Ikelite’s Canon EOS Digital Rebel Housing

David Haas takes Wetpixel readers through a first look at Ikelite's new Canon EOS Digital Rebel housing.

Excerpt:The Canon Digital Rebel was fairly easy to learn with the manual in hand. Even this Nikon D100 user (but a previous EOS film SLR user) was able to figure out which buttons did what. The body is light without feeling cheap. The camera features good ergonomics, both the settings display and review LCD screen are located right below the eyepiece for easy viewing. The settings display can be illuminated underwater with the press of a button, which is very nice for night dives [read the review]

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Light & Motion announces Tetra S400 housing

The Tetra S400 is a rugged machined aluminum housing designed specifically for the palm size 4.0 Megapixel Canon PowerShot S400. The housing is small enough to be stowed in a BC pocket, but also able to capture great digital images. The simple design is a snap to set up and provides digital TTL, point and shoot automatic exposure. Designed for the casual photographer, the Tetra S400 is an easy to travel size and delivers 4 megapixel digital photo quality. Increase your field of view with the optional bayonet mount wetmate wide or macro lens.

The Tetra S400 features Digital TTL exposure control to make capturing that perfect shot as easy as point and shoot. The Tetra housing provides communication with the camera and the strobe allowing for accurate exposure of your subject. Further improving the process is the ability to access the camera's exposure compensation controls. Use the review button o­n the Tetra housing to access the camera and have a look to see how Digital TTL exposed the shot. Not quite right? You can use the housing controls to access the cameras exposure compensation setting and change the exposure plus or minus 2 full f-stops.

Tetra S400 incorporates a unique exposure system that will allow you to get the images you want, and still enjoy your dive. The new Tetra is available as a pocket size solo housing or can be purchased as a complete single strobe Travel Package including arm, bulkhead, sync cord and custom travel case. [more info]

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