Beneath the Sea 2004 Expo Report

The Beneath the Sea Exposition at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ, is the largest consumer scuba & dive travel show in America. The ambiance of the show is very different than it is at DEMA, which is geared for the dive industry itself and not for typical consumers. It was crowded on Saturday: there were literally hundreds of exhibitors at BTS, and I spent about six hours squeezing between browsing guests, visiting both friends and exhibits related to underwater digital photography.

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Ikelite D70 Housing Prototype Photo

Ikelite D70 Housing Prototype

Ikelite Underwater Systems has today posted photos of their clear housing for the Nikon D70. This camera, like the Canon Digital Rebel fits nicely in Ikelite's new smaller form factor housing. The website lists the MSRP as $1,200 US. For more photos of the housing, see the related link below.

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Sea & Sea Website Re-launch

Sea & Sea has relaunched their website, which can now be found at http://www.seaandsea.jp/ (the site contents are in English, despite the .jp domain). The new site is very well organized and has a lot of information on it. As expected, Tabata USA (TUSA) is now listed as the US Distributor for Sea & Sea. However, when you click over to TUSA, and then click on Sea & Sea imaging products, it takes you to http://www.seaandsea.com, which forwards back to the Japanese site linked above. We are assuming that the .com site for Sea & Sea site is still in the works...

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BBSR Course on Scientific Photography

The Bermuda Biological Station for Research, a US registered nonprofit organization, is for the first time offering a course on Scientific Photography (using both digital and film).

Scientific Photography is an intensive introduction comprised of lectures, required reading, laboratory exercises, demonstrations and field assignments. This two-week course exposes students to the use of photography as a scientific tool. Photography is frequently used to communicate scientific data and concepts at meetings, on posters and in presentations. It is also frequently used as a measuring and data recording tool for studies such as growth, percent coverage and camouflage. Photographs are increasingly used in taxonomy.

The format and content of the course is geared to upper level undergraduates and graduate students. Amateur photographers with a strong background in biology are welcome.

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Selecting Lenses for Your New Digital SLR

James presents what he considers a good “stable” of beginner lenses and explains why he recommends them. These lenses were selected with an entry-level perspective in mind, so none of them exceed $350 in cost. Then he goes on to talk about using these lenses underwater inside an underwater housing and behind a port, illustrating this with sample underwater images for each lens.

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INON Announces D-100 Optical Converter

On 3/16/2004, INON announced the release of an optical converter that allows Nikon D-100 shooters with housings that have standard 5-pin strobe connectors to use the popular D-180 and D-180S strobes. More information (in Japanese) is available on INON's Japanese site (related link, below).

[Note from Eric: This is the same optical converter we saw at DEMA briefly before it was yanked due to patent issues with another company (unresolved). It looks like it may never hit the market in the States, so if you want one you may have to source it from a Japanese vendor.]

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