Mission 31 goes live Photo

Mission 31 goes live

A project entitled Mission 31 has set out today to build on Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s groundbreaking experiments in saturation and habitat exploration. Utilising the Aquarius lab, located 9 miles off the coast of Key Largo, Florida, the team, which includes Cousteau’s grandson Fabien, aims to expand Cousteau’s original Conshelf experiment by one day and at a depth 30 feet deeper than the original.

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Testing RED cameras in Grand Cayman Photo

Testing RED cameras in Grand Cayman

Sean Ruggeri of RED has posted a behind the scenes video showing what the company is up to in terms of using the cameras underwater. The team were shooting test charts underwater using the following cameras: DRAGON old OLPF, DRAGON new OLPF and EPIC MX, together with some experimental filtration.

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Bob Cranston shoots 3D in California Photo

Bob Cranston shoots 3D in California

Filmmaker Bob Cranston has shared some images of his 3D filming (using two RED EPIC cameras in a Gates Deep Atom 3D “beam splitter” rig) of a black sea bass (Centropristis striata). He comments, “Black Sea Bass were all but fished out 30 years ago, now they are back. Thanks to a 20 years of protection and ban of inshore nets. What a great fish success story

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