FStoppers review of the Lume Cube Photo

FStoppers review of the Lume Cube

FStoppers has published a review of the Lume Cube, a continuous LED lighting cube that is waterproof down to 100 feet. The Lume Cube has a color temperature of 6000K, 10 different light level settings and can be used as an optical strobe. The light itself can fit in the palm of your hand or be mounted to a camera as small as a GoPro.

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Sea&Sea discontinues the YS-250 strobe Photo

Sea&Sea discontinues the YS-250 strobe

Sea&Sea has officially discontinued their large YS-250 PRO strobe. A long time favorite of many underwater photographers, the company has not announced plans to release a replacement model. Some retailers have residual stocks and spare parts, but these are likely to be snapped up pretty quickly. The strobe’s proprietary battery packs tend to be a weak point, perhaps an enterprising individual will be able to build an aftermarket alternative?

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Celebrating International Whale Shark Day Photo

Celebrating International Whale Shark Day

30 August is International Whale Shark Day. It is sad to note that this is the first such day since its inception that these amazing animals have ben classified as Endangered on the IUCN Red List. Research suggests a decline in population numbers of between 40 to 92% over the past 75 years. The reasons for this are all human caused: Overfishing, catch as by-catch in net fisheries and ship strike count as the most pertinent causes.

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President Obama creates world’s largest MPA Photo

President Obama creates world’s largest MPA

On Friday, President Obama has quadrupled the size of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument off the coast of Hawaii. It will now contain some 582,578 square miles, more than twice the size of Texas. It is home to 7,000 marine species. All commercial resource extraction activities, including commercial fishing and any future mineral extraction, will be prohibited from the whole area.

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Review: Back Button Autofocus Photo

Review: Back Button Autofocus

Wetpixel presents a round up of tutorials and information about using back button autofocus (AF) activation. Most SLR and top end compact cameras now offer this option. By decoupling the AF and shutter release, images can be recomposed and if autofocus tracking is also used, subjects can be tracked as they about within the frame.

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Get Your Fin on for Sharks Photo

Get Your Fin on for Sharks

The Sea Save Foundation is making an urgent appeal for people to submit images of themselves “giving the fin”. The images will be incorporated into a digital artwork mosaic of 20,000 images of people worldwide expressing their support for shark conservation. This will be presented to delegates at the CITES conference in September, in order to pressurize that body to enhance the global protection of shark species.

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