Scientists track sperm whales based on dialects Photo

Scientists track sperm whales based on dialects

When the subjects of scientist Hal Whitehead’s research expeditions, sperm whales, returned to the Galapagos Islands after a 10-year absence he quickly assembled a new team to study the old whales. However, once the team began listening to the whale vocalizations, they discovered these were not the old whales they’d previously studied. They discovered this through the whales’ dialects.

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Field Review: Nikon D500 Photo

Field Review: Nikon D500

Wetpixel presents a detailed and in-depth review of the Nikon D500 SLR camera. The camera was used extensively in the field during the Wetpixel Raja Ampat Expedition and Wetpixel/Alex Mustard macro workshop in the Lembeh Straits, producing just under 8,000 images. The conclusions are detailed in the review, but if you are currently considering a new camera for use underwater, you really need to read this review.

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Subal Releases Housing for Nikon DF Photo

Subal Releases Housing for Nikon DF

Subal are now shipping their housing for the Nikon DF SLR camera. It features a new locking system that reduces weight and bulk and is supplied with 2 Nikonos connectors as standard. There are two additional bulkheads for optional accessories. Subal’s TTL electro-optical converter is available as an option too.

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Seacam Ships Silver Housing for EOS 5D Mark IV Photo

Seacam Ships Silver Housing for EOS 5D Mark IV

Seacam are shipping their new Silver housing for the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. The company has also announced that they can upgrade existing Silver EOS5DMKIII housings to work with the new camera at the factory. As some parts need to be replaced, the conversion process will not be backward compatible i.e. converted housings will no longer work with the 5D Mark III.

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