Douglas Seifert’s illustrated notes from the field: Part 1 Photo

Douglas Seifert’s illustrated notes from the field: Part 1

Long time underwater photographer and writer Douglas Seifert shares anecdotes, thoughts and images as he travels and dives along the South Australian coast. The aim of the trip started out being a macro photography one, but Douglas and his group seem to have got somewhat sidetracked by great white sharks. Douglas will be updating his “Field Notes” as his trip progressed, so please check back to see the latest instalment.

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Scubazoo publishes book on Sabah Photo

Scubazoo publishes book on Sabah

Scubazoo, based at Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, has just published a new book entitled “Sensational Seas of Sabah.” The book features 300 images of marine life and seascapes arranged on the form of a journey from Tiga Island in the south west to Sipadan in the south.

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10 Bar announces new arms Photo

10 Bar announces new arms

10 Bar has announced that they are releasing a series of flotation arms and camera stays. They feature either high density foam or an air space that is equipped with a valve. The latter means that they can be water filled to achieve neutral buoyancy if the camera rig is too positive.

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Ikelite launches GoPro accessories Photo

Ikelite launches GoPro accessories

Ikelite has launched a series of accessories for GoPro cameras. Included in the new range are a Steady Tray, Pistol Grip, Handles, a kit for mounting a GoPro on an SLR housing, a quick-release kit and a kit that supplies everything needed to mount two Ikelite Gamma lights on a Steady Tray.

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