OceanLight | See What You Can’t See by Underwater Tribe Photo

OceanLight | See What You Can’t See by Underwater Tribe

Wetpixel Moderator Mike Veitch and Luca Vaime have been shooting and testing the Sony A7s II camera underwater. As most people will be aware, this is a mirrorless full frame camera with an outstanding ISO capability. Mike and Luca deliberately pushed and stretched the camera’s ISO performance by diving very early in the morning, late in the afternoon and inside wrecks.

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Stanford develops underwater robot Photo

Stanford develops underwater robot

Engadget has published an article about OceanOne, a “humanoid diving robot” that has been developed by Stanford for use in research of coral reefs in the Red Sea. It has two “eyes” giving stereoscopic vision and a pair of dextrous manipulator arms. The latter are equipped with sensors that give the pilot feedback about the amount of force being applied.

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ON1 announces Photo RAW Photo

ON1 announces Photo RAW

ON1 has announced their new Photo RAW processor and photo editor. It is designed for use with high resolution images and fast computer graphics systems and has ON1 Browse integrated into it, giving the option of importing and rating images. Edits are non-destructive and are promised to be “in real-time, without slider lag or frustrating waits for redraw”.

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