber optic ports.

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Image: Snapping shrimp Photo

Image: Snapping shrimp

Wetpixel member Jeffrey de Guzman (tankado) has submitted an image of a snapping shrimp, tentatively identified as Synalpheus neomeris. Apparently, not much is known about this species beyond that, in common with many other coral symbionts, they seem to eat mucus secreted by soft corals, thus also ingesting all organic particles trapped within it.

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Sony updates its Action Cam Photo

Sony updates its Action Cam

Sony has updated its Action Cam POV camera. The HDR-AS30V can capture 11.9 megapixel stills as well as HD footage at 1920x1080 60p/50p/30p/25p and 1280x720 60p or 1280x720 120p via a back-illuminated 16MP EXMOR R sensor. It has a 170° lens and a new waterproof housing that is smaller and lighter than its predecessor but a little less rugged.

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Sealux unveils their housing for the Sony FS700 Photo

Sealux unveils their housing for the Sony FS700

Sealux has announced their new housing for the Sony NEX-FS700 FS Series Camcorder. Constructed of aluminum with a 90m (295 ft) depth rating, it provides access to all camera functions, and has an eyepiece tube that allows the user to use the camera’s own viewfinder to frame and monitor the images being captured.

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