Study shows that devil rays dive deep Photo

Study shows that devil rays dive deep

Dr Simon Thorrold, an ocean ecologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and a team have published a paper in the journal Nature Communications showing the results from tagging 15 Chilean devil rays (Mobula tarapacana) with special satellite tags. The findings include the amazing fact that they dive to depths of up to 1,848m (6,063 ft). (Image from Shutterstock)

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Video: Manta Ray in 6K Photo

Video: Manta Ray in 6K

[Ron Lagerlof]9http://vimeo.com/ronlagerlof) has shared some footage that he has shot for stock with Mammoth HD that has been shot in full 6K resolution on the RED EPIC Dragon. The video features giant Pacific mantas rays (Manta birostris) with clarion angelfish (Holacanthus clarionensis) cleaners. The footage was captured at The Canyon, Isla San Benedicto, Mexico.

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